Thursday 31 January 2008

Lucky me! The postie deliverd me 2 lovely packages of blog candy this morning
This from Mandy aren't the boy and girl images just the cutest!?!!
This from Caroline
As this was PIF (Pay or Play It Forward) candy it is now my turn to hand out some candy!! So the first 3 people to comment on this post with win a nice surprize package! You must have a blog to be able to take part, because you then have to pass on candy yourself!
That done, what a horrendous morning, woke up to no electricity, I looked at the alarm clock to check the time and nothing, tried the lights, nothing, so I had to nip downstairs and get my mobile phone to check the time and set the alarm. I tried ringing the school constantly for 1 1/2 hours and if it wasn't engaged it would ring and ring until it cut off, finally got the answer phone and left a not too pleased message asking if the school was open. Yes it was so Lillie went and hour late, but heh hoh! they shouldn't have digital phones that don't work if there is a power cut should they!? The wind was blowing a gale, it was raining, then after me and Hollie returned home from a quick pop into town, we had a big hale storm. Have only made this one card so far today, if I can be bothered to make more I will post them on here tomorrow if I remember! I really do like this one the more I look at it, it's quite plain but these 2 papers look so good together, and the colours go so well with the doggy image, aaahhh.. cute!!
Don't forget the candy!!

Wednesday 30 January 2008

More watercolouring today, I only did 3 images and 1 of those took 45 minutes!!! I also made 2 cards using my painted images
not sure I like the chick card, but I really do like the hedgehog I've had those sunflowers for absolutely ages!

Having a few problems with Lillie and school again at the moment, this morning she didn't want to go! I'm not the most patient of people, I used to be, before kids!! Why can't my children be nice little things and do as they are told/asked without making my blood boil?? Any how I had had enough this morning so phoned Matthew told him to talk to her, they listen to him (sometimes) she said there is a boy who keeps pushing her over on purpose at playtime and when she tries to go and tell a teacher he stands in the way and won't let her go. So she got ready and I had a word with her teacher and she had a word with Lillie, explained to her what to do if it happens again, and said she would keep an eye open for it! She always comes out of school quite happy. She is going to be like me, I had my cirlce of friends and although spoke to and got on with others, my close friends were and some still are close. I wasn't really picked on but on occassion I had things thrown at me in class and I wouldn't even turn round to look at them let alone confront them. Matthew said he was the same, you wouldn't think it looking at him now at 6ft 4 1/2"!
I hope it settles for her and if it happens again a few tellings off may stop it?

Good news! My sister rang earlier today a friend who she works with was wearing the jewelery that sis had given her for christmas, that I made! She can't wear a lot of earrings as they make her ears go funny and lumpy, but she loved the ones I had made and wants some more in all different colours!! Fabby and I don't need to make any either as I made loads for the fair we did at christmas and still have quite a few pairs left!
Finally I've been meaning to post this picture since hubby took it on Saturday evening (set him out in the cold!), the sky looked soooo... pretty, it was a lot brighter when I first spotted it out of the window, but after he dillied and dallied it had started to fade a bit!

Tuesday 29 January 2008

Quick post tonight, just thought I would show you my first ever efforts at watercolouring!
I'm THRILLED with the way they have turned out, I can't wait to turn them into cards but run out of time, what with school runs, ballet runs and a trip to the bank and shops (can't believe I run my phone out of credit!!! I only use it to text!). I must admit I copied the colours and shading from the Happy Stampers website where they sell the penny black stamps, they show the images in colour, if I hadn't had that as I guide I wouldn't have known where to start! I have had very good comments from the girls on the forum which is always good! I don't actually have these stamps (can't afford too many!) I purchased 39 ready stamped images, so there are more to come!!!!

