Thursday, 6 November 2008

Firework fun!

Last night being the 5th of November, we decided to have a few fireworks at home, and invited mum and dad to join us for tea. I'm not the best at taking photographs, I so wish I was, occassionally I can get a cracking shot but not often enough!!
Anyway here are a few pictures from last night

Hollie having fun with a sparkler! There is no picture of Lillie with one because she freaked out when I gave her one, she also watched the fireworks from inside the garage, good job we didn't pay to see an organized display!
Mum and Dad had fun with the sparklers even if the girls didn't lol.!! I wonder if the '10' is a sign? Maybe something is going to happen on the 10th? Who knows? and a 'spooky' picture of hubby! Looks like something from Ghost Whisperer!If you had any firework fun last night I hope it was fun, and if you are having parties like Deb at the weekend enjoy them!
We have been invited to a free display at the pub I used to work in (where I met Matthew), in the village we used to live in, but with Lillie making such a fuss we may have to turn it down.

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