Monday 31 December 2007

Well it's nearly time to kiss goodbye to 2007 and welcome in the new year, I wonder what it has instore for us?! A few things I know that will happen are: Lillie will perform in her first ever ballet show, Hollie will start nursery after Easter, Matthew will turn 40, and hopefully all going to plan we may even put the extension on (4th bedroom, can't wait, then after that a conservatory to!).
I hope to get into the right mind set to loose weight again, I started last Feb and lost 1 1/2 stone and although no slim jim and not even a dress size smaller I felt I looked better. Sadly the mojo went, we stopped going to weigh-ins about October time and I crept back up to my starting weight before christmas and have since put on more aaarrgghhh................ we have just had our last chinese of the year to! That's the bad thing living where we do, we are in walking distance of the chinese and chippies with pizza, kebabs etc all a little further walk away!
We haven't done a lot today, I did actually, hope you are sitting down, do some ironing (shock, horror!) Matthew has been trying to get on top of it with the hope that I will keep it going, he won't do any of my clothes though, as I am too finicky, if I've ironed something and go to hang it and it still has creases I will iron it again!!
Anyhow enough of my rambling.
I would like to wish everyone a
may many good things happen and it be a really good year!!!
See you next year!

Saturday 29 December 2007

We had a tidy up day yesterday, not that you could tell from the state of the living room with all of the girls new toys!!! We had a visit from an old friend and her boys and new man(he's actually an ex from before she got married), he seems quite nice. Other than that nothing much happened. Oh we did have a few games of hungry hippos LOL!!!!
Today I have had the urge to do a bit of crafting, and after having a look around some of the sketch sites I have on my favourites list set to work on some scrapbook pages, something I haven't done for a long while.
This is one of the sheets, entitled 'A snack for Santa' the girls left a sausage roll and a glass of milk and Lillie also left her wish list for the big man to read! (she wrote it all by herself, not bad for a 4 year old, well soon to be 5)

Matthews daughter arrived this afternoon (the joy!) she has now opened her presents and showed not one bit of excitement at receiving a new television from us (ungrateful little sh*t), at least when she is here she plays with the girls, well that is when they are not arguing or fighting over something, then she sulks (like Kevin the teenager from the Harry Enfield show)!

Must go, time to sort some tea!

Thursday 27 December 2007

I'm back!
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. We had a lovely day, Lillie and Hollie woke about 8.30am so thankfully not too early! They were very excited to find a christmas sack with some pressies in at the end of their beds! We then had breakfast before letting them head into the room for all of the other pressies, and with no word of a lie, there were bl**dy loads!!!
Mum and dad arrived for lunch and couldn't even get in the living room let alone sit down! We had a delicious prawn cocktail to start, followed by turkey lunch with all the trimmings, and no one had room for dessert, so mum dad and I had christmas pud at about 4pm! Mum spent most of the afternoon and evening getting most of the girls toys removed from their ever so annoying packaging. She was over the moon with the pictures we had done of the children and she didn't have a clue about them!
Yesterday/boxing day we always go to mum and dad's for the day, the past couple of years we have dropped the girls off and gone sale shopping getting back in time for lunch, this year we couldn't be bothered so I said I would have a quick look on-line, and managed to reserve a few bits in argos but nothing much worth having. We had a lovely beef roast, followed by too many desserts!! We played a couple of games of bingo, yeah I had the lucky card and won 1 line, 2 lines and full house on the first game and would have done again on the 2nd game but Jordan was the bingo caller and went a bit too fast at times and missed some balls out! I think we all left there about 10pm.
Today we went into town to hit what was left of the sales. We managed to get quite a few pressies for various birthdays, mothers/fathers day and christmas, but nothing like in previous years. We just weren't interested in it this year, I think it's knowing everywhere had sales leading up to christmas that we know we will still not need to spend a fortune if we do it nearer the time. I bought myself a top in the sale before christmas and really liked it, and managed to get it in 2 other colours today, and also the (black ) coat I wear in brown for £10 so I was really pleased.
Tomorrow is tidy up day, and try to find somewhere to put some of the presents, toys etc oh that is going to be one mamouth task!

Monday 24 December 2007

We are nearly ready for christmas day!!! I sit here with a much deserved glass of sherry, having a quick catch up then do a bit more!
I can't yet quite believe the girls are already asleep, must be the threats that father christmas won't come if they are not asleep, it actually worked earlier too when they were told that if they didn't tidy up the room he wouldn't be able to get in or get to the tree!!!!
We had a lovely meal at the pub last night, we took a birthday cake and the waitress brought it out with the candles lit and the lights dimmed and everyone sang happy birthday, it was so nice. Today was/is dads birthday, so after I had titivated mums pressies, we delivered all the ones that needed to go, and took dad his presents. Matthew had finished work by lunch-time so we headed back home and nipped into town to see if there were any bargains to be had! Yes I have already started shopping for next year, we got 3 birthday pressies!!
Before the girls had their baths Matthew took them outside to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn (a mix of cereals for them to eat, and christmas confetti with glitter so they can see it sparkle and know where to land! Then they left a glass of milk and a sausage roll on the table for the big man, and Lillie's present wish list written all by herself!