Monday 28 January 2008

Just been playing catch the guinnea pig!!! Yes my dear youngest who treats them like cuddy toys decided to let him loose on the living room floor, so where was the 1st place he headed, yep you guessed it under the 3 seater settee. Tried to bribe him out with a piece of cucumber but he was too quick for me and grabbed it and scuttled off!! So I had to haul the settee out of it's place almost wedged in between the coffee table and beanbag, and haha... grabbed him before he had chance to move. Oh the fun...!!!
Decided I would have a play with 2 of the 3 Bella stamps I received the other day (the 3rd is an xmas stamp so make keep that in the packaging for a while longer). I also made another card using a picture I printed off ages ago, pretty pleased with all 3 cards

The card below is 1 of the few I will be doing in support of Marie Carie Cancer Care, you make a A6 card using any materials and for any occassion, leave the inside blank, pop it into a special card bag (available from Do-Craft suppliers of Cancer care charity shops) and send them off, they will then be sold in the charity shops all over the country. I make cards all of the time and most of them go into my storage box so this is a good way to use some up, and hopefully help to raise some money. Nikki/Tink is offering some blog candy on her blog grrrrr... still no direct link
just for making and sending the cards off, take a look. Here's my card
Also made this for Pootle's Valentine's blog candy challenge
Quite plain and not my usual style at the moment, but I wanted the little book of Love quotes to be the main feature! I also admit to buying a valentines card for Matthew last week, I really like the extra large cards (you can't make!) that the shops see for a massive 99p LOL tut tut.....

Saturday 26 January 2008

Whoop Whoop yippee..... I've won some blog candy from Mandy a very talented lady whose blog I regularly visit for inspiration see link on the left (A little space of my own).
Also another Whoop... as I have been eargerly awaiting the realease of the new Sugar Nellie stamps, and received an email earlier today saying Rachelle's designs would go on sale from 8pm this evening and it's free P&P for loyal customers (moi!) for the first 24 hours! I bought 4 of the little beauties I got : Duck in Boots, Bunny with Flowers, Lola and Simon, and Lola with Bunny, it was a tough decision but knew I didn't want to overspend! Can't wait for them to arrive now, but I do have my new Bella's that I've still not played with yet!
Final whoop (I think!) my Quick Cards Made Easy mag arrived this morning and there I am bottom right corner page 22 looking well umm.... ok!!! It was for sending in a top tip, mine was in regards to making bulk cards.
I was in the mood to make some cards today, should have made my cakes but ended up making 75% of my order late afternoon and will finish them in the morning. I made a couple of cards using Sugar Nellie stamped images, and a couple for my cousins twin boys whose birthday is early next month. I'd had the little characters made up for ages and finally had the urge to use them, when we saw the boys at christmas they had their initials on their jumpers, being identical this helped identify them (you can pick out similarities if you study them!) so I thought I would put their initials on their clothes on my cards, fun heh!?!

Uh oh..... I've just thought of another whoop......LOL!!!! I was looking at the Sugar Nellie gallery and amongst the many wonderful, faberoonie cards mine popped up how excited was I? (It's the dressed up Maggie saying 'when I grow up I want to be just like mummy!).
That's it, I'm done!

Friday 25 January 2008

Wow this is my 100th post, how quickly they add up, doesn't seem that long ago that I started my blog and published my very first post!
I had to collect the undelivered parcel from the post office this morning, but I had worked out what it was, nothing for me sadly it was 5 drill bits for Matthew! Whilst out I popped into the shop/newsagents round the corner from ours to get the local paper as Lillie's class had their photo taken for the paper on Monday, I managed to get a clipboard to 'alter' for a challenge on the CM&PC forum. Here are the before and after piccies

just look at that wonderful pack of sticky gems to 50p I couldn't believe my eyes, I had all 3 packs, if only there had've been more! The board had a sliding ruler attached so I covered that and stuck it down along the bottom and sides so things can be tucked in.
We received a post-card in the post this morning from Lillie! They had made them at school, to write home and tell parents about their recent trip to see the swans, yesterday they had a trip to the post office to buy a stamp and to post their post-cards, also see what goes on.

