Monday 31 March 2008

Get well

My poor mum has been in bed ill since Friday lunchtime, I got a call from dad yesterday asking if I could pop out and get some ear drops and something for mums lips, when I got there with them she was in bed and looked awful. She hasn't eaten since Friday and could hardly get out of bed to go to the bathroom. She has had the doctor out today as she didn't feel up to the trip or wait at the surgery, she has : a throat infection, an ear infection, a high temperature, her sinus's are playing up and to top it all off she has the flu!! So yet more tablets and the news that it could take a week to 2 to shift.

So I have just made her this card using the fab 'My Paper World' sketch (again!) to take to her along with some flowers that I hope to get tomorrow. I think the little girls look so sweet, oh and I loved the idea of the paperclip and ribbon that Nicola has used on a couple of her cards, so I may be using that a lot! I am also going to enter this as my card for the latest 'Papertake weekly' challenge to use waves or zig-zags, the waves being the strip accross the middle of the card cut with my decorative scissors that rarely see the light of day! I am also going to take the oportunity to submit this as my entry to the 'Cute Cards thursdays' this weeks challenge is to use a 'people' image, this being 2 little cute people!! (All links can be found on the right)

The little girls are decoupaged using foam pads.I have made the following card for my cousin who's birthday it is next month, he is (still I hope!) a Norwich City fan so I have used a backing paper a friend did for me a long while ago and coloured the image as best I can with the 'Canaries' colours!! I'm pretty pleased with the way it's turned out!

Sunday 30 March 2008

No cards but a cake!! and pigs!!

If you have visited my blog before you will notice that I have had a bit of a change to my layout, colours etc, I have wanted a blog header for ages but couldn't get anything up on my last layout it kept putting it on the side. So after finding a header that looked ok (a free one!) this is how it's ended up, I know there are lots of lovely headers on blogs but I didn't want to spend any money (too many other things I can spend it on!) and I'm not technically minded. Still I think this looks ok until I decide to have another fiddle!

Well a whole weekend has gone by and not one card made, but (tut tut slap my wrist) I have written 3 shop bought cards!!!!!
My auntie asked me a few weeks ago if I would make a formula 1 car cake for my cousins birthday, he is 30 today. I thought the particular cake she had chosen from a book I lent another cousin was a bit young, so made the following cake yesterday morning

I have made this particular cake before so it didn't take me long at all! My auntie and uncle were impressed who knows what David will think! I saw him this morning he was a little bit on the delicate side as he had been out on the town yesterday, they started at lunch time!!

I've had the guinnea pigs posing this afternoon, this first picture is of Treacle's 5 little piggies who are 3 weeks old The little one on the left is still tiny (he was the runt) him and the black one are my faves and are going know where! The following picture is of Candy's 5 little piggies who are 2 weeks old, baby Stripes 2nd left is my fave of this group again he is going know where!

Finally this picture is not so much the 'Three Degrees' but the 'Three Piggie's'They are all normally smooth coated like the one on the right but mummy/Poppie had just brushed past them and ruffled their fur up! Here she is doing a 'You looking at me' pose!I love this picture to bits, Poppie looks soooo.... funny but cute at the same time, I may not be able to let any of these little ones go!!!
Matthew nearly caused me to have a heart attack on Thursday night when he took the boys (more pigs) teas out he came banging on the kitchen window, to which I knew something was up. When I went out he said Potter (dad to the 3 and first set of 5 piggies oh and the 2 my nephews have!) was missing, his cage door was open and he wasn't there, thoughts of horror went through my mind he had either died falling from 3 cages up, or had landed ok but been beaten to a mush by the 3 boys who have the main part of the shed. Once we had gotten a light rigged up to our amazement he seemed to be fine and was with the 3 boys in the bottom run, Matthew said he was ok and could stay with them but I said no, he may not have been with them for long enough for them to get angry with him, and we may have found something nasty the next day. He is now happily in his own home again!!
Pets heh who'd have them!?!!

Oh and before I go Nikki/Tink has a lovely lot of blog candy on offer on her blog (link on the right) to celebrate her 15,000 hits, so pop on over and take a look.

Friday 28 March 2008

You make my day Award!