Oh look he's been already!Hope he enjoyed it!

Well all that's left for me to say is have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

Sunday 23 December 2007

My baby is 3 today, can't really believe it, she actually isn't 3 until about half six!! Yes I started having contractions at about half six on the Wednesday night at mum and dads, we were all there for tea. They wore off and came back at about half two in the morning, so we rang the hospital and they said come in! Mum and dad had to come over bless them to have Lillie. I had to have my waters broken, had most of the pain killers that were going and had to be on a monitor constantly as I had had Lillie by c-section. The little sod kept us waiting until the Friday evening!!!
She's my little beauty!
We have had an open house today and it's been busy busy busy, Matthew nipped to get fresh french sticks, while I started making the sausage rolls and off course my mulled wine. First time I had made it and it was deee-licious.... yummm...... just made a second batch, and passed on the recipe to my auntie who's got to make some herself! I had looked in several cook books for recipes but didn't want to have to buy cloves, cinamon sticks, etc so found the mulled wine spices in Morrisons and used the recipe off of the box!
Everyone has been left now for a while so Matthew is on the x-box, I'm on here, Hollie is looking after her baby Annabel and Lillie is picking up tips on how to play daddys game! We are off to the pub for tea soon, already decided I'm having lasagna I always do when we go there as it's soooo.... tasty!!!

I've even made this quick card for my friends birthday which is on new years day!

Saturday 22 December 2007

Yeah, the christmas shopping is all done!!! We were about bright and breezy this morning and delivered the cakes to Kim. Then headed for town, it was just after nine and we drove straight in, no queing, we called in at Aldi as I wanted a couple of cheap bottles of red wine as I want to have a go at mulled wine! We then went to Morrisons, mum thought we were mad when I told her we were going last night, but we got a car park no problem. A lady returning her trolley said she hoped we had plenty of time as it was manic inside and the tills were queued up, but we had no problems at all.
It's Hollie's 3rd birthday tomorrow so we are having an open house, but being so close to christmas people are busy doing their own things so don't think we'll be too busy! It'll just be family visitors I think, we have enough nibbles to feed a whole village!!!! Never mind all the more mulled wine for me!!! We are going to the pub for a meal in the evening, to really celebrate Dads birthday (71) which is on christmas eve, we would have possibly gone out then but sis is working until about half five six so would be quite late before she could get there.
Well I must go and wrap some more pressies, not too many left to do now.
I hope to post again before christmas day, but if I don't, I would like to wish everyone a very 'HAPPY CHRISTMAS'

I find this picture so amuzing!!!

Friday 21 December 2007

Ooops... just realized I haven't blogged since Tuesday, things have been a bit hectic the past couple of days.
Wednesday was Lillie's last day/morning (leaving early as the school was shutting so the teachers could go to a memorial service for one of the children that passed away 2/3 weeks ago). She was a little sod getting ready to go so I was glad to get rid of her for the morning! She came out in a better mood and with this greenery arrangement

Lovely isn't it ???!!!...

We cadged a lift into town with dad, I had to pick up my new specs, yep I still like them, but I would have liked some Gok Wan ones they are funky but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money (especially this time of year!). I got Matthew another pressie I was going to get aftershave but when I was waiting in the queue in WHSmiths I saw a Everything you need to know about DIY book on offer and thought I'd get that, it's full of useful info on the structure of the house, wiring, plumbing, electrical work etc he should like it!

Yesterday I made a cake for my Auntie who was supposed to collect the one I made her at the weekend, but it still sat here Wednesday so I cut it up for Matthews pack up, and made her a fresh one! I also made chocolate topped flapjacks, but mine never seem to stay in one piece and always crumble, ah well the girls like it! Kay nipped round with Hollie's birthday pressie as she won't be able to make it on Sunday. Mandy popped round for a drink and we exchanged christmas presents for the children. Whilst she was here Claire and the boys arrived and they soon started wrestling (showing off) until Claire frog marched them into the kitchen for their lunch! After Mandy left, Claire and I took the children to the local rare breeds farm to see father christmas, they do the barn up with the animals and parts of the nativity story set out around the inside, with baby jesus in his manger in the middle, then there are letter to write and post to f.c. and baubles (cardboard) to decorate and hang on the tree. F.C. was quite good and talked to the children for a while and then gave them a pressie each, I think they were pleased and had a nice time.

Today I have made 6 cakes for my order although she won't want them now until the new year (she will freeze them) as I really don't want to be baking all morning on new years day! We will deliver them in the morning en-route to town, yes I have persuaded Matthew to take us to Morrissons but he says we have to go early or not at all. I also made 2 lots of shortbread, something I haven't made since school I think. Lillie has sampled it and says it's yummy! I have also made my first ever necklace, I am really pleased with how it has turned out, I have made matching bracelet and earrings to. I was inspired by Caro (CM&PC forum friend) to try this stlye, it's one I will definately be making again a few more times!