I also received my Bella stamps, yipee something else to play with!
I made this card (with another Bella image) for the card lift challenge on the Just Bex forum (link on the left)
I went up the school early this afternoon as we had been invited to an achievement assembly, they were giving out bookmarks/certificates depending on how much the children had learnt. Lillie received a certificate which says she can recognise 13 sight words and 23 letter sounds fluently. Not bad heh!?!
She has whined ever since she came home though saying her neck and leg hurt, someone bumped into her and knocked her over in the playground and she twisted her leg also jolted her neck, she has a heat bag on her leg as we speak, bedtime soon!

Thursday 24 January 2008

Yeah yip yip yippee I sold my 'ultimate crafters companion' last night (I aquired 2) there has been a thread running still is for this month for craft sales on the CM&PC forum aarrgghhh... my blooming links are still not coming up right. Anyway the companion was just sitting in the porch gathering dust so thought I would put it on see if there was any interest, next time I looked I had had a 'pm' and it was sold, Result!! I am really pleased because Sugar Nellies are bringing out some new stamps and they are fabby, this means I can have a few!!
No crafting done today, sat here wanting to, but just no enthusiasm for it again. So here is a card I made yesterday for sis and bro-in-law they moved house today,
Matthew was supposed to help them move as his van would've been a great help, but when Hollie and I got home from playgroup yesterday his van was in the yard, he was home ill. He has a cold, aaahhh bless him I hear you say, but he could cope with that it's his head that's driving him crazy, he suffers with his sinus's so he called the doctor and he wrote him a prescription for antibiotics.
Hollie and I went up town with him, he had to collect his pills from Boots so we thought we'd pop into Icelands and the building society (ended up opening a new a/c and transferring some money over from the a/c we have as the interest is better, also paid in the girls birthday and christmas money). I was a bit peeved when we got home as the postie had left a card saying I had a parcel (too big for the letter box) to be collected but have to wait until tomorrow gggrrr.... the only thing I think it can be are my Bella stamps I ordered a couple of days ago, that or I've won something, how fab would that be!?!
Now off to chill with the family, that or tear my hair out trying to get the girls to tidy their toys away!

Tuesday 22 January 2008

In the mood for crafting today so I made these 3 Bella cards, the ballerinabella card is for Michelle, Lillie's ballet teacher to thank her for all of her hard work with the shows at the weekend and the weeks building up to it. She said about Hollie starting and I said I wanted to wait so they weren't both in the same class as they may mess about, she said Hollie's class would be on a Thursday so no chance of them being together. Still think we'll wait a little while longer, let her settle in at nursery before we get her started with anything else! Anyway here are todays cards

The card for Michelle took 15 minutes flat to make (apart from the stamping that was already done!) I made it between getting home from dropping Lillie at class and picking her up again. I always leave things until the last minute, literally!!
I also made this atc for a friend I have swapped with over on the Card making and papercraft forum, it was a quickie as I wanted to get it in the post, and I really liked the results!

That's it for today, retiring early so we don't have to rush about when we put the girls to bed, we want to watch 'Ladette to Lady' the new series starts tonight.

Monday 21 January 2008

I want to SCREAM!!!!!!...................... aaarrrggghhhh.....................
My once lovely little girl Hollie is turning into the biggest nightmare child going. We have just done the school run, I am making her walk now as I feel at 3 she should and we should no longer rely on the buggy, some days she is an angel, others gggggrrrrrr.......! Today she DID NOT want to hold my hand, I told her she has to as she is not walking along the path without so every so many steps she would through a paddy and dropped onto her knees! This happened all the way up the school and coming home even threw herself onto the path making a scene, she did hold my hand the rest of the way home with relatively little fuss. Earlier when I went into the room to sit down a while as I now have a 'wonderful' cold I noticed she had been messing around with and broken a couple of bits of Lillie's new Barbie toys, why does she have to wreck everything???? I am soooo.. fed up with battling her over almost everything at the moment, the 'terrible two's' struck late now she is a even more terrible three, I hate to say it and even think it but roll on after easter when she starts nursery, I am starting to wish that I HAD sent her when then started back in January when I could've.

