Sunday 29 June 2008

No new makes

Other than my design team card for A Spoon Full of Sugar I haven't done any crafting this weekend. Yesterday I did my usual cake baking and painted a bit of the outside of the house, Matthew's friend came and helped in the the afternoon so we are now 3/4's painted!! It's looking quite nice, and the neighbours have commented on how nice the colour is (lemon) my choice of course!

We've had Matthew's mum and dad here for lunch, the weather was forecast as being nice so decided on a bbq and just as we were getting ready to set the table it started to spot with rain, so had to eat it inside, not quite the same I don't think! They've now gone so I've been having a catch up with blogs and forums that I regularly visit, I seem to have missed so much!

We had a lovely evening with Kay and Max on Friday when we went to the chinese, they thoroughly enjoyed the food. This time I came away feeling as if I had had enough without stuffing myself silly and feeling uncomfortable like we sometimes do!!

Lorraine has some lovely blog candy on offer here to celebrate her upcoming birthday, so why not drop by and pay her a visit.
Michelle also has some fab candy on offer here celebrating getting 10,000 hits on her blog, how fabulous!

I will leave you with a couple more pictures from Woburn Safari Park.
A 2 headed giraffe!!! Well nearly could have passed as one if the front leg of the back giraffe hadn't been visible! Still quite an amuzing piccie me thinks!and this stunning zebra, I just love their stripes and even how the stripes go right to the tips of it maine, so pretty!

Friday 27 June 2008

Birthday order

My friend Kay and loyal customer asked me to make some cards and a bag for her hubby's birthday which is at the end of the month. Instructions were : A Nascar card and matching gift bag, a footy trophy or champagne bottle and a Newcastle football card. Here's what I came up with :
Nascar card using last weeks Stamp Something sketch (which is to late to submit!)
matching gift bag, which started out as an A4 plain brown envelope!!!

one bottle, see how I incorperated the footy fan into the label.! This is another template from Sara, you can find it along with loads more here lastly the footy card using my Sugar Nellie stamp watercoloured in the team colours and I googled a picture of their flag/emblem thing cut it out and glued it to the inside panel. The front panel of the card has been folded back on itself so the image overhangs but the picture doesn't actually show this.

Well Matthew's new toy (Wii) that he had for his birthday made it's first outing last night. We had 2 games of 10pin bowling I won the first he won the 2nd. Then we both had a go at 1player boxing we both won, but my match went 3 rounds, Matthew knocked his oponent clean off his feet and won in the first round!! We only had a quick play as it was getting late, but I can see we are going to have great fun with it!

We are off out for a chinese with the above mentioned Kay and her hubby tonight, to celebrate Matthew and Max's birthdays. We were supposed to be going tomorrow night, but got a message whilst away asking if we could change it, that woman is a pain (she knows it to!). She phoned a while ago, asking which chinese we were going to when I told her she said with fright in her voice 'they serve cat and dog!' and have had enviromental health in, panic panic!! This was a long time ago, well over a year and was a load of bull, yes went in after a call and gave them the all clear, it was obviously someone with a grudge or the competition trying to put them out of business as they do so well. Matthew and I have been several times since and have had a thoroughly enjoyable meal every time, besides I told her, she wouldn't know if she was eating dog anyway!!! Told her she could cancel if she wanted but she said no they would still come, but it could be a great night!! Let you know!

Thursday 26 June 2008

Quick cards!

Here are a couple of cards I made before I went away. Not only was it Matthews birthday on Tuesday, but also a couple of friends, sisters in fact (born the same day but years apart!) and I've just thought it was also an old work friends ooppss.. have to send her a belated one!
So anyway here are the 2 cards that I made, I fitted them in with the Daring Card Makers challenge which was to make a 'quick card' well I made the 2 start to finish in under 1/2 an hour, hence just coloured not watercoloured lol...!!

Oh and I also used the sketch from Friday Sketchers for both!

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Had a nice break!

We had a nice day at Woburn Safari Park on Sunday, we started off doing the safari drive and came up close and almost personal with this >
boy were those horns big!! Our biggest enjoyment was the monkeys, I had been telling the girls that the monkeys were going to climb on the car, and was starting to think we were going to be disappointed as they seemed to blank us! It was so funny when a small monkey jumped on the wing mirror of the car in front of us and it broke, it's reaction was priceless, then it hopped back on for another go! Then we had one hop on our car but they jump straight onto the roof so missed some photo opportunities, until we had 3 think 4 at one point jump on, and one came on posed for this picture on my wing mirror
I just loved this mum with her teeny weeny babyThe weather was warm but oh so windy, which nearly spoilt the part of the day the girls were looking forward to, and that was going on the swan boats, thankfully they opened them up later in the day and they got their ride! But our trip ended a bit disappointingly with our 2nd drive around, as they were directing you past where the monkeys were and they were the main reason for doing the drive a second time. With the last safari drive at 5pm taking ours at 4pm we expected to be able to see everything.