Tuesday 18 December 2007

We have a new addition to the family!! Yes my dear dad woke me up ringing away on the door bell this morning at 7.10am bless him, he delivered our new guinnea pig! My sisters friend wanted to give her away as her children hadn't paid her any attention for weeks, as they now have kittens. I said we'd have her, especially being a girl, so she had her over night and gave her to dad this morning when dad dropped mum off at work.
Our new piggie is called Candy(floss) and she is so placid, you can sit her on your knee and that's it she just sits there! I have introduced her to Stipes and they are now forming a friendship, even if Stripes only has 1 thing on his mind at the moment, naughty boy!!!!!

what a cute couple!!Lillie had cooked christmas lunch today at school, sounds like it went well, especially the ice-cream christmas trees!! They then had their christmas party and had a visit from Father Christmas. She came out of school with a bag full of cards, gifts and things she had made, so the first thing she did when she got in was open them all!!

I have actually written my christmas cards today so they are all ready to deliver, finally made the last personal card didn't make too many as I popped a picture of the girls in with some as this was the quicker option.

Tomorrow me and the girls are off to town with dad, I've got my new glasses to collect, oh I hope I still like them! May get a couple more additional pressies if I see anything that takes my fancy!

If you want to have some seasonal fun click on this link, this game is sooo.... much fun and passed on by a friend on the CM&PC forum

Monday 17 December 2007

Got a bit more christmas shopping done on Saturday afternoon when we went into town. We had to go as I had an eye test booked, was disappointed when I couldn't find the pair off glasses I liked in the Ely store, so asked and they still couldn't find any in the store cupboard aarrgghh..... So they took the lens measurements and said they could order the frames in, until that is they started looking through boxes from an earlier delivery and yeah they found a pair, so they should be ready today, but I am going to cadge a lift in with dad on Wednesday when he goes to pick mum up from work (saves my petrol!!).
Can you believe we do 80% of our christmas and birthdays shopping on boxing day and a few days after in the sales, and here we are just over a week away to christmas day and still have bits to get. Mind you it is only for my dad and he is soooo... awkward as he 'doesn't want anything' and it doesn't help having his birthday christmas eve!

Yesterday I finished baking my cakes, made a bracelet and a couple of pairs of earrings so sis could have a bit more choice, as my box was getting a bit thin after Wednesday night. Then we took the wreath up to the grave for Matthews brother, delivered the cakes and went to mum and dads for tea. Couldn't believe it we had turkey with sausages wrapped in bacon! Dad decided to get a turkey crown when they were out, it's usually him who doesn't really want it on christmas day!!!!!! It was yummy.
Last night after baths and putting the girls to bed Matthew and I made the pressies for Lillie's school teachers, she had requested the boxes of chocolates that we made for her teachers when she left nursery. I made a smaller box and put a pair of my handmade earrings in for her favourite teacher as she helped us settle Lillie at lunchtimes when she didn't want to go.

This morning I have quickly made the 2 cards for an order a lady gave me at the demo on Wednesday, she wanted a flower for her mum and said if it wasn't too christmassy her mum would probably keep it up all year, and a card for her grandson who likes football, this was more of a challenge as I don't have too many boy things. I hope she likes them. I am going to attempt to get my personal cards made, written and finished this afternoon. But first I must go to the post office and get lots of stamps.

Friday 14 December 2007

I gave up last night trying to put a quick post on, bl**dy computer decided to start a scan and slowed the thing to almost stopping, it's times like that that I want to chuck the thing accross the room!!
Hollie and I met up with Mandy and Luke up at playgroup on Wednesday morning, it was their christmas party, everyone took some party food and there was quite a good spread for them. They played pass the parcel, had a special guest, yes Jake from the Tweenies came to the party!! They have a really good raffle at christmas and when they have the party when they break up for the summer holidays, they give you raffle tickets in exchange for the money you pay for your childs session with the option to buy more. I won early on and chose a bottle of asti, my fave and just right to have with our christmas lunch! Mandy won 2 if not 3 times and I won again at the end! Father Christmas turned up with lots of lovely pressies (playgroup pay £3 towards the pressie and you can pay extra up to total of £10 and choose the pressie, then they get them and wrap them), Hollie had a wonderful 'Mary' dressing up out-fit it even came with a baby jesus!! She put it on as soon as we got home and Lillie narated the story!
Matthew and I then spent the afternoon making up the 2nd card packs for my demonstration, I left Matthew to put the components in the packs and do them up, only for him to give them to me, and when I looked he had just packed the bits in willy nilly. OMG I went mad, I wished I had done them myself they didn't look at all presentable and I had to undo them all and re-pack them, and yes when I checked he had done the same with the 1st card packs a few days before aarrgghhh.........!!!
So off I went with the car packed up with 2 storage boxes full of cards and baskets to display them in, another storage box with the cards packs, extra peel-offs incase anyone wanted cards personalizing, my demo kit. Matthew and mum said I should take my jewellery which I did, but I left them in the car as one of the ladies I spoke to said the ladies don't always take much money with them! I did however drop it into my speach that you can put anything and incorperate anything into card making and showed one of my gift cards (with the earrings), and said that I had now taken up jewellery making, to which of course I was wearing one of my bracelets and pairs of earrings haha... crafty...!!!
The demo went very well, they really liked the 2 cards I demonstrated and we had a question and answer session at the end. Then a lot of the ladies had a look at my cards, one lady in particular nearly came running over to me with one of my notelet sets and had a look at my bracelet and thought it was wonderful, I told her I had my jewels in the car but didn't want to be too cheeky and bring them in, she told me to go and get them, she would love to have a look ass she was very interested in a bracelet for her daughter. So I went and got it and in no time I had ladies with cards and ladies with my jewellery sets throwing money at me from all directions!! Wow it's so nice to see people liking your work. The lady that asked me to get my jewels bought 2 bracelets and has taken my number so she can have more, and I have taken an order for a couple of cards. I made 3 times as much as I did the night before at the christmas fair!

