Thursday, 13 November 2008

Spoke too soon!

It had to happen didn't it? Yes Lillie came into my bedroom 7am this morning saying that her tummy really hurt, I told her to get the bowl that Hollie had had Monday evening, and within minutes she was being sick. Hollie went to nursery and although the school is minutes up the road I had to take the car as Lillie wouldn't have made it on foot, bless her she sat with the bowl on her knee and told me I had to drive slow as I was going too fast and making her tummy hurt! All she has had are sips of water all day, and this afternoon she has been constantly on and off the toilet, crying that it hurts, I am waiting a call back from the doctors to see if there is anything they can prescribe or suggest I do. Lillie is always the illest of the 2, Hollie just sort of takes it in her stride. Been told to make sure she drinks, she can have calpol and to use sudocream crossing everything that this does the trick.
Not a lot of creating done by me today, I have made a card that my friend asked for but haven't loaded it up yet.
So thought I would leave you with a very simple altered picture frame that I did a couple of weeks ago. The frame is a suedette material and there were a couple of black marks on the top left corner, so I simply attached 2 orchid flowers to cover this up and another to the bottom right corner just to balance it up a bit. I received this pack of flowers as a gift for appearing in one of the craft magazines, me being me couldn't use them on a card they were far too pretty Lol.! So they are now gracing the front of my picture frame with a piccie of the girls on my bedside cabinet!! The flowers although orchids were a great match for the gladioli the girls are standing with!
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Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Sorry to hear poor Lillie hasn't been well today, love how you have added the flowers to your frame to cover the marks.. who would know as it looks very effective, Hugs, Nikki x

Sally Bentham said...

Sorry to hear that Lillie has been poorly, hope she is feeling better soon. sending her ((((((hugs)))))

Imagine, Create, Inspire said...

Hi - Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my blog candy - have had a looksy round your blog and you have some gorgeous creations! - I hope that Lillie is better real soon - I know all too well what it can be like when a kiddie is sick (I have 3!). All the best to her.

lol Maria x