Sunday 26 August 2007

Hi, another lovely warm and sunny day.
We went shopping this morning mainly to get my new phone, and ended up with loads more stuff!! Me being me if I see a 'sale' sign I have to look, especially for childrens clothes as they get through them so quickly I don't like to spend a lot on them. We came home with 3 dress/tops and 2 pairs of leggings and a pair of plimsoles for school for Lillie, the same clothes for Hollie and a pair of croc type shoes, a top for Tia (Matthews daughter from previous!) myself 2 tops, 2 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets and a necklace, poor Matthew had nothing!
We then went to mum and dads for a nice roast dinner, and after we went to have a look around the car boot in the village, it wasn't a very good turn out but I guess on a bank holiday weekend people have other things planned?
Sadly not much time for crafting today, but did just squeeze in making an atc for a swap I am doing on the Card making and Papercraft forum!

Saturday 25 August 2007

Good evening,

What a lovely day we've had today, the sun has shone again (thought we had seen the last of that for this year!).

The postie delivered my alphabet die set this morning yippee... and the free gift was a lovely little butterfly embossing folder, it was packaged beautifully. Both were wrapped individually in deep purple tissue paper, tied with organza ribbon with a little flower, nearly too pretty to open, but of course I had to, I wanted to PLAY!!! I managed to get 4 dies last night so they will turn up when we're away boohoo.... they'll be something to look forward to when I get home though!
This is the 'toe tapping' card I've made for my Auntie's birthday, looks like something she'd wear, I know I would!!

Not bad for a first attempt if I say so myself!!
I wasn't too pleased when Matthew came home saying not only was his friend from work popping round to collect his steamer, but he had invited himself, girlfriend and little boy round for tea. I wasn't too chuffed, but we had take-away so at least I didn't have the bother of doing tea. In all we had quite a nice afternoon/night, the last time they came their little boy must've only been a couple of months old, he's now 14 months, so it's not something we do on a regular basis.
Got to go shopping tomorrow get myself a new mobile phone, mine didn't take too kindly to being dropped into a potty of wee. Yep Hollie had just done one in her potty and before I could empty it she had gotten hold of my phone and accidently dropped it straight into the potty, mmmm.... lovely, tried to dry it out over night but to no success it's absolutely dead. Ah well another toy to play with!

Friday 24 August 2007

Good evening, a late entry tonight, as I've had a bit of a busy day and only just had the chance.
I've been card making again today, done a bit more work to yesterdays 3 bookatrix cards just need to print out the verses for them now. Also made 2 other christmas cards, still experimenting with styles for the 2 card making demonstrations I'm doing later this year, just can't decide what to go with, and the days are counting down fast.
I have also made a start on my 1st scrap book page using a photo I had sitting on my desk, it's still very much a work in progress but it's not looking too bad. Had to chase up my alphabet die cutting set today as it still hasn't arrived, the lady apologized for not sending it and has popped in a little extra gift as an thank you for being so understanding, bless her, can't wait for them to arrive I so want to play with my cuttlebug!!!
We think our guinnea pig 'Poppie' is pregnant, she seems to be a little bulgy when we cuddled her this afternoon, if so we should have babies around November! At present we have 2 girls and 4 boys all living together in their lovely specially built shed + run in the garden.

Thursday 23 August 2007

Here is a piccie of the card I made yesterday, need to add some finishing touches to todays, so will show them when they are finished.

Hi, this is my 1st blog entry and it's all a bit alien to me! I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things soon enough!

Today I've been making some bookatrix christmas cards, it's my new addiction at the moment, it's taken me a while to like this style of card and now I can't stop making them! I just hope my Ultimate Crafters Companion board (a very nice freebie for subscribing to Crafts Beautiful magazine) arrives soon so I can start making the boxes for them.
Victoria my cousin and her little boy Oliver came round for a visit this afternoon which was nice, they live in Berkshire so we don't get to see them too often. The girls loved getting their toys out to show him, needless to say you couldn't see too much of the living room floor!!
My new toy arrived yesterday, a cuttlebug machine, and believe it or not I've not tried it out yet! Maybe because it only came with 1 small cutting die and 3 small embossing dies, I am waiting for an alphabet set to arrive and some others that I have bought off of ebay, ooo..... it's going to be an expensive toy to have!!!
Well thinks that's all for this entry. I will have to have a tinker with adding photos when I get a bit more time!