We arrived at the travelodge only to be greeted with the fact that there may not be any water as the elecricity was off the other side of the motorway which effected things, we could however be moved to the nearest travelodge should we want to, we said we would stay when they told us they had been informed the water would be back on some time later in the evening. Claim to fame : seeing Jodie Marsh being turned away from the loos (due to the electric/water problem) Matthew said he saw her grab her bits as a child would when they were desperate!!! We went to a nice little pub nearby and had a lovely meal and let the girls have a play on the climbing frame before turning in for the night.

Monday we went to Gulliver's Eco Park and almost had the place to ourselves! There must have only been at the very most 10 families there! There wasn't an awful lot there, but we managed to keep the girls amuzed until closing time. The best part of the day was the cookie making! Hollie was in a funny mood but Lillie took part, and made 'cookie's' (nod nod wink wink!) Matthew said aren't they using any sugar, then when the chap said the cookies were going in the 'magic oven' I worked out what was going to happen. After going into the magic oven the children had to do a little routine, wrapping, packing, sealing, something like this then out of the magic machine came bags of organix cookies!! It was quite fun! we milled around and the girls painted figurines then it was time to bake cookies again, Hollie said she would join in this time if Daddy helped so they both had a go, there was only them and 2 other children!! It'll be a different story in a months time when the schools have broken up for summer! We then headed to the travelodge we were staying at, and asked if there was a family pub nearby we could go to for a meal. The lady recommended a wonderful pub, they did a carvery for £3.50 can you believe that? We can't even get a starter around here for that!!! It was fabulous and very busy, they had a brilliant play area for the children to which the girls loved. The pub was in lovely surroundings, I've never seen so many tables outside before either!

Yesterday was the 'old boys' 40th birthday so when the girls eventually woke up (after a terrible night of coughing due to colds) they gave him his cards and couple of little pressies we had sneaked into the case!

After packing we headed to the 'Sizzling Sausage' for one of his favourite breakfasts, yep a fry up! Then headed off to Gullivers Theme Park, got there bang on opening time, and once again not particlarly busy so really nice not to have to queue for anything. But the day was spoiled by the one thing the girls had really been looking forward to being closed, and that was the fairytale acadamy where they get to dress up and get a certificate, the magic show was also closed, and the tree top swings which they loved last year weren't working! We managed to sneak a birthday cake in the travel bag which we all shared for lunch!
Lillie liked having her picture taken with all of the characters but Hollie wouldn't go near them, the young girl who did the comparing (?) said she would make it her mission to get her to stand and have her picture taken with one of them by the end of the day, and we watched Gilly Mouse do a show and she got her to have her picture taken with her. Then with the lion at the end of the day show!! We had decided to go back to the pub and have the carvery again to finish off the day before heading home.

What a day I've had. The girls are both ill, Lillie has a temperature and has coughed constantly since Monday, and Hollie has cried for ages this afternoon saying that her ears hurt. So an excited sit and wait at the doctors for us in the morning!

A Spoonful of Sugar - Challenge 5

A day late but you know I've been away so think I should get away with it!! This weeks challenge is to use 'checks' on your card. There is also a fab prize up for grabs, so why not drop by and check it out along with my team friends wonderful cards!?!
This is my design team piece for this challenge, I have actually had this picture on standby since making it back in May for 'Thomas's birthday'!!!
It originally started life as a 'cd', you know one of those freebie ones, I made one of these for Thomas's sister back in April a girlie one of course! so thought it only right to make him one to!

Saturday 21 June 2008

Baby cards and a touch of sadness

I was catching up with phonecalls I needed to make yesterday, and next on my list was Kim at the shop to let her know we would be away for a few days so wouldn't be able to make cards until after we get back (obviously!) When before I rang her she rang me!! Could I make an anniversary card for a customer and 2 baby cards for her and our friend? So I had to find my still awol mojo and make them today.
I had been sent this lovely image from a swap with a forum friend which I thought was perfect, it's called a 'cup full of love' I thinkand here is what I did with it, it isn't actually what the lady had in mind, but I had to work with what I had got you know! Give me enough notice and I can get things!!so here are the 2 baby boy cards
I made this one in the style which I knew Kim really liked, and yep true to form it's the one she chose!! and just to finish the baby themed cards off, here is one I made a few days ago for one of Matthew's work mates.

