Thursday 21 March 2013

Charisma Cardz -Die cuts

Good morning, I'm here which must mean there's a new Charisma Cardz challenge, the theme this week is 'Die-cuts'.
I've once again used my bargain Tatty Teddy die-cut decoupage images, most of them are easter themed but there is the odd one which can be used for all sorts of occassions like this cute one with a bunch of flowers!
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Friday 15 March 2013

Comic Relief fun! (picture heavy!!)

Well it's hard to get away from the fact that today is Red Nose Day or Comic Relief as it should be called!!  
The girls school are have had a Mad Hatters theme where all the children can wear a 'mad' hat, this could be a handmade hat or a hat which had merely had stickers stuck on it, anything as long as it was mad!!!!  Each class was also having a 'tea party' in the afternoon, therefore could take in some baking of which a selection from each class was going to be judged 'British Bake Off' styley, I somehow doubt Paul or Mary will be turning up lol!!!!
Here is Hollie's offering of a Red Nose cake and a few mini 'red noses' 
the cakes are of course red inside to!!
Lillie's offerings were a batch of Cookie Monster cupcakes!  I had seen these on the net and had a trial run last week, after a change of piping nozzle these look great if I say so myself!!!!  they are blue and vanilla cupcake swirled in colour, so a bit of fun when the peel off the case!   
Hollie's hat was a 'tea party'!!!  We made the top hat from old veg boxes, covered it with crepe paper and then glued on varies biscuits etc the comments we got when she took it into school were great, everybody loved it!  Just a shame if she wears it she has to hold it because it is sooo.... heavy!! 
there is also a tea plate of goodies on the top!!!  (no not real sandwiches, they are polystyrene and felt!) but the fondant fancy is real but has a gluey bottom! 
Lillie's hat is as you can see a popcorn bucket!!  I'm always looking for something that hopefully nobody else will have thought about!  I actually picked up the empty popcorn bucket when we were at the cinema a couple of weeks back when we went to see Wreck it Ralph!  The chap on the end of our row had it and he and his sons had enjoyed the contents during the film thus leaving their rubbish on the floor!  I could see it's potential and picked it up (crafty mind setting to work!) I had originally thought of using it as the base of the hat and building it up from there as it fitted onto a head perfectly, then when we got home there on the worktop sat a jar of mincemeat flavoured popcorn that no-one liked but we hadn't thrown away.  Heh presto that was it the hat was to be a bucket of popcorn so we just stuffed it to the top with newspaper, topped with kitchen paper and glued the popcorn all over the top!  It's on a hair band and was very wobbly so we made some wedges which go all around the underneath!  Job done!! 
Lillie goes to art club one night a week and they have been making film/tv characters, she worked hard to get her Mad Hatter finished so that he could join in with the tea party!! 
and Hollie won the 'design a snack' competition which was obviously red nose day themed.  So in the week she got to join the cooks in the kitchen and bake some, sample some and then today she got to help sell them.
  They also gave her a weeks worth of free hot lunches, which I hope she will try but am guessing she will refuse which is a shame because she would like some of it, but you know what it's like, none of her friends will be having hot dinners, she won't like it and the dinner ladies will badger her to try it which will make her stop eating completely, she's so bloomin fussy, we have so many problems with her and eating at home, so I doubt I'll even get her to try them :0(

After all this fun Lillie then comes out of school saying that when her and a few other school pupils were in town celebrating St Winnolds Day that a local radio station interviewed them, so not only was she going to be on the radio they had photos taken for paper!

Thursday 7 March 2013

Charisma Cardz sketch challenge

Good morning, it's that time again, yes it's time for a new Charisma Cardz challenge and this week we have a sketch (see challenge blog as I forgot to copy it!).
I seem to have got a bit of my crafty mojo back at the moment, and really enjoyed making this card.  I went in the Range at the weekend (shortly after picking up my brand new car!!) to pick up the new Do Crafts mag and saw some tatty teddy die-cut decoupage packs (2 A4 sheets) for 50p, how could I resist, they are so cute and being die-cut cuts outs all of the hassle!!!!  Teamed it up with some easter papers which I've had for years and some buttons instead of flowers!
Sponsor and prize details as always can be found over on the challenge blog.