Yesterday we wrapped presents nearly ALL day, and we still have loads to do, I had 3 glasses of sherry and to say I was getting a little bit merry would be right! We treat ourselves to a chinese for tea which was yummy. I drank 2 pints of water before going to bed, someone a lad from the RAF told me to do after a night on the drink and you never wake up with a hang over, and it really does work! Only problem was I was up several times in the night needing to pee!
This morning after we took Lillie to school we headed off to Haddenham as I had seen an advert in the Crafts Beautiful mag for a bead shop there, what a mistake, I spent £30 on next to nothing, I could have had LOADS more had I have shopped on ebay, but it was the appeal of seeing all of the different beads in the flesh so to speak, plus I got some ideas for necklaces, but boy did they know how to price them. We then called in at Ely and had a quick look around, Matthew wanted a few ideas of what to get me for christmas so I had to point some bits out for him, I showed him various lip glosses in Boots but they seemed so expensive, I don't like spending loads, so said look out for the special offers with freebies etc oh I do love a freebie! Then as we walked past New Look we saw a lovely set (double ended with a pouch) for a fiver so sent him in to get it, saving him a few pound he can now put towards something else haha...........
We got back in time to pick Lillie up from school then did a quick grocery shop. Then straight home, pack it all away and then get cracking on the diary and business card folder Kay wanted me to cover for her for a pressie for her dad. She had been pestering me all day for them, she really winds me up at times and thinks I just sit here waiting for her to want something done/made. I do have a life, be it not that exciting most of the time but this past couple of weeks have been totally manic. I am so glad it's now done and gone. Now my time is my own, and I've still got my own cards to do!!!
Matthew covered the diary whilst I coverd the card folder, they don't look too bad.Tomorrow I am off to the opticians for an overdue eye test, I desperately want some new specs I have never liked the ones I wear now and they were expensive designer ones, I am only looking at the cheap ones, and nipped into the shop in Ely to pick a pair, I just hope they have the same ones tomorrow as I am going somewhere else.

Wednesday 12 December 2007

Quick post as I have to get ready for tonight card demo, I have been making up the 2nd card pack this afternoon. I thought Matthew was being helpful by putting all of the components into the sleeves, until he gave them to me. All of the bits were chucked in in no order and taped up willy nilly, I was not amuzed, his attitude was 'well all of the bits are in there it doesn't matter what they look like!' well to me it does, so I have had to undo and re-do approx. 75 card packs so they now look presentable aarrgghh.....!!!
This morning was Hollie's playgroup christmas party, she had a good time, and father christmas gave her a beautiful 'Mary' dressing up costume (with baby jesus!). There was also a special guest at the party, Jake from the Tweenies!! Both Mandy and I won a couple of times on the raffle so we were pleased, especially as I chose a bottle of asti yummm... just right to have with our christmas dinner!!!

Lillie was fab as 'Mary' in her school nativity yesterday, I thought I was going to be ok no tears, but as soon as she walked in I welled up but managed to control myself and just beamed the whole way through it. I took Hollie in the afternoon and saw it again!! It was so sweet her and Matthew 'Joseph' were so good they walked in and he had his arm around her, oh it was sooo..... cute and yes the bit where they 'looked at each other and smiled' was a huge aaaaaahhhhhh..... moment!!!
The christmas fair we did last night was ok, it was feeezzzingg..... my feet were like ice within about half an hour of being there. Lucky we were next to the stall that sold hot mulled wine so I had a couple, we also had chocolate covered marshmallows from there to!! Matthew out-side me with his chrismas logs!! I think handmade cards are old hat now, unfortunately, the craft fairs I have been to as a visitor nearly every other stall if not a card stall has some cards on it, it's a shame as it's something I enjoy doing. But I took 280 cards and sold a whopping 3. I did sell a few items of jewellery but not an awful lot which was a bit disappointing, but I guess it's all trial and error and it was only our first attempt.
my end of the stall

my handmade jewellery tree!We sat and ate chips in the car when we had packed up, Matthew sure does know how to wine and dine in style LOL !!!!! Full of romance !!!!!

