Monday, 15 February 2010

My Valentine's

My parents had the girls for the whole weekend, so Matthew and I took advantage of the time alone together and booked a couple of nights away. It is the first time we have been away on our own since having Lillie over 7 years ago, and I must say it was lovely! 9 years ago we should have been heading off for Disneyland but I broke my ankle the week before so we had to postpone it and went for Halloween instead, doesn't seem possible that 9 years have passed so quickly!
We had a four poster bedroom which was very nice, here is a piccie of hubby in the roomthere were lots of little extra's in the room, like this little rose on the pillows!
toiletries to use, along with other pamper products, hairstraighteners, a bottle of bubbly, sweets and fruit
There wasn't too much to do, so we had quite a relaxed time, although we did manage to spend enough in the shops lol!! But even that was nice, being able to really look at things without watching the children and being nagged for things! After tea we went for a quick stroll on the beach, it was quick as it was pretty darn cold!! Took a couple of piccie on timer, with the camera placed on top of a telescope lol!!refreshments back in the room!
and this is what else we did in the room lol!!!! There was a craft stall on the market, nothing really that took my fancy as there was a lot of decoupage sheets, but there was a tray full of odd buttons 6 for 5pence, so I started to pick through them as you do, Matthew said we would be there for hours so offered the lady £5 for the whole tray full and she said yes!! So with the purchase of some sandwich bags back in the room we sorted them into colours and bagged them up! We counted a few piles and I certainly got my moneys worth lol!!!
Yesterday we had breakfast delivered to the room, so we didn't have to get up so early, and after breakfast we opened our cards and pressies, before packing up and vacating the hotel. We had a wander around Ingoldmells which is the other side of Skegness, had lunch in a nice pub and then headed home.
I picked the girls up this morning who seemed pretty pleased to see me, and mum and dad are looking forward to getting a good nights sleep tonight!! They said they had been ok Friday and Saturday night, but mum doesn't sleep properly as she constantly listen out for noises, and she said last night they, Lillie mainly was a complete pain, was awake at 2am, then at 5am wanted to know if she could play her ds lol!!!
Back to normal again now, poor hubby has reluctantly gone back to work and we have a nice lazy half term ahead of us, yeah lay ins!!!


helen ... said...

I can see the love is in the air =) heee , it s great you have had a great time whit your hubby ,i am a litlle bit jelous =P, that is a joke =P,well enjoy your day and I am lokking forward to seeing your new creations

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Wow Joanne! out of all the stories that I've heard from bloggers about their valentines day, your's has to top the lot!
You lucky lady! your weekend sounds amazing!
What a handsome hubby you have, you make a gorgeous couple!
and LOL! love your new button collection!! you are so funny sorting through buttons on your romantic weekend!

Tracy said...

Awww I think your valentine's trip is so romantic, and the most romantic part is your hubby helping you sort buttons. He's a good 'un Joanne, keep hold of him my love.
Happy crafting
Tracy x