What a lovely surprise! I have very kindly been given the 'You make my day' award from Mandy Thank you Mandy, I to like yourself enjoy blog surfing/hopping and seeing the wonderful creations, (not just cards) that very talented people make. I have been given lots of inspiration to try new things that maybe I wouldn't have tried before.

The 3 people I would like to nominate for this award are : Mel, Kay and Kerry
I enjoy visiting their blogs on a regular basis seeing what they've been up to and checking out their latest makes.

Kay's hubby came and collected the footy card, they loved it, so that's was good news. She is always after footy cards for Tom's mates so guess my stamp will get good use! I have only made the one card today and it was the first outing for 'fishing Luca' I used the My Paper World (link on the left) sketch again for this one!
and I made this atc for a swap I have done on the CM&PC forum entitiled Beauty but no Beast, you can't see it too well because of the light but the background paper has smaller images on it the same as the main picture.
Matthew went back to work today, he could've gone back several days ago but has been enjoying being home!! He's only there next week then off for a couple of weeks with the builders!! We dropped the girls off at mum and dad's yesterday midday and went into town to get ideas for the en-suite, then headed off to the chinese for lunch, the waitress looked a bit stunned when we walked in, it was 1.50pm we didn't realise the closed at 2pm, how so ever they kept re-stocking the food cabinet, it's a buffet eat as much as you like place, and our lunch was absolutely scrummy!!

Finally I took this photo a while ago and it is my entry for Suzanne's ( spring photo' blog candy draw, this is 'spring' for me,lambs and daffodils!! I absolutely adore baby lambs hence our trip to Park Farm on Mother's Day where we got to bottle feed one aaaahhh.......!!

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Challenge cards

Been catching up on some blog challenges today and finally got round to using my new stamps. First card is for the Magnolia blog the challenge was to use the template given, I used a butterfly backing paper that I have had for ages so thought I would also add the 3d butterfly instead of my usual flower!!2nd card is for the My Paperworld challenge, this was to also use the template given, I used my footballing Luca and new Dovecraft backing papers, my friend Kay asked if I could make her a Newcastle Utd birthday card for her son, this could be a contender but I have coloured it in the 'away' strip colours as I thought the black and white stripes would be too fidly! If she likes this instead of the usual 3d shirt, footy picture I will add Son or Tom in the top right hand corner.Final card for today is for the Papertake weekly challenge and guess what, it was to follow another template, I LOVE templates as they give you a new idea, sometimes the hardest thing is deciding on the papers!! I used my new Nellie and puppy stamp, I wasn't going to have this one but when I saw her cute out-fit and jeans with the flowers on, I couldn't resist!Also made these little collection of quick cards, all very much the same just different colour ways.
The scaffolders have been today, OMG I can only describe it as feeling like being in prison (not that I would know) you literally walk out of our back door under the scaffolding you certainly need to look where you are walking!! We didn't realise how much or how far round the house they would go, I need to be careful when getting changed in our bedroom as they can now look straight in (not a pretty site!!). So we are all set for the building work to start on the 7th I don't know whether I am excited or worried about it!

We didn't do much at all yesterday, Matthew went to put a fence up for my auntie, whilst I was pulling my hair out at home with the girls, they drove me nuts! Hollie our youngest is getting such a madam, she will NOT do as she is asked or told, she is answering back just so naughty yet she can be the cutest cuddliest little girl other times. So to get out of the house for a while we took Matthew some lunch and stayed for about an hour. After tea my ear started to hurt badly, it was effecting the side of my neck and felt like I had tooth ache that side too, so I dosed myself up on pills and had to swap sides of the bed as I couldn't lie on it. This morning it was a lot better but all round my eye socket that side hurted, it's ok now and although my ear is not right (funny it is actually the left one that hurts!) it's a heck of a lot better than it was.

Well I have been tagged by Mel thank you!

The rules 1.put a link to the person who tagged you 2 . mention the rules to this 3. mention 6 things about you 4. tag 6 other people with linking 5. leave comments on these peoples links that they got tagged

6 things about me 1. I hate coffee 2. I got married at Gretna Green 3. I love shopping! 4. I hate housework 5. I am a horder and can't throw things away! 6. I passed my driving test 1st time.