Monday 10 December 2007

If it's not made now it's not going to be!! The the craft fair looms ever closer, ooo... getting worried now, I hope somebody likes our stuff!! Matthew's been creating more of his log/tea-light creations and has also made a false fireplace to display one on! Looks good!! I've made 2 more notelet folder sets as I think these are cheap sweet little pressies.
for the cat lovers

these monkees are sooo... cute!Also managed to get a brown set of jewellery made, for some reason I think the browns look so nice, one of my faves

Got Lillie's nativity play tomorrow, looking forward to that, must charge the batteries for the camera and delete a load of pictures, so I can take loads of our 'Mary'!! At last Matthew got his butt in gear and has got the camcorder ready to. I have got another ticket to go again in the afternoon, but am now thinking it may be a bad idea taking more time out of the day when we will be pulling our hair out getting ready and packing the car up for the fair. Will have to see how we are doing for time.

Here as promised is a picture of the other gift boxes Matthew has been painstakingly making for me along with the bag/boxes I showed a few days ago, we also have tissue paper to go in them and some confetti stars if required!!

Well I must go and sort my mountain of cards into piles. Doubt I'll get on tomorrow so will let you know how we got on in a couple of days.

Sunday 9 December 2007

Started the day baking my cakes (11 again) and in between cakes going in and out of the oven I was putting beads onto headpins. Then as the last cakes came out the lamb joint went straight in! At least whilst that was cooking I managed to get another watch made, which I think is quite nice, this time I have made a clear/silver one, as I feel people won't want a coloured watch, a bracelet yes, but a watch you would want to be able to wear it with lots of different out-fits

After a scrummy lamb roast dinner, I filled and bagged up my cakes and Matthew put the christmas lights up out-side, this year he has gone to town a bit more and put icicles around the girls playhouse with a big santa on a moon, and also a string around the tree at the gate, oh we do look nice and festive!!!

We then delivered the cakes, dropped the girls off at mum and dads and took auntie her cake, showed her my latest jewellery makes, she was very impressed, says I'm a clever little bu**er!! She is a flower arranger and insists that I will take over the wreath making side of things when she gives up, problem is I am too paricular, I made my own wreath for my nan and helped with others, but I was taking so long and doing it just so that they said do it like this and plonked big clumps of greenery in it mmmm.... my way would've looked neater LOL.

Well I didn't get the card made for my cousin so must get that done tomorrow and in the post or else it won't get there for christmas. Also want to get a few notelets sets made, maybe some note books covered and a couple of bracelets done, so keep an eye out for piccies maybe tomorrow!

Saturday 8 December 2007

Been busy bees again today. Started off by popping out with Matthew and the girls, he wanted to pop into work with his sick certificate, saw my old boss, who is now one of Matthews, he was banging on the window to try to get my attention so he could wave to me!!! Bless him he used to and still does think I am wonderful, and won't let Matthew say a bad word about me even if it is only in jest (most of the time!). He then had a bright idea of popping to the local farm shop as they have a nice christmas display in one of the barns all done around the garden furniture/sauna sheds etc, but boy did we walk round it pretty quickly, it was freeeezzing...... We then popped into town as the local schools were having a maths craft sale thing on, and our school children had made biscuits, luckily I had reserved Lillie's incase we didn't get there, as they had been sold out for over half an hour when we got there!
After lunch Matthew went into the garage/workshop and set to work on a load more of the log/tea light creations, whilst I made a few more jewellery bits.
Yes more black and all so quickly made from a necklace!! I am really loving these sets and if they don't sell, I'll definately be wearing them myself!! The earrings on the bottom left of the piccie I have made for Kay it's her birthday on Monday and when she first saw my jewellery mentioned having a pair of grey/black earrings to go with a bracelet and necklace she had, so I hope she likes these
here are the earrings from the above piccie mounted onto a birthday card. I made some of this style of card a while back and think it's nice as you get to keep a little gift to. I have a few like this to try and sell at the fair on Tuesday.This then made me think about a few other cards I have to make for various people/swaps etc so I carried on and made these, but boy did they take a bit of thinking about, I seem to have lost the card making mojo a bit!

With help from Matthew we have put inserts in all of the cards that were lacking them and bagged them up with envelopes, what a tedious job that is! It's amazing how many I have actually got as stock, we packed up over 40 tonight and they were just odds and sods that I make when the urge takes me, it would be so nice for them to sell well at the fair. I think I am looking forward to it, I just wish it were indoors, we are going to freeeezze........

Well must get this machine switched off for another day.

