Saturday 30 August 2008

Busy, busy,busy!

Wow I've been on a roll today not only craft wise but baking to! Yes I've baked 7 sponges, 6 jumbo smartie buns, 20 mini quiches, 10 sausage rolls and a corned beef pie thing (a slimming world recipe), made 4 projects (well 1 was made needed finishing touches) that cover 8 challenges and even hoovered!!!
First up is an altered notepad which covers 3 challenges : Paper Take Weekly = 'A stitch in time', Cute Card Thursdays = 'In the water' and Penny Black Saturday = 'Stars and stripes'
Next is for the Daring Card Makers challenge which is 'A side order with that', it's funny because I had made this before I saw the challenge! I have recycled a bottle bag that Matthew was given, the tag had been written on so I cut it off added a section of it to the bottom of a piece of card and attached the decoupaged image to which I had written the 65's on the balloons!

Last up for tonight is this spring card for Stamp Something Friday's challenge = 'Back to school somethings' I have had made since just before the children broke up from school, I had thought of giving this to one of the teachers as a thank you card but then had other ideas so it's sat on my desk unfinished! The little girl is Sugar Nellie's (Nellie) and I coloured her in the girls school colours, even giving her the blonde hair (I seem to do this on so many of my images, must be because my girls are blonde!?) all I did to finish the card was add the stickers!

Update on Hollie, she is absolutely fine and back to her old self. It's amazing, I had told her I was taking her to the doctors and he was going to give her some 'magic medicine' and HE DID!!! She had the 3 5ml's on Wednesday and Thursday morning we noticed the difference straight away! Now all she does is craze for food!!
Yesterday we took them to our favourite chinese restaurant (the buffet one) for lunch, we had had picnic's each time we had been out and as we had had the day at home on Thursday this was their treat. They loved it, I knew we would have no problems with Lillie she is getting so good with eating and trying things, Hollie I knew what she would eat (she's not at the trying things too eagerly stage but ate well) and Tia (step-daughter who we had for the week), well she is just crazing me where food is concerned she used to eat so well, now she is picky picky picky and it really winds me up. The lady who works in the restaurant came over and gave the girls each a bag, and inside was a big hair clip, the ones you squeeze, she said that she had bought them in Shanghai and thought they would make nice presents for the children/girls that came in and were well behaved, how nice was that?! We then headed to the farm (again!) took more of my 'same pose' pictures then while Lillie and Tia played on the big play area Hollie stayed with us and fed some coats and cuddled a bunny. We had quite a nice day. This tortoise was off to see the sheep!

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Fancy dress success and a card!

Hi I'm back! As mentioned we've had a couple of days with Matthew's mum and Dad who live on the coast near Cromer. I wasn't looking forward to it, his parents are different to mine, more 'old' in their ways, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to watch the programmes I like on tv (mainly Big Brother, and I missed the proposal between Mario and Lisa!).
We arrived at lunchtime on Sunday as she had told us there was going to be a fete/fair at the caravan/leisure park near to where they live, they were having a fancy dress competition so we packed the outfits for the girls to enter. It was uncertain as to whether we would go or not as it was raining, so after our picnic lunch in the house, we decided to hell with it and went, it wasn't a particularly big do but the children liked having a go on the side stalls. We changed them into their outfits and Hollie as 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary' came 3rd (the dress I wore as a bridesmaid when I was a youngster!!! and a basket with cockle shells, silver bells and pretty maids all in a row that we made for when Lillie wore this at nursery!) and Lillie the 'mermaid' came 1st!! So it was worth it, they both received certificates, a big variety bag of sweets and before opening thought it was a congratulations card, only to find Hollie had a £5 voucher and Lillie £15 for Woolworths wow!!!!! Tia and the other children were given a handful of sweets to for taking part.
We then went on to Matthews auntie and uncle's as his uncle was having a bbq to celebrate his 65th birthday, they are a really nice couple and it was nice having the family together as it meant we got to see his niece and nephew who although they don't love too far away we hardly see! The children had great fun in the hot tub!! Here they are with grandad! After a rough night, up with Hollie crying on and off all night and a rock hard bed, we headed to Cromer 'zoo park' it's not been open long and I thought it was pants, Matthew thought it was ok, it's needs to get more established and more animals, but the best bit was the parrot that mimicked a crying child, it was great!!!!!
We headed home mid morning yesterday stopping off at Wells we had a picnic then went on the beach, but were only there about an hour as Hollie was crying. She has been complaining of a tummy ache for a week, has gotten really really lathargic, doesn't want to do anything, wants to be carried all of the time, and cries a lot, I took her to the doctors this morning and he thinks it's a water infection and has given her antibiotics, fingers crossed these do the trick.
Well I haven't really been in the mood to do anything much today, so except make dinner and tea and take Hollie to the doctors I've not, well that is except a bit of blog hopping and catching up. I did make a card for my cousin who has just recently moved house, I used last weeks Friday Sketchers sketch and the clipart pictured I had used on an earlier card.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar -challenge 14