I am going to tag: Deb's / Fran / Mandy / Kim / Isa / Leonie

Monday 24 March 2008

Easter piggies!

Not easter bunnies or easter chicks we had easter piggies!!! Our last pregnant piggie Poppie gave birth to 4 little ones some time before we got up this morning. Sadly 1 didn't survive but the other 3 are doing just fine, 1 is just like mummy and the other 2 have slightly darker patches like their daddy!with mummy

That brings our total to 22, it's going to be hard to let them go but we can't really keep all of them we'd need a seperate shopping trolley for their veg!!! I've picked out my favourites!!!

Well the girls got the usual far too many easter eggs plus clothes, books, games. We woke up yesterday (easter sunday) and everywhere was white! I love it when it looks like that, but boy did it melt and disappear quick! Matthew did manage to get a quick snowman built on the front lawn, he has just about crumbled now and looking a bit sorry for himself! We went to mum and dad's for a lovely turkey roast with prawn cocktail starter and I had made a fresh cream, strawberry and rapberry pavalova for dessert, it was the size of my largest tin and it didn't last long with the girls each having 2 helpings!! The boys weren't there for long as Jordan had a party at 1pm so they had to leave for that, but we did fit in a few games before they left, we had made a pass the parcel up, and then hid a few eggs then they played a game with those. We didn't leave until about 8pm as we watched the Wizard of Oz then Ice Age, we timed it just right though as they had just pulled a lorry out of the ditch which was there when we went in the morning, they must've shut the road off to do it, the policeman looked a bit puzzled when we drove past!!!

Saturday morning I couldn't lie in bed any longer so I had a look through my most recent craft mags and saw a couple of ideas for cards that the girls could make, they so love to get the craft stash out, just like me!! I saw the easter bunny in the basket idea in the Papercraft inspirations mag it was actually an advert for another mag! so I cut out all of the many components so that Lillie (5) could make some, then on the facing page was an egg shaped card so I cut some of those out for Hollie (3) to decorate with some freebie paper from a recent issue of Quick cards made Easy. With a little help these are the cards they made, I think they did a brilliant job, especially Lillie who only had help with the first card (pink 1) then did the other 2 herself! I have just emailed a couple of piccies of them to QCME so fingers crossed they will like them as much as we do and my letter and their piccies will appear on the letters page in a future issue, 'star letter' would be brilliant £35 of goodies, but we are not that lucky!!

Matthew has cut the blocks for my new nellie stamps and they are stuck and ready to go, so there will be some new cards soon. But I really need to make several baby cards so I can put them in the shop with my other cards as she has requested childrens cards up to about 5, thought I would maybe do some christening ones to. Oh and my friend sent a text today asking for me to make her a card for her son and also said that some of our big items we took to the shop have already sold, the exciting bit now is wondering how much she got for them!!

Friday 21 March 2008

No cards made yesterday, was pretty busy what with school presentation assembly, doctors appointment, hair appointment (tidy up and colour!) by the time I got home it was time to pick Lillie up again!! She came home with all sorts of easter goodies, things they had made, eggs they had found doing a hunt in the woodland area, gifts from various people, she had a bag full!! We had also had a big sort out of the baby bits we had and got them all cleaned up and loaded into the van ready to take up to the shop, it sells both new and second hand childrens items, from clothes to furniture to toys etc. We took loads of stuff, if it sells she works on a 50:50 scheme which is a damn site better than peanuts from a car boot sale! She has moved into a bigger shop in the middle of town and opens again tomorrow, so we are crossing everthing for some sales!!

Today we went into town as they were having a scavenger hunt around the shops(you got a letter which corresponded with a letter, each shop had a clue for which shop to visit next, the letters spelt out a word), I went into the shop to get a playing card and she asked if we would test it for her as she thought she had a number clue in the wrong shop!!! She told Hollie she could have an easter cake for helping!! It was quite fun and quite testing as a few of the shops were closed and their clues and no.s must have been inside!! When we got back we sorted out the letters, yes one was wrong and we all got an easter cake!!! Hopefully it will be too cold for people to take part tomorrow and we might be lucky enough to win a prize LOL...!!!

