Thursday 30 June 2011

Handmade flowers for hairbands/corsages etc

Been playing again!  This time making a couple of flowers.  I love these and have put brooch pins on the backs so they can be added to a hair band as shown below or simply worn on a top/jacket/cardi etc
This one is pink satin layered with a kind of mesh material layer in between 

and then an orange flower, the material for this is different so didn't curl up so nicely when the edges were melted, but it still looks pretty! 

Oh and don't forget the new challenge over at Charisma Cardz, I've got a couple of weeks DT hol, but will still be looking!

Tuesday 28 June 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 158 Get Well Soon

Good Tuesday morning, I hope the sun is shining!  It's time for a new challenge over at A Spoon Full of Sugar and this week we are thinking of those who are poorly with the theme of 'Get Well Soon'.
Need I really say it?  Yes, yet another of the Lili of the Valley die-cut images, I really am boring myself keep writing it but these are sooo sooo handy especially when time is lacking or you lack the enthusiasm to colour!  A pretty basic card really, I added the sentiment to the top of the image, a sparkly foam heart sticker, striped paper scrap from my folder and the red layers are recycled envelopes!!
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Sunday 26 June 2011

A new dress, therefore new necklace and bracelets!!!!

A while ago with only Hollie home as Lillie was having a much loved sleepover at Nannie and Grandads, I decided that Hollie could have a bit of a fashion show!!  It was a way of getting her to try on her new out-fits without the fuss!
Here she is in the new dress that Nannie bought her.
Now pretty as it is I thought it needed something around the neck as this was a little bit scooped, so I set to work with some beads and ribbon.
Below are the necklaces that I made, both slightly different.
close up of the beads

beads close up
Then not happy with leaving it at necklaces I made them bracelets to!!!
Minus the ribbon but with the addition of a large red bead!
and different again, 2 this time bringing the red in with the individual sead bead bracelet!
The bracelets are highly addictive and so so easy to make, so will be making plenty more.  Bonus is you can make them to what ever size you like, as I find some shop bought bracelets are so tight if worn they cut of the circulation!!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Charisma Cardz - white + one

Morning, I am actually on hol from the design team at Charisma Cardz this week but actually felt creative last week and made the following scrapbook page for this weeks challenge which is 'White + one'.  So I went all monochrome!!  The picture was taken on the beach after the in-laws surprise 50th wedding anniversary afternoon tea bash!!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Sad to see

I am a big fan of Jackass, I think the guys are mental to do the stunts they do, to put themselves through so much pain, but it's compelling viewing.  Especially as this is where I found my love for Bam Margera, and oh do I just love this guy, would like to re-model hubby but he won't have any more tattoo's lol!!
This is why the following video from Youtube breaks my heart when watching it, for Bam has just lost his bestest friend Ryan Dunn one of his Jackass bro's as well as being like a 'real bro' to him.  I've watched them both umpteen times together in all of the Jackass movies, the series's, Viva la Bam, Bam's Unholy Union where Ryan was one of Bam's groomsmen.  This week Ryan died in a car accident, in which it seems drink and speed were involved (which is oh so wrong on both counts), but still so sad.     ooppss can't figure out how to add the video never mind here's a piccie
 RIP Ryan Dunn and my heart breaks for Bam.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 157 Ribbon and Bows

Good morning, boy these weeks are whizzing by!!  Time for a new A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge and this week we would like to see 'Ribbon and bows'.
No prizes for guessing where my image has come from lol, yep good ole Lili of the Valley die-cuts!  I thought I would have another go at a zigzag style card, I've tried these a couple of times but never 100% successfully.  I'm not too good at cutting straight lines with my craft knife so you may be able to spot the little angled cut top left!  But I am pretty happy with how this has turned out.
view from the side 
view from the other side 
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Thursday 16 June 2011

Chairsma Cardz - Pink and Green

Good morning, Thursday again which means we are nearly through another week, it'll soon be christmas lol!!!!
New Charisma Cardz challenge time and we have a colour theme this week of 'pink and green'.  Yep I've used a die-cut from Lili of the Valley yet again (I just don't have the passion to colour images at the moment and these are so so handy!).
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Tuesday 14 June 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 156 Splish Splash

Good morning all, new challenge time at A Spoon Full of Sugar and the theme this week is 'Splish Splash'.
I've interpreted this as a trip to the beach and a splish, splash in the sea!!  So I've used a surf dude (image from SJ's Little Musings) and the surf board was sent to me a while back from my good friend Becky.
Sponsor and prize info can be found on the blog along with fabulous examples from the rest of the girls.

Thursday 9 June 2011

Chairsma Cardz - How Old??

Oh dear, late again!  I blame hubby, he's home from work poorly at the
This weeks Charisma Cardz challenge was set my me and I chose the theme 'How Old'?  I like to put an age of a name on a card, mind you these days I've lost all track of children's ages except for my own lol!!
I made a pyramid card for a change, haven't made one like this for a long time.  Surprise surprise the topper is another Lili of the Valley die-cut, the football paper was a scrap I had in my file and luckily I had a couple of 1 stickers left on the sheet!  I've made this card for my friends son, who is very much into his footy! 
a different view 
and another! 
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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Ooppss A Spoon Full of Sugar - 155 Here Comes Summer

Ooppss sorry for the long delay today in posting my card for the latest A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge.  It's been a busy old day which has been spent mainly between the 2 schools in town!  Yes it was the girls sports day today and with them being in Key Stages 1 & 2 meant one was in the morning and one the afternoon, oh the joy!!!
Anyhow more of that at the end of this post, first things first.
Our new challenge for the week is 'Here comes Summer' interpret this as you wish.  I thought summer = picnics and yes I have once again used a Lili of the Valley die-cut image, oh these are so speedy, all I did was cut it into a circle!
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It was Lillie's sports this morning, unfortunately I set the camera wrong so although it was continuous shooting it only saved the first few which were mostly in the distance!  Then when I had to leave early for work, leaving the camera with hubby he managed to take precisely 1 photo and Lillie wasn't even in it gggrrr.....!!!!!  Must train him better!!!
She did quite well coming 2nd in the sprint and 3rd in the relay (I think!) 
Hollie's sports were in the afternoon, so it was a mad dash from work to get to the school in time for the start, but I made it!
Hollie is our little athlete, and when packing her PE bag at the start of the week I asked her if her trainers were ok as her pink ones were on the rack, she said "oh they are my super fast running trainers I'll swap them" and fast they were lol!!  She got 4 x 1st places (sprint, later for school, sack, obsicle)and 1 x 3rd place bat and bean(which would most probably been another 1st had the false start been restarted ggrrrr..!) bless her half of them started half waited for the word GO to which she was one of them, but she soon caught up a managed a place, but a little disappointing none the less!
Here she is in action in the obsicle race!
proudly showing off 'some' of her stickers!!  They actually ran out of stickers can you believe!?! 
They should also get certificates once they get them printed up, that is if they don't run out of ink lol!!

Thursday 2 June 2011

Chairsma Cardz - Things that Fly!

Good morning, Charisma Cardz new challenge time and this week we would like to see 'Things that Fly'.
I'm showing a couple of my hairbands today, both using items from Poundland.  The hairband itself comes in a bundle of 5 and the butterflies I think were a pack of 4 different colour ways.
I used 2 of the smaller butterflies for this one, I think these were a pack of 8 maybe 10 again different colours! 
my baby girl is usually my model!  She doesn't mind, well most of the time that is lol!!! 
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