As you may know by now that I leave most things until the last minute, and packing for a holiday/break is no exception!! I have only just sat down after running around most of the afternoon, delivering cards, deciding that Hollie hadn't got any cropped trousers to take on holiday and 'needed' some, so a trip to Peacocks! Then whilst delivering the cards saw a pair of skorts (ralph lauren) for £3.50 got those to!! Then had to iron almost everything we are taking, why? because it just gets creased in the case/bag? because at least I know it's been done! I feel miserable because almost all of my clothes don't fit as I have let myself get so blinking fat, I hate hate hate it, but I love my food, and cooking! I need to sew my mouth up!
All of this on top of one of our guinnea pigs passing away aaaaahhhhh....... I always look in the cages as I go past and have a little chat with them, and saw Candy lying motionless, called her but nothing, I panic when I see them lying down as they look odd and I usually think the worst but they are just having a nap. But sadly not this time, as I took a closer look I could see she wasn't breathing, luckily Matthew was here so I called him and he checked and confirmed she had died, bless her she was still warm so she hadn't been gone long. She was the piggie we took in after one of my sisters friends children didn't want her anymore, we honesly didn't think she would get through her last pregnancy because she got huge but bless her she had 5!
Here is a piccie of her posing in a little hat I bought just for a quick photo session bless her

Poor Lillie my eldest (5) was soooo... upset, she didn't want her to die, she was hers because she would just sit and cuddle, she says the others don't. She cried and cried on the phone to my mum! We explained that everyone and everything has to die at some time or other. Then she said if daddy died they wouldn't have a daddy anymore, so I told her we would have to find a new one a 'sexy' one!!! That'd be the day, me and sexy don't mix (well once in my younger, slimmer days!!! Lol)

Off now to check we have everything sorted as we are off to Woburn Safari Park in the morning, really looking forward to it. Ta ta for now....

Thursday 19 June 2008

My mojo has gone walk abouts!

I have no desire to make cards at the moment, why? Maybe I made so many the last week or so that my mojo is just having a siesta! That or it got swept away with the pile of hair after mine and the girls visit to the haidressers....Lol..!! Hope it comes back I've still got cards to make for my friend!
However I do have a card to share, this is another for hubby which I made several days ago, the cat is a stamped image I received from a swap. Just realized I can enter this for this weeks challenge to simply 'Make a Birthday card' over at Cute Card Thurdays!
Well that's it for today, nothing else to show (got another card but will save that for tomorrows post!) and nothing else to say.

Except Stamping Caz has some stamped images up for grabs to celebrate 100,000 hits on her blog, here >

Tuesday 17 June 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge 4

Wow we are on challenge 4 already over at A Spoon Full of Sugar, it's flown by! This weeks challenge is to make a card for a 'celebration' anything from birthday > wedding > new baby etc, as from this week you can also use Hanglar & Stanglar images due to Sugar Nellie signing a contract to make some of their stamps here in the UK (I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these little cuties!)
So why not drop by and get those stamps out and get creating, this weeks prize is a Sugar Nellie stamp -Nellie with Foal, and it's been donated by myself! The girls have made beautiful cards once again to give inspiration, not that any of you need it!
Here is my card for this weeks challenge
This is for hubby who is 40 next week (you would never have guessed would you?!) I used the Sara's template from (she has some fab templates go have a look! It's where the gardening glove came from!) and added Hamish and the doggie, oh and my new circular happy birthday stamp, which you will be seeing a lot of!!!!

Saturday 14 June 2008

Quick post tonight, been busy baking cakes today as usual, then went shopping to pick up Matthew's 'WII' and bits for his birthday, it's the only thing he wanted but he had to contribute I couldn't afford it by myself! We got Carnival games and it has 10pin bowling on it, I want to have a play now, but he won't he's got to keep it for his birthday next week!! ggrrr....!!
Anyway here is one of the cards I have made for his birthday, he does an awful lot of gardening so thought this image was ideal, and what a surprise I've used last weeks Friday Sketchers sketch again....LOL...!!
Tracy has some wonderful blog candy on offer on her blog to celebrate her birthday, why not pop over and leave a comment

Friday 13 June 2008

More Father's Day cards!

Today I had to rush and make father-in-laws cards as I needed to get them in the post to 'hopefully' get them there tomorrow! Yes I leave most of 'my' cards until the last minute!