Thank you to everyone who took part in last weeks challenge, big apologies to a lot of you whom I didn't get around to leaving comments for, it's just been a bit hectic this week, the children are back to school next week so I will have more time!
This weeks A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge is to use '3 different ribbons' on your card/project, I love using ribbon but normally use 1 type on 1 card so this was a challenge for me but I had an idea of something I could try and it worked out ok (my ribbon flower/rosette) what do you think? I've used my Sugar Nellie 'Going for a Spin' stamp which is a little fiddly to watercolour but I just love it.
and I've stamped swirls in the opposite corners and added a greeting on the inside.Remember you can use ANY stamps you want now to enter the challenges, so there should be no stopping you, so come on get those ribbons out!! and don't forget if you need any inspiration take a look at the rest of the girls work which are wonderful as always.

Sunday 24 August 2008


I made the following very simple card yesterday, I think the quote on the message board is so amuzing!! Just need to find someone I can send it to that wouldn't be offended!
Back Tuesday with my A Spoon Full of Sugar card.

Saturday 23 August 2008

Party on!

Very quick post tonight as I still have packing to do for our couple of days at Matthew's parents!!

Stamp Something's challenge is called 'party somethings' and the Cute CardThursday challenge is to use 'bright colours' (this is bright, but wouldn't class it as cute, but heh ho time didn't allow me to make too much!!). So here is a gift pouch, great for adding little gifts, especially good for filling with sweets for party bags or halloween treats!
The stamp is by Craft Planet and is more of a children's set but comes in handy occassionally!
That's it, I am now going to try to add a couple of entries that should automatically be added whilst I am away. Cross your fingers for 3 days of sunny weather for us, please!

Friday 22 August 2008

Playtime & Butterflies

Yesterday I took the girls to a place called 'Play2day' a big indoor play place, I had had a call from a friend whose daughter Trina went to nursery with Hollie, saying that some of the mum's were meeting up did we want to join them, so most unusual for me I said yes! I had a nice time chatting with the mum's some of which I knew, others only by sight, and the children apart from a couple of knocks and tiredness had a brilliant time. I wondered if Hollie would leave my side as she had complained of having a tummy ache for a couple of days and when we got there was a bit clingy but when Trina arrived she was off, she had a close bond with her through nursery, it's a shame Trina is now moving to another school.
Last night both girls had a sleepover at nannie and grandads, usually only Lillie goes but think Hollie made her feel guilty about not having her, so they both went. This morning they picked me up and we went to the Butterfly Park, we were in time for the birds of prey display, boy do they fly close to your head!! The girls loved the play area, and looking at all the pretty butterflies (crikey it's hot in there!)
these 2 butterflies (if you can pick them out) were so pretty, the ones with the see through wings especially
the leaf cutter ants always fascinate me, those tiny little creatures carrying big pieces of leaves and look at that stalk!!!! They have 2 tubs with leaves etc in and the ants go cut their piece of leaf and then travel along the ropes and into their 'ant hill' thing, you come out itching like made as the ropes are above your head!!and these were the funniest pigs I have ever seen, they look like sheep, they have a woolly coat!!!The house is quiet again tonight as the girls have gone for a 2nd sleepover at mum and dad's. Hopefully Hollie won't fall out of bed and land on top of Lillie who is sleeping on the blow up bed on the floor again tonight Lol.!!

Finally a card, I made this a couple of days ago and it is my entry for the Papertake Weekly challenge which is to use the sketch by Katharina, and also follows the recipe -1 ribbon, 1 flower, 2 buttons and glitter (I used pearly paints which are glittery!) for My Time to CraftI hope to fit another couple of challenges in tomorrow, but have cakes to make, my A Spoon Full of Sugar card to make and packing to do (going to Matthews parents on the coast for a couple of days) so fingers crossed I get the chance!