Friday 7 December 2007

Had a day off from crafting, but it's been a busy day again.
After dropping Lillie at school we delivered the cakes to my auntie, then headed into town, we only needed to go into 2 shops and Matalans which is on the outskirts, but Matthew knowing me only too well (as he should, we've been together 7 years!) put a 2 hour parking ticket on the car! So we went in more than the 2 shops, obviously!! We did manage to get a couple more christmas pressies, so we have now finished off his mum's bits and got a bit for my mum and dad but I still need more for them, uugghhh....
We finally got home and had fish and chips for dinner, and then had and hour and a half to get all of the boxes of christmas decs out of the loft, and start getting the tree up before having to collect Lillie. That's about all we managed to get done to, and I don't mean the tree decorated just up with the lights on!!
We went grocery shopping after we picked Lillie up, then got home to a room full of boxes to go through. We finally got finished and all boxes back up the loft about half an hour ago, so now I am going to give Stripes (the guinnea pig a cuddle, as Matthew has just taken him in the room), bless him he keeps biting at the bars to try and get out of his cage, he's so sweet!

Thursday 6 December 2007

Where has the time gone today??? It has been non stop. I've been beading like mad, inbetween cutting card, inserts (after printing them) card for boxes etc all for next week. Matthew has been putting together the packs for 1 of the cards I am demonstrating at the dem next week, and also making more of the gift boxes, and attaching my earrings to his own designed hangers!! I've also taken time out to make the 3 sponges for my auntie, along with sausage rolls and mince pies for ourselves, although these are not my best, I made a double quantity of the pastry and it never seems to turn out as nice as single quantity for some reason.
Here's a piccie of Matthews earring holder/hangers, it's the one on the left that made me laugh as I thought it looked a bit like and angel with dangly legs LOL!
Some of the many gift bags, which will have a co-ordinating ribbon tied into a bow round one side of the handle. We do have an alternative to the bags but they are still in the process of being made up.
We popped up town (5 min walk) to get a couple of lengths of ribbon, as my roll had run out, and managed to get a couple of santa hats for £1 each, we had been looking for some decent looking ones for a while to wear at the craft fair next week (thought they would be festive!!!) these aren't bad, I know we could have gotten better for more money but will most likely only wear them the once!
These 2 watches, bag charm and 2 pairs of earrings were all made from an old necklace I pulled to bits! The watch in the left if my favourite and if it doesn't sell I'll be wearing it myself!! Mind you I can soon make myself another one if it does! I am making quite a bit of black as I know that's what I would go for, as it goes with a lot, it may be a mistake and people may look for colour, but I've got several bits made up and I can't wait to see what they all look like on my twig!!!this is another black beaded/charm style watch (I prefer the ones above personally)I know we shouldn't really take time out when we have soooo.... much to do, but I think we need it, I keep getting head aches and I am sure they are stress heads. So tomorrow we are heading into town, I need envelopes, yes envelopes, as I need to put my made cards into cello bags, make up the 2nd demo card packs and if I get any time would like to make another couple or more of my notelet folders. We are also hoping to get the christmas tree up.
They say no rest for the wicked, I think they are right!!!

Wednesday 5 December 2007

Oooooo... great news, I have been given the oportunity to put some of my jewellery in the hairdressers where I have my hair done. I wore a pair of my earrings and in conversation mentoined I was now doing jewellery and she was really keen for me to take some in, her mum was there at the time decorating the christmas tree and said she knows why she is so keen, because she will have some herself!! So I'm going to get christmas out of the way and take some in in the new year.
And would you believe today when I took the bag charm (prize for the raffle) up to playgroup, the organizer said I am more than welcome to take some in and display it there to! and also if I have an advert or flyer I can put it in their information book.
How amazing is that, I didn't have to ask!
Well I had it off!!! My hair that is! Yep I went to the hairdressers yesterday afternoon and had my 'pob' and we decided that to get the blonde running through it we needed to use peroxide so I had to sit for yonks with the lovely rubber cap on my head mmmm..... nice! When Kelly first showed me the cut I actually asked for more off the back as the slant to the front wasn't steep enough. I'm pretty pleased with it although seeing a picture of how it was 2 days ago I started to doubt it, but I've had some good reviews Matthew and the girls really like it, Lillie and Hollie keep saying 'I love your hair' bless them.
I popped in to show mum my new do before heading home and she said she had been trying to get hold of me or Matthew as it was the 'family christmas night' at M&S where mum and sis work. They weren't going but my auntie wanted to go so they were going to pick them up, I phoned Matthew and he said yes we'll go to. So I rushed home we had tea and off we went. It was quite a nice little do, with shopping, games for the children, free raffle and refreshments. Both Lillie and Hollie won the find the santa's competition along with another little boy, so they were very excited to say the least!!
Took Hollie to playgroup this morning, we met Mandy and Luke. I gave them one of my bag charms in a fancey box I had made for the raffle, they have a pretty good raffle at the christmas party, which omg is next week. The rest of today I haven't known which way to turn, I can't believe the craft do and my dem are soooo... close, I'm starting to get stressed that I'm not going to be ready. I have made the 4 birthday and 1 anniversary card as asked for by Max. I really haven't got my card making head on at the moment so it was quite an effort to get them done.
First one, she saw this decoupage on another card I had done and said oh there's my birthday card, so I used the same sheet for this

