Saturday, 20 February 2010

Happy Anniversary to me, well us!!

Yes, today we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, hardly seems believable that 8 years ago I was having my hair done in our hotel ready for our marriage ceremony at The World Famous Old Blacksmiths Shop in Gretna Green, Scotlland! No we didn't elope, our close family came with us! Matthew had been there done that with the 'big' wedding and wasn't keen on another and I had organized my friends wedding and been involved with my sisters, that I kind of thought it's a lot of money for everyone else to enjoy themselves! So sitting in the living room one evening I said what about Gretna and it was like yeah ok lets get the info, then deciding this was for us, when were we going to do it? Then just sitting there I said what about the
20-02-2002 at 2.02pm (they weren't open at 20.02pm) as I liked the way the date read the same both ways! Little did we know how special a date it was!! On the morning we had just literally set out to pick mum and dad up, my phone rang and it was the people from the Richard and Judy show wanting to know if I would talk to them about of wedding! Of course I said yes, originally trying to get them to talk to Matthew but no they wanted the bride to be, and that night 19-02-2002 live on air via phone I was on the show!!!!
Then would you believe that in the rolls royce on the way to the WFOBS Matthews sporon (yes he wore a kilt, we were in Scotland afterall!) started to ring lol!! It was brother-in-law telling us the news reporters were there and was it ok to be filmed and interviewed? Hell why not!!
So after our ceremony, which was lovely, and so different to my sisters 4 months earlier, we interupted our meal to all gather in our room to watch the news!! Famous!! but never to be seen again. Mums friend said why on earth didn't someone use the video recorder and record the news but none of us thought of that at the time :0(
Anyhow that was 8 years ago, we've always said we will go back and renew our vows, we were going to do it on 20-10-2010 but we have now decided to do it on our 10th wedding anniversary, so something to look forward to and lose weight for lol!!!
Anyways enough rambling, here is the card I made for hubby using the fabby Crafty Musings freebie valentines download, I printed the picture out in sepia as I thought it looked nicer!At the same time as making this for Matthew I just had to make one for my mum and dad for their anniversary, which isn't until June! I just love this piccie of them, makes a change to see them both so happy and my dad laughing!
Hubby has already mentioned one for his mum and dads anniversary, but we need to somehow get a picture of them together. That's our mission the next time we visit!
Well best I go get dressed, can't stay in my pj's all day now can I?! lol!!


Sarah A said...

Hi Joanne (and hubby) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Love those cards and you are right the picture is perfect in sepia!

Wow you were a TV celeb haha I wonder if the programme has it in their archives and ou can get a copy from them? Would be a nice surprise for hubby if they could dig out the footage ;-)

Take care and have a great weekend.

Sarah x

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Happy Anniversary Joanne!
Awwwww! what a fab story! so you didn't plan for a "big" wedding but I'm glad that your day turned out so special and memorable for you!
Really would be great if you could get a copy of the footage!
Love the cards, the photos are great!

JanJay said...

Happy Anniversary Joanne, and love the cards, really enjoyed your story too - so sweet!

Take care & have a great celebration

Jan xx

Sally said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. What a lovely way to celebrate your wedding. I can't believe the news didn't send you a CD of the tapping. How rude! Your card is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

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Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.