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Double Thanks

I have to say a BIG thank you to Erum ( ) for making me the new blog header. Erum had read my earlier post saying that I wish I could make one to go with my new background, and made one for me, how great is that? Check out her blog, her cards are fabulous and she knows I just love the gift box with the shell on top!! Erum if you are reading this 'thanks' again!
My 2nd BIG thank you is for Kay (Lazykay -link on the right) for giving me the following award

The rules are :

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated

Once again I apologize to Kay that I don't have time at the moment to choose (too hard) people to pass this award on to, so if you are reading this consider yourself awarded!

I made this card a few days ago, but as I had other cards to show saved it until now. This is for Friday Sketchers using this weeks lovely sketch made by Mumur from France. The design team cards are gorgeous and great for inspiration (link on the right) This is the first time I had used this particular Sugar Nellie stamp, I just think she is sooo... cute especially wearing that crochet'd hat! I've seen so many wonderful card using charms recently so decided to add 1 to my card and I will be using a lot more in future cards!!
I went shopping in Norwich with my mum yesterday, she 'had' to go to the M&S sale, she works in a smaller store so thought she would find a lot more bargains and more choice if we went to a bigger 1!! She actually didn't end up with very much, we got several things for the girls though, I got Lillie a long nearly to the ground turquoise dress with halter neck to wear for parties, she tried it on when we got home and looked so sweet, she absolutely loved it!!! I HAD to go in the Range before we headed home and picked up some goodies, thanks to Becky I am going monochrome with my family christmas cards this year hence the black ribbons, gems, paperpack!
and finally after a long 6 week wait my photo's finally came from the photo shoot I went to London to have, it's lovely to see them A4 sized, I think the following photo is my favourite, I'm wearing my 'guest at a wedding' dress Lol.!! I've worn it to 2 weddings and already lined it up to wear at my cousin's wedding next June!! Got to wear it really as a few weeks ago I went shopping with my parents (mum wanted a cardigan to wear for my aunties funeral) I came home with a huge, gorgeous, big red hat that was an absolute bargain in the sales!!!!!

Tuesday 19 August 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar -challenge 13

Thank you to everyone who took part in last weeks secret message challenge, it has been great visiting everyone's blogs to see how you had hidden them!!

This week at A Spoon Full of Sugar we have a fabulous sketch from my team member Debbie. I thought that for a change I would make a male card so I used my Sugar Nellie 'Fishing Luca' stamp and my 'dovecraft masculine' papers. I'm a bit peeved that the greeting in the bottom corner didn't come out straight guess I really should get at least 1 acrylic block then I would be able to see where I was positioning it heh?! Anyhow I thought I would print a swirl in the opposite corners try to disguise it a bit, still getting used to added these little extra's Lol..!
Look forward to visiting your blogs as always, can't wait to see how you use Debbie's sketch. Have fun!

Monday 18 August 2008

Yee hah!!

Yee hah indeed, I've used my Sugar Nellie 'giddy up' stamp designed by the wonderful Elisabeth Bell for the first time today. I didn't buy this one when it originally came out but then Sugar Nellie/Funky Kits offered one stamp from each set at a reduced price, so there was my chance to nab it!

The following card is made for Trina's blog candy using her fab sketch, pop over and take a look at Trina's it's lovely
Gisella is also offering some yummy candy to celebrate getting over 5,000 hits on her blog,

Debbie is also celebrating with a fabulous candy stash Debbie has had over 10,000 hits on her blog

Whilst Hollie had a quick nap this afternoon, Lillie (5) started bugging me for an image to colour in, so I told her she could make a card for the Crafty Monkeys challenge. All I did to help her was cut the papers other than that she coloured, glued, positioned, and glittered it all herself. I did get another card made using another of my new stamps but will show that at a later date, for now I have to get the girls sorted for bed and make sure they have tidied the living room!! Then I have a night in front of the television by myself as Matthew has gone to the pub for a game of darts and dommies for charity.

Saturday 16 August 2008

Blog makeover

I've noticed a lot of really nice looking blog changes recently and not wanting to feel left out had to have a play around myself, still not sure if I like it 100% what do you think? I wish I were clever enough to make a fancy blog header but I can't and don't really want to pay for one, as it's just a bit of fun, heh this one will do until I find another!

I am in shock I have managed to cover 5 challenges with 1 card today, woo... hoo... some what of a record for me! Penny Black Saturdays want you to use 'ribbons', I've used the sketch from Sketch Saturdays, Stamp Something want you to do 'summer somethings', Cute Card Thursdays want you to use 'home furnishings' and lastly My Time to Craft want you to use the theme of 'cats' in memory of Kates cat that sadly passed away last week.
5 challenges 1 card
Oh my goodness I've just realized I can also enter this card for the current challenge over at Papertake Weekly which is 'button it' wow that makes it 6 cards in 1!! That's going to take some beating Lol..!!

