Monday, 8 October 2007

We had a very sad day yesterday, we had planned to take Poppie and Treacle our 2 pregnant guinnea pigs out of the 'guinnea pig palace' and bring them inside so we could keep an eye on them, we was planning to do this next week, but thought we'd do it this week instead. We kept the large cage in the porch as we had wedged it in anyway. How so ever, I went to get the sawdust and hay out of the palace and as I opened the door saw a row of little lifeless bodies (one of which had been mutilated), one of them had given birth. After screaming at Matthew who wasn't quite sure what was going on, he got them out, it was dear little Treacle who had had them, their were 5 dear little brown piggies all with her little white tuft on hair on their heads. Bless her heart she was a first time mum and now she has nothing to show for it, I feel so sad for her. She may have left them unsure what to do, but I am adamant it was the boys Ripple and Dottie they are nasty little sods.
Poppie and Treacle are now inside being checked on regularly, Hollie and I went and got a sack of moist cereals for them and we bought the 2 girls a popcorn treat thingy, not that they seem the slightest bit interested in it. Treacle is on the left and Poppie on the right, the picture doesn't really show how big she really is!
On a lighter note I have been making my card packs for my card demo on Wednesday, I have finally decided on the 2 cards, the one in an earlier post with the mini card and ribbons, and the 3 bauble card in a more recent post.
I had Matthew at work with my cuttlebug last night!!! I was cutting the card to size and he was cutting various shapes, we must have been there an hour and a half. I wanted to cut out several pieces as I want to return the dies I've borrowed as soon as the postal strikes have finished, well this one anyway.
Lillie came home from school today with a card she had made for daddy, it had a picture of her at work on the front with lots of 'scribbles' some sequins and feathers of different colours around the edge. She also came home with a fish she had made, they do 2 and staple them round the edges with some padding in the middle.
Well that's it for now.

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lindschick said...

Sorry to hear about your baby piggies, good luck with the others, they look very happy with their carrot.