So only made the 1 card today and yep it's yet another easter card, this one is for mum and dad who popped in to see the new piggies, well and the girls and us !! They brought the girls 'some' of their easter presents, clothes, egg, lollies etc! Then my old boss, now Matthew's popped round with an egg for them, bless him he says he'll never have any grandchildren to buy for.

Can you believe it NO stamping!!!!! Need to give hubby a swift reminder that I am still waiting for blocks for my new stamps!

Wednesday 19 March 2008


My new sugar nellie stamps arrived this morning, although I didn't get home to find them until this afternoon!! I bought 5 of the 6 new luca and nellies

aren't they fab, I can now make boy cards which I find a real challenge. I can't wait to use nellie with the foal but again I am waiting for Matthew to cut me some blocks to mount them onto, then I'll be ready to rock and roll!! Here is the first card I have made using these stamps and it's also my entry for the 'Teen Spirit' challenge over at the Daring card Makers blog (see link on the left).Hollie enjoyed her easter egg hunt at playgroup this morning, they hid egg shapes with the children's names around the hall and when the children found theirs they could go and collect their eggs! Poor Mandy had been for her 2nd scan and turned up crying bless her the scan showed she is having another boy, she so so wanted a little girl so she is a bit upset but has a while to get used to it.

Well as promised yesterday here are a couple of pictures of the fab PIF candy that I have recently received from Jilli (1st pic. and Tara 2nd pic.). I will be contacting those lucky enough to win mine for addresses in the next day or so.

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Made a few easter cards today, made this first one using the sketch from 'My Paper World' again, I like this one more so than the one I made a few days ago.

Then I made 3 others, this is me done now for easter, I think!! These work in very well for the Daring Card Makers mid week challenge, all you had to do was make something with the easter theme, so ta..da.. 3 cards!!!

So what have we missed, Sunday we said bye bye to 2 of our baby piggies, these 2 little cuties are now living with our nephews (boy do I feel sorry for them) bless them we took them over to mum and dad's on Sunday as sis and the boys were coming over, and they would leave them alone, no sooner had they put them back in the cage than they had got them out again, and of course the girls wanted to hold them to!! We had a fab surprise when we got home though, as I peeked through the glass in the door to check on our 2 pregnant piggies I spotted something white in Candy's cage and yes she had given birth to these 5 dear little piggies

They are are all a decent size and full of life. Treacle's little 5 little one's which were born just over a week ago are doing great and the teeny tiny runt is doing brill (after all of the upset with losing so many of our last piggies we were sure it wouldn't survive, but it has pushed his way in for milk from the start and she really looks after it well). So we just have Poppie left to deliver now, she's not as big as she has been before so we are only expecting a small litter this time but only time will tell.

With Matthew still off work (been to the doctors for an MOT tonight and has been given another certificate for 10days!) we decided to take Hollie to the farm to see the lambs as it's going to be busy at the weekend, but that plan didn't materialize as when Matthew called the builder he said they will start our extension in 3 weeks time!!! So we went round getting a few prices for things like windows, scaffolding etc, We had also reserved things at Fakenham argos so had to go and collect them, there is a kinnerton chocolate factory in the town and they have a shop so we popped in their and bought a few bits for the easter egg hunt that the children have at mum and dad's at the weekend, we can only hope for a dry day otherwise who knows where we will hide everything indoors!

Today apart from making the above cards, and a quick trip into town (mainly to take part in a competition in the local store, you picked up a blank cheque and could write 1 item up to the value of £1000 on it and it goes into the draw which takes place on local radio on Thursday) we chose a high sleeper bed with table and futon underneath worth £899 (we would never ever dream of spending that sort of money!!) it would go lovely in the girls room!! But heh we'll never be that lucky.

Right, I have been lucky enough to receive 2 lovely PIF's (pass/play it forward) recently, thank you Jilli and Tara (I will show pictures tomorrow) so this means the first 6 lucky readers to leave a comment will receive a PIF package from myself. To take part you have to have a blog of your own as you will then pass on PIF candy to the first 3 to comment on your blog! Make sense mmmm.......?! good luck!

