Friday 29 July 2011

Rubbing shoulders with the famous! a fabby day at the beach! Picture heavy!

Apologies if you are a Face Book friend as you will have already seen these!!
Yesterday my sister and I took our children to Great Yarmouth for the day, and what glorious weather we had too!!  Hence me coming home looking somewhat like a lobster!!!
We had only just arrived and thought we would head along the promenade towards the Amazonia reptile place my nephews love going to.  When we saw a crowd gathering on the opposite side of the road.  Curious as to why we wandered over to have a look, only to find out that 'This Morning' was coming 'live' from the beach  wow!!!  Couldn't get any really good piccies but here are Brian Dowling (Big Bro winner, twice!) and Amy Childs (only way is Essex).

we hung around for a little while but went off for a wander knowing that they were going to be there for another couple of hours if we wanted to go back!  Sis took her boys and Hollie to Amazonia but I'm not interested in reptiles.
Here's a picture of Hollie holding a tortoise, she also touched a snake, baby crocodile and a lizard!
 Lillie and I went back to see what was going on with the This Morning bunch!
This time we went beach side, we couldn't really see what was going on on the beach, but we stood right by the barrier/walkway where they kept walking past to get on and off of the beach!
Lillie had her picture taken with Imogen Thomas 
Matt Johnson is right in the centre of this piccie!  He reports from the 'hubb' on the show and also present OK tv on channel 5.  So disappointed though, I decided that instead of chancing the odd photo I would record the 'stars' using my camera, Matt came right up to my lense and waved at it was there for what seemed like quite a while, and my bloody camera wasn't recording ggrrr...!!
and here are 3 of the Overtones who sang/performed on the beach!  what a handome bunch they are!! 
the girls had a donkey ride!  these 2 are my fave pictures!
Hollie's donkey was called Max and Lillie said "I know what mine is called" and laughed, as hers was called Willy (dirty child!).
Then no visit to Great Yarmouth is complete without a little while spent in Joy Land the mini fun fair, they just HAVE to go on the snails!!!  We used to go on them as children it was the highlight of our trip!!!
at the end of the pier there are a few more rides, the kids love the slide, you pay once and go on it as many times as your legs will carry you up the steps!!  I think the girls and their cousin managed at least 10 goes!!  They had a blast!  This is the only photo they came down side by side, all the other goes someone was always in front or trailing behind!
and finally, my dear little baby girl decided she would really like to have her ears pierced whilst we were there!  My fault as I just happened to say "oh Hollie you could have yours ears pierced next door"  (jewelery shop next door to the gift shop the others were in).  That was it she said yes yes yes, I explained that it would hurt and that she would have to have both ears done however much the first one hurted, but she was set on it!  She very bravely sat on the stool, felt tip dots alined, first ear lined up and bang, done, bless her her little face changed and she started to well up but very quickly bang, ear 2 done and it was over.  She did shed a few tears which is obvious I remember it hurting, but after a while she said "it doesn't even feel like I've got them in, I LOVE them!".
Unfortunately later on in the day, she fell off of a stool in an arcade, as she was in the air the stool flipped over and she landed straight onto one of the legs and really hurt her tummy, bless her she sobbed and when later re-living it she told her sister that she actually couldn't breathe when she did it!  Love her little heart, I nipped into a little shop on the way back to the car and got some calpol which seemed to help, but she says her tummy still hurts today which is understandable.
We left home at 8.45am and after dropping Lillie off at Nannie and Grandads for a few days sleepovers, we arrived home after 11pm.
Long day but a good one (even with the little mishap!).

Thursday 28 July 2011

Chairsma Cardz - 4 legged friends

Good morning, we have a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is '4 legged friends'.
I've gone for 2 4 legged friends with an image from Beccy's Place it's a lovely pre-coloured image of a dear old teddy and his little mousey friend.  I just love these checked papers and the raffeta was leftovers from the teachers pressies that I made up a couple of weeks ago!
Please check out the blog for all sponsor and prize details, you won't be disappointed!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Chairsma Cardz - sunshine colours

Good morning, new challenge time at Charisma Cardz and our theme is 'sunshine colours'.
I kinda went for sunshine all round, with the (yep you guessed it) Lili of the Valley images, bbq's are great on sunny days aren't they, can't beat a homemade kebab!!
sponsor and prize info can be found on the blog along with the fab inspiration from the rest of the dt.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 161 Create a Tag

Good morning, time for a new challenge over at A Spoon Full of Sugar and we would like you to 'Create a Tag'.
In my case it was tags!!!  Very basic ones to say the least, but I've had these sitting on my desk for a while now waiting to be written and attached to gifts!  You see they are for the teachers presents that I have made up for the girls to give out.  I found the topper on a blog a long while ago and HUGE apologies but I can't remember who from or where, sorry.
 I had an ooppsie with one of my tags and decorated it upside down, so just cut it along the crease and turned it into an A6 card (A5 folded, think that's right!)
and here are those teachers gifts. 
We purchased the cups from Wilkinsons (was going to Poundland but these were cheaper lol!) inside each cup is a sachet of latte some got 2, a sachet of nescafe, a pack of scottish shortbread fingers and a galaxy bubbly bar which I have sampled and are delicious!!!
This morning I very quickly took a picture of my girls holding a 'Thank you' sign and have put a small photo on the underside of the front panel of the tag, and written a brief thank you on the other part! 
I should've taken Lillie's hair out of it's ponytail like I did Hollie but we were running short on time, and this is how she has her hair pretty much each day anyway! 
For sponsor and prize details please nip on over to the blog.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Chairsma Cardz - it's in the stars

Good morning, after a few weeks off I'm back and it's time for a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz, this weeks theme is 'It's in the stars' so anything with stars on it or star shaped would be great!!
A Lili of the Valley die-cut image as is always the case at the moment (explained in a previous post!), this was perfect for the challenge as she has the cute little stars on her hairband!  I just added a wavy band of glittery star foam stickers down the side of the card, who doesn't like a bit of sparkle heh!?!

Please check out the blog for all sponsor and prize details, and don't forget we are looking for some new DT members!

Tuesday 12 July 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 160 Pink & Brown

Good morning, hope it's nice wherever you are, it's a bit dull here today, fingers crossed it won't rain though as my little one hasn't taken her raincoat to school today ooppss!!
Anyhow, it's time for a new A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge and for this week we have a colour challenge of 'Pink & Brown'.
Surprise surprise yep I've used a Lili of the Valley die-cut image.  The truth is my crafty mojo went walkies at christmas and has never really come back, I have no enthusiasm for colouring images, although I have LOADS (and several brand new un-inked stamps) therefore these die-cuts are a life saver, and they are just so cute to!  Must get me some more!!
Here is my pink and brown card.
All sponsor and prize details can be found over on the challenge blog, along with the wonderful examples from the rest of the design team.  Go take a look!

Monday 11 July 2011

Pink & or Purple day at ballet

Last week the girls were able to dress up for their ballet lesson, the theme was pink and or purple.
So out came the disney princess outfits!! and the obligatory photo shoot!!

Tuesday 5 July 2011

A Spoon Full of Sugar - 159 Sewing

Good morning, Tuesday again and time for a new A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge, this weeks theme is 'sewing', this can be interpreted in an image, or some real sewing, real stitching or faux etc
I have gone for a different style of card today, not too sure if I really like it or not to be honest!  I 'lifted' this from a past issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft!  It doesn't show in the piccie and I forgot to take a side piccie that the flower and butterfly add attacthed by foam pad just to add a bit of dimension to the card.  As you can see I went for the faux stitching!
Sponsor and prize details along with examples from the girls can be found on the blog HERE.