this one has a t-shirt as the topper which says 'wine makes mummy silly' which indeed it does! Max said they could be funny!he also said shoes and handbags, the feather really gives that girly feel to itand this one from him, I hadn't made one of these for ages but she really liked the ones I had made at the time so thought that'll do!and finally the anniversary card, not your usual look but she's not really cutesy, and she really does love her wine!!!! She was actually on the sherry when I called in on Sunday, I think it's sherry when she puts the decs up and port when she wraps the presents!!!!! The flower has a heart shaped button in the centre for the lovey touch!I've also managed to get 2 bracelets, 1 bag charm and 1 pair of earrings made this afternoon/after tea, which I am pleased about, as I think these are the things that may sell better at the craft fair. Matthew bless him has spray painted my twig, which I want set into a pot, from which I am going to hang my jewels, he has also been making several gift box/bags for them (piccie tomorrow), and he has designed a card (he described as looking like a present with a bow on top) to hang the earrings from, it's not at all bad! It was so funny a minute ago when we attached a pair of earrings to one of them, when he held it up it looks a bit like an angel with dangly legs!!! We took a few bits out to the garage and hung them on the branch which is actually hanging upside down waiting for a second coat of paint, and I think they are going to look pretty damn good! It's nice having him to help me.

these look really pretty in the flesha muti coloured bracelet, I don't like this myself but will leave it as it may be to someones taste.

I hope to get some more made tomorrow, especially a watch or two and more bracelets. But I have baking to do for my auntie, and have the urge to make some sausage rolls to.

Monday 3 December 2007

Spent most of yesterday at mum and dad's, yep we decided to crash on them for dinner and tea, so glad we did to because we had a scrummy lamb roast for lunch mmmm..... yum!! Sis was there with her boys to and the children all played pretty well together without too many tears, which makes a change.
Today we went shopping after we dropped Lillie of at school, I decided that I would have a recordable dvd player for christmas (yes not crafty, but I do also want some stamps I have my eye on!) Matthew wanted surround sound to as the dvd player we have has it already, so I said we would go halves on them with the money we get from his mum and dad. When it rung through the till, with the discount off the dvd player and s.sound combined came to what we thought we were paying for the recorder alone, so not at all bad!!
We just got home in time to pick Lillie up, then Matthew went and had his hair cut, leaving me to unpack the shopping and start the food for the domies game tonight.
So no crafting done at all today, but glad I managed to get the last 2 baskets the same as the ones I already have from Dunelms, all ready for my craft stall next Tuesday. Oh I also phoned the chairlady of the group I am demonstrating for next week to ask how many ladies there would be, to make up the card packs, I nearly fell off my chair when she said they have 59 on the books, but thankfully they don't all always turn up!!!!!! She said about 30, so I've got my work cut out making all of those kits up this week!!
Well time to get the girls into bed.
Off to have my hair chopped tomorrow, I'm off for a 'pob' I want blonde in it but still can't decide on 2 bold strips at the front round my face or highlighted all allover. Only time will tell, what happens on the day!!

Saturday 1 December 2007

Made my cakes this morning, 11 today, just got the last ones out of the oven in time to take Lillie to her friends birthday party at 2pm. She had a fab time, I was a bit early picking her up and ended up doing the 'YMCA' and the 'cha-cha slide' the disco was great and William's mum told me they had kept the children entertained brilliantly. So she is going to let me have their phone no. and maybe we'll have them do Matthew's birthday party (big 40 next year!).
Designed Lillie's birthday party invites last night so have just printed a load off to hand out at school at the beginning of the week, they even have a perforated section at the bottom that can be returned!! Posh heh, I must've had the paper trimmer a year plus and have hardly used it, but it was a must have at the time!
Managed to get these 3 pairs of earrings made before tea, couldn't get a good picture of them so have posted 2 with different background colours.

Mum and Dad popped round and ended up staying for lunch! Mum got me a couple of sets of beads from the christmas fair at Jordan and Ethan's school yesterday afternoon, she had to take them as Claire was at work. Unfortunately the holes in the beads are really big so I won't be able to do my usual bracelets/earrings/bag charms, but I have been reading up on how to make bracelets/necklaces using cord and knotting it after adding the beads so may try this style at a later date.

Friday 30 November 2007

Very quick entry tonight as I want to catch the end of I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. Still got my cold so not felt like doing a lot again today. Saying that I have been playing around with the photos I took of the girls for our family christmas cards, I now have 3 more designs to add to the one I made a couple of weeks ago, now all I need to do is decide which I am going to make up in bulk!
I also made this for a friend of Lillie's who's birthday party she is going to tomorrow

I was talking to the mum of the boy who is playing Joseph in the school nativity again today and she told me that Lillie is his favourite at school at the moment, she is all he talks about at home and says that she looks so pretty in the mornings when she comes to school and she has really beautiful hair! Aaahh.. bless him!!

