Thursday 24 October 2013

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!! (lol)!!

Yes I'm getting a bit nostalgic!  This birthday is never going to come close to the last one :(  Last years birthday was a 'big' one and such a happy one (although I had to work!).  We had a lovely family meal at our local restaurent on the evening of my birthday, but the BIG EXCITEMENT was that the next night we were staying at a Travelodge close to Ebbslfeet station, for the following morning, 2 days after my birthday we were off for a little trip on the eurostar destination Disneyland Paris!
This was our 2nd holiday here as a family and was a very different visit.  The last time we were in our summer clothes, infact our first 2 days the temperature topped 40degrees!!  This time we were in our thermal some days lol!!  But the halloween season is reallly fab (hubby and I went for 1 day during halloween at the beginning of our relationship, this was before the Studios were even open!!).  Well we had a second wonderful holiday, lots of characters, lots of good food, lots of walking lol, very lucky with the weather, even down to shirtsleeves on halloween, lots of fun and lots and lots of photos!!!
Here are just a few of my faves!
We had forewarned the girls that it was going to be very busy this time and that the chances of getting near many characters would be slim.  That was somewhat of a contradiction, we saw and met loads!!!!  We literally walked from the station into our hotel and bumped into Mickey and Goofy, we'd been there about 10 minutes!!
But this picture was taken after we went into the park about 2 hours after arrival.
That evening I'd booked us into Cafe Mickey for our tea and had pre-ordered a birthday cake, omg it was the funniest time ever!  When they brought the cake out with Mickey, they put it down in front of our youngest and started singing to and making a fuss of her!  Poor hubby was trying his hardest to make them aware that it was for me, we were wetting ourselves!
Here I am having a little dance with the big man/mouse!!! 
'Dreams' was absolutely flippin amazing!!  and when it got to the Tangled part with Flynn and Rapunzel yes I admit to crying!!  I just couldn't help myself, felt such a wally but that part in the film gets me every time, and emotions were hightened watching the show!!!
one of my many pictures of the beautiful castle! 
and one last piccie of my funky 'Glowtini' cocktail!  I don't drink very often, but thought as it was a special time I would have a treat and I'd heard quite a bit about these!  It was very nice and got a lot of glances from other diners!
I'll put some more pictures on as I remanice (sp?) some more over the next week, and just depress myself that we are not going back any time soon :(

Thursday 3 October 2013

Charisma Cardz - Bingo

New challenge time at Charisma Cardz and this week we are playing 'Bingo' (see the bingo card below!).
I chose the middle/down line i.e. square card, pearls & charms, although I only used the one tiny moon charm!
We were given images from our sponsor Time for Tea which are really fab!  The one I have used is called Frakencutie!
Here is the bingo card, choose any line! 
For the rest of the sponsor details and all prize info please nip on over to the blog.