So 1 gardening glove which was so much easier to do by printing the pattern straight onto the card!
I very simply decorated a small envelope to match to put the gift voucher in that we got for him.

and very quickly put this card together for him from the girls, no time to watercolour this one so simple coloured with the pencils.The last card for today is an order for Kim's (shop) sister who requested a card for a child whose christening it is at the weekend and is also his 1st birthday, could we some how combine the 2? Of course, one of my 2 fold cards with 3 panels, therefore the first panel is representing the birthday (childs father flys a jet) the wording is in the centre and the 3rd panel represents the christening. I had ordered die-cut aeroplanes and bibles especially for this card but unfortunately they haven't arrived in time, although they were posted 1st class on Wednesday, heh that's Royal Mail for you!
I've also made another baby girl tag card for yet another order from the shop, but it's the same style as the others I've shown so didn't think I would bore you with another!

There is a new challenge blog for fans Penny Black images the first challenge is tomorrow, I don't have any of these stamps myself although I love them, but do have several images from various swaps to hope to take part when I can. Here's the link

Off now to watch the first eviction on Big Brother, after the first couple of BB's we said we wouldn't watch if there was no one interesting, and every year we end up working everything around being able to watch it, how sad!! We'll even be watching it in the travelodge next weekend when we go away !!!

Thursday 12 June 2008

Some Father's Day cards

I thought I would show you the father's day cards that I have made for my friend Kay, for various members of her family! First up his card is for someone who likes reading, painting and red wine, I found this picture on google and it looks like an oil painting and really blends with the papers brilliantly!this card if for someone who used to be a chimney sweep, another googled picture! I kept it black and white to match the picture. the next 2 cards are again using the fab sketch from Friday Sketchers, I just love it!! This one is for my friends hubby who likes hot rods! Yep google again! I am amazed at how brilliantly my printer is printing at the moment, the car really looks like it shines! I really like the yellow, black and white.
and finally I coloured my trusty Sugar Nellie, I think it's Luca but could be Hamish!!
Kay picked these cards up earlier and was really thrilled with them, which is always good.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Wow my 200th post!!

Wow I can't believe it, this is my 200th post, how time flies!! I couldn't believe it when I saw my visitor counter had passed the 5,000 mark, when I started this blog I didn't think anyone would be interested in what I had to show or talk about, I must be doing something ok!! I promise that I will get some candy sorted out to celebrate this, but will have to wait a bit longer as I am a bit busy for the next few days.
I've had a better day today and actually got 4 cards made, so thought I would show you 3 that I have made for Kim from the shop. She asked if I could make her a couple of Father's Day cards, football themed and her hubby supports Leeds, so I found a picture, think this may actually be the away kit, the other kit was white and wouldn't have looked as nice! I have once again used the sketch from Friday Sketchers (and I have used it a lot these past few days!!)
not sure if she will like it as she likes the 'less is more' look, and really like the style of the 'thank you' and 'holy communion' cards, so I used this style for her 2nd card, I had already got the picture from earlier football card orders! She said she couldn't get a 'Stepdad' card anywhere last year, so is really chuffed that I could make her 1.and finally a girly card to finish off, it is completely different to the card the lady looked at in the shop, that had a bitty person die cut on it, but she wanted the little girls name on it, and pink and girly, to me this fits the bill. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that she likes it.

Tuesday 10 June 2008

Football crazy!

I have so many cards to make this week, but today I've really struggled. Only made the one and that is for my nephew and I needed to make it as it is his birthday tomorrow! But as for all the others I need to make, apart from watercolouring a couple of images that's it. Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow or else I'm in trouble, oh and Kim from the shop has phoned with another order!!!
Anyway here is the card I have made for my nephew, who is a Liverpool fan, and had a football party at the weekend
he is 9 and now getting awkward to buy for so my sister said oh just give him money he'll like that! So apart from a couple of packs of 'gogos' (don't ask) that he collects, he is sadly getting money. He's already been studying the argos book to see what he wants depending on how much he accumilates!! So I have made another of my Envelope Gift Bags, yes this did start out as an envelope! Decorated with some football backing paper and had a sticker from a party pack so have mounted that on foam pads to give a bit of dimension, he can then use the sticker for something if he wants to!

A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge 3

Our 3rd challenge over at A Spoon Full of Sugar is to use the recipe 3-2-1. Make your card using 3 Brads or buttons, 2 Patterned Papers & 1 Flower. Remember you can used any Sugar Nellie or Rachelle Anne Miller stamp and this week there is a chance to win a gorgeous Sweet Ebony stamp.
Here is my Design Team card for this challenge.
Hope you can join us, it really is amazing seeing everyone's entries they truly are fab!