Thursday 29 November 2007

We sat in the hospital yesterday for what seemed like forever. We were there at about 7.40am and the sign said they didn't open until 8am luckily for us as it was really cold the lady opened the doors about 7.50, Matthew was among the first 8 or so people to be called through onto the ward and we thought yeah this is a good sign, but oh no, when we asked the lady said he was last on the list for his surgeon and it would be late morning, ugghh....
He finally went for his op at about 11.30am and seemed to be gone ages, but I managed to get 2 bag charms and a bracelet made up and another bracelet when he came back. He was drowsy for a while and get drifting off, after eating, drinking, having a little walk etc he was allowed to go at 2.45pm. Mum and Dad had taken the girls back to ours so we invited them to stay for tea. It sure had been a long day!

2 black bracelets made at the hospital

2 bag charms

another 2 bag charms, the one of the left is multi coloured and the one on the right is clear and silver, I love this one and also got really good feedback from my mum and Matthews mum when they saw them, as this can go on any coloured bag. I will be making a few more of these!Today he is a bit sore and achy and sits on tender hooks that one of the girls is going to jump on him or bash him by accident. I have a blinking cold, runny nose, sneezes (my nose tingled all day at the hospital) and have to keep catching my breath, so I haven't really done a lot today. I did have to go to the dentist for a check up, got to go back for a filling (great more expense!) and had to collect a parcel from the post office. Apart from that and the school run, I made a quick card Kay had asked for and collected this afternoon along with the watch and notelet set she had ordered, before she left we showed her Matthews log/tea-light creations and was quite impressed and decided to buy one of those to!!!!

The 'in the nightgarden' card requested by Kay (not my best, but all I could muster today!)and finally a pair of chandalier style earrings I made whilst tea was cooking. I had an order of earwires this morning, I can make 4 more pairs in this style but have got 50 other pairs to!!

Tuesday 27 November 2007

Woo hoo Lillie came out of school today and glee-fully told me she was going to be 'Mary' in their school nativity play, how excited was I. I have just told Matthew and he said "good ole girl" bless her, leading her class in the ballet show and now Mary we could have a star in the making LOL!!!
Well I've been piling the beads onto headpins again today ready to take with me tomorrow, I just hope there is somewhere I can work. I'm taking the findings to make 2 black bracelets and 2 black bag charms, 2 more bag charms and a bracelet, so if I get those done I will be happy. I also bought a magazine to read when we went to collect the chinese, yeah we didn't have to share it with the girls tonight as they are having a 'sleep over' at nannie and grandads! Mum won't sleep a wink as she watches them all night!! They shouldn't be too much trouble, Hollie has a bit of a cough and a cold, but she has taken her medicine and once she's asleep she's ok.
Well best get my beads packed away, and remind Matthew where his new pants are LOL and look forward to a really exciting morning sitting in the hospital.

Monday 26 November 2007

Busy start to the day today, after we dropped Lillie at school Hollie and I headed for town. I needed to top my bank account (for ebay) up yet again, nip to the doctors to sort out my prescription, only to be told I need a check up before I can have the next lot, oh joy! Then we had to get Matthew some new pants, bless him he is worrying about his op on Wednesday (a delicate 1, see card below!) LOL I keep telling him I had my stomach cut open when I had Lillie (c-section obviously) and he's going to have a tiny little 2" cut!!!!!! Still it means he is going to drag his sick out for 2 weeks, that on top of holiday days and days off to correct his working hours means we will have him home nearly the rest of the year, I think he is only working 5 days, we love having him home but it will make going back harder.
Matthew's card I will give it to him after the op.!!!
and the insert (I hope these pictures don't offend anyone)
So jobs done, and a quick catch up round the CM&PC forum as I didn't get on the pc yesterday as we went shopping to take back the girls tv/dvd and get them a new 1 and Tia a portable tv for christmas. Then by the time we got back we had arranged to go up town with mum and dad for the oh so exciting switch on of the christmas lights! It was ok the girls had a good time going to see Father Christmas who gave them a bag of sweets (ok for a voluntery donation) a couple of goes on the side stalls and a ride or 2 on the fun fair. Then it was back home to ours to cook tea, then bath then bed.
So today I have been putting beads on headpins ready to take with me on Wednesday when I have to wait at the hospital for Matthew. Those, jump rings, pliers, chain and clasps and I should be able to get some bag charms/bracelets done, well that's what I am hoping anyway. I also made 3 pairs of earrings, I just love making them as they are so pretty and so quick and easy. Therefore ordering more findings, beads, jump rings etc
Todays earrings
I also made this other card today for a forum friend, unfortunately it is going to be late.
Tomorrow I hope to get lots more headpins loaded, thing is I could get so many more done if I wasn't so finicky and worried that I'll run out of a certain type LOL