Friday 15 August 2008

What a task!

My dear friend Kay asked if I would make her a couple of cards, I said yes email me what you want and I'll do them. You should have seen the requirements, I was flabagasted!!! Card 1 Happy 21st Birthday Christine with a purple mini that has a yellow roof and 2 yellow stripes on the bonet. WHAT?!? Card 2 New Home could it be yellow and green colours as the family are big Norwich City footie fans, mmmm.. not so bad!
I googled and found a picture of a purple mini with white roof and stripes so I coloured them yellow, used purple backing paper, and 2 yellow stripes of ribbon to match those on the car! Turned out ok I think, since taking the picture I have written 'U R 2 1' on the number plate!and the New Home card also has a googled picture, which I coloured the house on the right green and originally coloured the bird light brown then remembered Norwich City are the canaries so changed it to a yellow bird!! I added the yellow and green ribbon on the corner just to accent the colours of the team a bit more, luckily the paper I have is green with yellow spots!I've been trying to do some blog hopping all day but have failed, guess I've got a fair bit of catching up to do tomorrow, that is if I get the time!

Thursday 14 August 2008

Going for a spin

Lillie my eldest had a sleepover at nannie and grandads last night so Hollie decided she would like to sleep in Lillie's bed. Bless her I heard her wake up this morning and call Lillie's name, then heard the stair gate open and she went down stairs looking and calling for her, she then came back upstairs into my room all upset and said 'I can't find Lillie' it was so sweet. They fight like cat and dog but when they are being nice and lovey with each other it's adorable.
I haven't made any cards today but painted a couple of images to use, I gave Hollie the Sugar Nellie, Elisabeth Bell designed Going for a Spin image that hadn't quite stamped correctly and asked her to colour it nicely so that she could make a card for Lillie to tell her she had missed her. I was very impressed with her colouring it's the neatest she has done so far, she's only 3 1/2! I then cut her a couple of pieces of paper and she chose a zig zag strip and worded sticker from an old scrapbook kit I have, she did all of the sticking and positioning herself, I am going to enter this on the Crafty Monkeys challenge blog for under 16's
Lillie came back after tea and Hollie excitedly gave her the card which she loved. and would you believe it, whilst at nannie and grandad's she learnt how to ride a bike without the stabelizers on!!! I've been saying our mission this school holiday is to get her riding a 2 wheeler berfore she goes back to school and everytime we mention it she would throw a hissy fit saying 'no, no, no, I am not having the stabelizers taken off, ever!'. so when I left mum and dad's yesterday I said you can get her riding the bike, and low and behold they did, mum said it only took a matter of minutes!! She is sooooooo..... happy and gave us a demonstration with a beaming smile on her face. Next mission is tying shoes laces, as she has got to learn to tie the laces on her tap shoes!!
I've told her she'll have to write to Father Christmas now and ask him for a new bike with a bell of course!

Wednesday 13 August 2008

My donkey

Isn't it fab? Matthew picked it up yesterday, his comment when he got home was 'it's a lot bigger than I thought it was!' it measures 3 1/2 ft tall x 4ft long. I went to look at it in the car, it was lying in the boot and honestly looked like Matthew had hit it whilst driving and bundled it into the boot it looked so real!
We hid it under the covers on our bed, as I wanted to surprise the girls, little monkeys had spotted something was under the covers but luckily hadn't peeped! I wanted to wait until we had the carpet layed in the new room so we could get some nice pictures minus a lot of clutter in the background, as the pictures turned out nice I told Matthew that we couldn't use it as a bedroom I wanted to keep it to take my pictures in Lol.!!!
This is the moment the girls walked in and saw the donkey

and giving their new pet a hug!
Fabulous prize for a £1 go on a treasure hunt at a fair heh! This and another donkey were donated by a garden centre and still has the original price tag on the ear I still can't believe it and think it must be wrong, it says £599.99 who in their right mind would pay that???

Tuesday 12 August 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar -challenge 12

Our challenge at A Spoon Full of Sugar is 'secret message' yes we would like you to hide a message somewhere on your card. The generouos Bryony from Silly Monkey Crafts is offering 1 lucky winner who will be drawn at random a gorgeous 'Juggles' High Hopes stamp.
Here is my card for this week, I used the sketch from Sketch Saturdays it worked perfectly with hiding my message!
The rest of the girls have created fabulous cards again with great ways of hiding messages. I can't wait to come and visit your blogs to see how you hide yours, come on get hiding!!