Anyways enough of that, my little rant over, feeling calmer now!
This weekend was totally taken over by ballet. Saturday was rehearsals so I had to take Lillie up to the high school so they could run through the 2 dances she was in, this was the first time they had been on the stage, it went very well.
Home for a little while and back to the school for 1.15pm dressed in her first costume for full dress rehearsal. There was no organization for looking after the children at all, and my friend was doing 'quick change' so she was in another part of the school, when her daughter and Lillie came back from their first dance she was quite upset at her mum not being there so how could I possibly leave them, basically to fend for themselves. I should've been home backing my 10 sponges whilst she was gone, but instead spent 3+hours sitting around waiting!
Yesterday we were back to the school again, this was it 1pm 'show time' I made sure Lillie was dressed and ready and then left her with another mother who was helping with the dancers refreshments so she said she could spend most of the time looking after them, phew as again there seemed to be no-one to look after them. The 'show' was very good, pretty impressive to think she only has the girls + 2 boys for 1 half hour lesson a week, and not during school half/full terms. I must admit to leaking a couple of tears when Lillie and her class came out and did their first dance, bless them they were so cute and no tears from any of them. I did see a couple of emotional dancers and they were older than Lillie, but Lillie is a 'show off' so I knew she would be ok!!
2nd performance 5pm Lillie had to be there at 4.15pm and Matthew and I were doing the raffle, made sure she was dressed and this time attended to and off I went to do my duties, Matthew had already been busy with early arrivers so was pleased that I had turned up to help. Although we were a bit nervous of doing it he said he preffered doing that and catching most of the show (as we sold tkts during the interval to) than sitting around waiting first time around. We actually won a bottle of wine in our raffle (no fix hones!) and my auntie won twice!!
That's it over and done with and back to normal lessons again tomorrow. That said she usually does a show ever 2 years so we'll know what to expect next time around!

Sorry no crafty makes these past few days, no time and with this cold no desire to do so!

Friday 18 January 2008

Today I just 'can't be bothered' to do anything.
I have blog surfed for inspiration, and nothing, not that I haven't seen many wonderful creations they just have triggered the 'want' to have a go!!
So apart from the school runs, a quick trip round the supermarket, the housework, and making dinner and tea, that's it!
Yesterday was a far more productive day, I made Lillie's 'thank you' cards for her school friends who gave her birthday presents. Nothing too taxing just simple, I had some teeny envelopes from a couple of boxes of christmas cards I had used as toppers, so cut the cards to size, they were cute and big enough to write a quick note inside. All she had to do was sign each card
I also made my uncle's get well card, after asking for ideas of what to do. A female card for all occassions is sooo.... much easier, I had got a couple of 3d sheets but they were female, so ended up with this, I admit to borrowing the idea! I'm really chuffed with it and will make several more in this style and not just get well!
He should have got it in the post this morning, he came out of hospital on Wednesday night, unbelievable considering when he went in on Monday night and having 4 dr.s pounce on him and being told 10 minutes later and it would've been too late!?! They treated him for an infection?
Well that's me done, will see what tomorrow brings I guess!

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Happy Birthday Lillie, well what's left of it!!!!
Bless her she didn't open a single present she was given from her friends at her party, or any other present until after school this afternoon. And boy did she have enough!? She has had some lovely bits, lots of make-up, jewels, purses, bags, pencils, pens, notebooks (already got my eye on a couple of those for altering). She is now crying her eyes out and making a load of fuss because we've told her she's not having the make-up undone, as it's nearly bed-time!
No crafting done today, well Hollie did do a doily picture at playgroup this morning, will show you tomorrow if I remember.
Being called at to play a quick game of 'Where's Tinkerbell' so better go before he just comes and turns the computer off!

