Monday, 17 November 2008

A nice surprise!

Nice it was actually lovely! When I went to see what post we had this morning I found a large padded envelope with Origin Publishing on the front woo.. hoo.. I thought, obviously some goodies, but what for? This is what was inside : Jolly Nations shrinkies, tea bag folding book, page of Paper Cellar stick ons, Cute Companions stamp sets - Deck the Halls and Wish Upon a Star and Christmas Collection cd
so so excited with these, who wouldn't be receiving free stamps??Now it says these were sent as a thank you for my card appearing in the readers gallery of issue 28 of Beautiful Cards, this isn't a magazine I buy very often and cannot for the life of me remember what card(s) I sent in, if you happen to have this magazine could you please let me know which is was then I may just go out and buy one!!
Well thankfully I managed to escape the lurgy although I've had a headache all day but no sickness or ...... you know! Lillie was better again by Friday afternoon, but we had Matthew off to on Friday! Think he had just convinced himself he was going to get it to, you know what men are like!? But he works himself to exaustion then gets a really bad headache which makes him sick and a day in bed or resting usually cures it. He was feeling a lot better yesterday and helped me paint our old room which will be a play room/guest room soon. We got a third of the way round and I looked at the walls and hated it, I hated the colour it was too dark, we finished the room and I couldn't bare it. So off we went to town for a tin of Magnolia!!! Got home went to the room and said "it's dried lighter mmm.... it's not as bad as it was" the decision to make was do we do another coat of this colour or 2 coats of the magnolia? We stuck with the first colour, think we can live with it, hoping with the furniture back and a few pictures up it will look ok. Just got the glossing to do now.
I got Lillie to ask for last weeks homework that she missed, so that she could catch up. They had to dress up a picture of Pudsey Bear, give him an outfit! So here is the finished article, she added sequins to the bandana, made trouser legs out of the paper I had been using for a card and cut out a top (a girls!) from the Sunday magazine, what a dude!!!
Here is the card I was making at the time, it's one my friend Kay asked for for someone who is leaving work this week. She doesn't know the reason but there is a running joke about Smurfs so she wanted one on the front! Thank goodness for Google!!!
she also asked for a Norwich City football card last week, I used the Papertake Weekly sketch again, this time I re-attached the corners that I had cut off of the patterned layer onto the corner of the plain layer. I was pleased with the finished result and Kay loved it!
I'm off to a chocoholics party later, never been to one, but have been told it's not expensive and there will be lots of christmassy bits, so fingers crossed it will be ok. Not that we need chocolate of course!


Nikki said...

Great cards and fab prize, I'm afraid I don't get that mag though so can't help you.
Enjoy your goodies!

Sam said...

What a lovely surprise, just discovered the other day one of my cards was in Cardmaking & Papercraft, lets hope my goodies are as nice as yours!!
Sam x