Monday, 23 February 2009

A busy weekend

On Saturday we went to my friend Mandy's wedding, we had a lovely time, here is a piccie of my 3 lovelies after the ceremony
another posy pic of my girls, they kept being told how very pretty they looked to which they nodded and agreed, and one man even asked if they were bridesmaids!! They look as though butter wouldn't melt but believe me it sizzles!!!!Yesterday we took them to the farm as our season ticket runs out in just over a week, this was our last chance to go. They had advertised saying that the lambing had started and I just love the cutie little lambs, here is Hollie feeding a little cutie who is only 2 weeks old
and this made us laugh so much, a multi legged chicken!!!!Back to school again today, Hollie couldn't wait bless her she was dressed before she came into my room which makes a change, Lillie was a little more awkward but that's nothing new, lord only knows what she'll be like when she reaches her teenage years!!!

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cats whiskers said...

Hi Joanne the girls look just adrling in their new dresses bet you were a proud mum hun. I would be
Hugs Jacqui x