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Today I have been a little crafty, finally made this card for Lillie it's her 5th birthday tomorrow she is a huge Mcfly fan (as am I) and I have had the 3d sheet for ages, so this was the perfect opportunity to make it up. The stars represent the bands Top5 hit 'Star Girl' not bad huh?!
I also tried something a little different using old scratched cd's, I made these name plaque's for the girls
I had seen the idea done as door hangers, but the girls share a room so thought a name plaque each would be nice to hang near their beds! I am delighted with them and the girls think they are fab, I'm already thinking who I can make some for, my nephews are top of the list at the moment LOL!!
Had to take Lillie up to the High School this afternoon/evening for show rehearsals, I can't see it coming together, but I am sure she knows what she is doing!? Matthew has finally come round to the 'side of stage' helpers job, and I have put my name down to help with the raffle even though I am watching both performances I thought I had to do my bit.
Couple of piccie's to make you smile to finish with, I bought a tiny little party hat yesterday when I went shopping, perfect for the guinnea pigs LOL 1st piccie is Candy modelling the latest fashion in piggie wear bless her she is sooooo..... placid she doesn't mind what you do with her, 2nd piccie is Stripes who is a bit more aware that something strange is going on, but still up for a pose LOL!!

Monday 14 January 2008

Today has been a bit hectic! We took Lillie to school as normal, but collected her at lunch time as I wanted her to have a cooked lunch because she was going on a school trip after school and they were having packed 'lunch' teas! They went to a wildlife reserve (I think) to see the flight of the swans and then see them being fed, amongst other things! From what she has told us they had a good time, they didn't get back to school until 7pm, the teachers have said they can have an easy day tomorrow as they are sure they will be tired!! Not Lillie, our kids are used to being out late and up late! She also has ballet tomorrow at the 'big' school not sure until tomorrow if they will be able to practice on the stage but at least the hall is bigger if not.
Anyway this morning whilst Lillie was at school I got my jewelery making bits out and made the following 2 bracelets, Matthew keeps nagging that I should be making the jewelery as that's going to make me some money!! I really should make a lot more as my friend has offered to display/sell some for me in her hairdressers, she'll start to think I have forgotten, I am in dire need of a trim so better get moving!!

After we took Lillie back to school, we picked mum and dad up and went shopping. Picked up a bargain pressie for my nephew a transformers pc (laptop game thing) 75% off! Bought myself a pair of pj's and a nightie for lounging around the house in the evenings, oh and a handbag!!! Got Matthew a zip up hoodie top which he says is great and I should've got him a couple more of!!! Trouble with him is he has broad shoulders which make a lot of sleeves in tops too short, he also has a long body and a lot of tops are quite short then he gets a chill in his back. Shoes/trainers are the worst he's a size 12 but I have successfully found nice reasonably priced ones in Tesco's just hope they keep stocking them!
I also got Lillie a dressing up dress with accessories, maybe not a neccessity but the clothes in the dressing up box are now more Hollie size and she hadn't got anything in case she is invited to a fancy dress or themed party. Last year her friend Lily had a princess and pirate party and Lillie's dress only just fitted bless her! I will wrap it and she can have it as an extra birthday present. Bless her she didn't open a single 1 of the presents her friends gave her on Saturday, so she'll have lots to open on Wednesday after school as no doubt she'll have no time beforehand! It's hard to believe she is already 5, how time flies!
Finally another piccie another card (yes, another nellie!!) made this yesterday afternoon

Saturday 12 January 2008

Up and out bright and early this morning, was met in the yard by the postman with another parcel resembling the one he delivered on Thursday, how excited was I. It was a copy of the current Quick Cards Made Easy mag, a pack of embelishments and a nice stamp of what looks like a vase of flowers but the flower heads are hearts, it quite pretty and nice for valentines and anniversary cards.
Lillie had a lovely party, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, there were no disagreements, no tears just fun, fun, fun!! The picnic/party boxes went down well, and one of the boys mums says she is getting me to make them for her for his next birthday party LOL! I said fine just let me know when!! We met mum and dad at the pub/restaurant for lunch, they print a voucher in the freebie paper most weeks for 2x 3 course carvery meal for £15.25 it's a buffet main course to so you can have as much or as little as you like.
Since being home I've made yet another card, this one is for the current challenge over on the Just Bex forum (link on the left), it's to make a card using the template given, I love these templates as sometimes I get a bit stuck with the layout of my cards!
I made this card last night but I had already done my blog entry and really couldn't be bothered to upload my photo from the camera as it was getting late. I had the idea of doing it and just had to make it though!!!
Well that's me done for the day, can't wait for the kids to go to bed so we can relax, they are messing around like demented chickens at the moment!!

Friday 11 January 2008

I've been at it again, yep making more cards! I had a spurt on and made 3 this morning, with an idea for the 4th but that's still in the process of being made.

Would you believe that Kerry and I have done it again with our cards and made very very similar ones! I have used a nellie image and she has used a tilda, and we've both used flowers, the paper (purple with flowers) is identical again!!!! All I can say is wow!
Last night Matthew and I made a start on the picnic/party boxes for the party, they are all filled with drink, crisps, choc biccie, small box of raisins, and some sweets and treats. The boxes themselves look rather plain and I know we could've gone to town with them, but realistically the children aren't going to be interested on the outside of the box are they? it's what's inside that counts!!
Mum and dad came round this afternoon, mum had made 2 slab cakes and put glace icing on top with smarties and sprinkles, so we've cut and wrapped that ready to go in later, and we've also made and wrapped sandwiches for each box, these are in the fridge and will go in in the morning. Here are a few piccies of them

These boxes take me back to my birthday parties, mum used to do these for us. For years our parties were in the village pub (then owned by my dear nan and grandad, then nan after he passed away, sadly she has now passed away to), we would have music on the juke box and have the most wonderful times! Boy how many years ago was that heh? Twenty plus!!!

Thursday 10 January 2008

I am really enjoying card making again at the moment after my 'downer' with only selling the 3 cards at the craft fair. It's these sugar nellie stamps, they are so.... blooming cute!I have made these 3 cards over the course of the day, it takes me so long to choose my colours/papers etc I'd get more done if I didn't dily around so long!
I have borrowed this layout from someone else, all papers/flowers/image have been changed, I just loved it, and when I had made the card 'Mothers day' sprung to mind. So here is my mum's mothers day card already made, I hope she likes it as much as I do!
This got me thinking about 'dress up Maggie' and maybe a mothers day card for myself from one of my darling girls, even though they would laugh at the sentiment!!!!! This stamp is great as you can run wild with the colours, because at that age you wouldn't be colour co-ordinated (saying that some kids would be nowadays!)
Finally for now 'bedtime Maggie' I really wanted to do a purple card so here it is, I added some funky glitter (who knows where I got this from but it's really pretty) to the centre of the flowers and the heart patch on the pj's, cute huh!?!
Earlier this morning I spoke to my friend Kerry from the CM&PC forum and we have agreed to swap a handbag charm, as our styles are quite different I thought this would be nice. I have seen mine already as she has posted it on the forum and I love it! She is sooo.... quick at her crafts, be it jewelery making or cards and they are always fab, the link to her blog is on the left. Here is my bag charm in return
That's all crafty at the mo. I really shoud start on the picnic boxes for Lillie's party on Saturday!
Talking of Lillie she slept straight through last night hooray! She seems to have changed, she is being really helpful and even asks if she help clear up whe n I ask Hollie to put all of her things away. I am liking the change a lot. It's just now Hollie is being a complete pain, and really quite stubborn, still it'll be nursery time soon enough she might get better then.