Saturday 15 March 2008

Hooray I'm back!!! I have been unable to get a connection to the internet for 2 1/2 days due to a fault on the phone line ggrrrr....!!! I lost my connection Wednesday afternoon, and nothing I tried would correct the problem, so I thought it was something to do with AOL however whilst trying to phone the help line we discovered the phone line fault, we had a duel line!!! Whenever we phoned out not only would we have the call we were making but also another at the same time for example I phoned my sister and while it was ringing her no. and she answered I also had the engaged tone and the BT answer message!!! We were also getting lots of calls for someone else. How annoyed was I was desperate to find out when the new Sugar Nellie stamps were hitting Funky Kits as they are fab, all I knew was that I had read next week.
Well finally after a couple of phone calls into BT the problem was sorted out this morning, apparantly someone had fitted a new line incorrectly!

So I can finally show the 2 cards that I made for the mid-week Daring Card Makers dare, it was set by Mel and you had to use 1 of Mel's favourite things (buttons) and 1 of your own (image) I liked the first card so much and knowing that I have a few easter cards to make I made another very similar card straight after!!
Next up is my card for the challenge over at My Time to Craft ( and it was to use lots of pink! Yep it's another easter card LOL...!!!

Last card for the day is for Kimmie's challenge (link on the left) all you had to do was use Kimmie's sketch for inspiration, well I had a bit of a mishap!!!! You see I had attached my backing papers and image and when I went to pick it up I had stuck them on upside down Lol...!!! But I kinda like it and if you turn it upside down it is the same layout as the sketch!! I'm quite pleased with it really, I hope Kimmie feels the same, as there is a cutie little Magnolia stamp on offer!!!Oh and back to the Sugar Nellie stamps I am soooo........ pleased to have been able to bag myself 5 of the new Nellie and Luca's, I couldn't believe it when I popped onto the internet at my auntie's yesterday and saw that Funky Kits ( had the new stamps in, omg I thought they were going on sale next week, so how pleased was I to see them in stock and wasted no time in treating myself to a few, now all I have to do is wait for the postie!!!

That's it craft wise, we still have Matthew at home with back problems and bad heads, but the physio sessions and antibiotics are working well, I think he could go back to work on Monday but he says his certificate runs til Wednesday so he will go back then. I don't mind having him here, at least the house gets tidied Lol.....!!! It was also handy as Lillie had to be at the school at 8.25am on Friday as the town were celebrating St. Winnold's day (an historic event?) and they wanted the children to be a part of it. I did read about it, over 1000 years ago the town used hold horse fairs it was one of the 2 largest in Europe and over 10,000 horsers were sold/bought. The children had all made hobby horses at school and the 10 favourites (1 from each year) were chosen for the mayor to judge. Lillie's wasn't in the top 10 but the little boy in her class came 3rd. She enjoyed seeing the shire horse and the civic procession, with everyone dressed up with their bling on Lol..!!

Well that's about me done for today, thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Another day another card! This time just for the fun of it, no challenges, no blog candy, just because I wanted to haha....!

That's about it for today really, we had to go out to the doctors again this morning, Matthew's back isn't so bad but he is now getting really bad sinus head aches, so he spoke to the doctor first thing and had to pick up yet another prescription. This time the doctor said that if it happens again they might put him in the hands of the eye, nose, eyes department at the hospital, at last, that's what we've been saying for ages. Whilst we were out we popped into a little shop in town that sells 2nd hand childrens items (clothes, toys, furniture etc) we have 3 pieces of nursery furniture that is taking up space which we don't want anymore as we bought new bigger ones, we offered it to a couple of friends who are expecting but they only have room for a cot! so the lady jumped at the chance of having them in the shop (she sells them 50/50) and says they will sell well, we also mentioned a few others bits and she said yes take them to the shop, she is moving to bigger premises next week so we'll take them then and fingers crossed we'll get a few pennies/pounds. We also had a builder round he is going to price up the extension for us (4th bedroom, en-suite with walk in wardrobe) he says it should take about 3/4 days to put it up to roof height and within 2weeks up with the roof on, he also said he thinks he can start it in about 6 weeks, yikes we thought nearer July/August but it doesn't really matter.

Monday 10 March 2008

Couple of challenge cards

The first card I made today was using the sketch over at My Paper World (see link on the left) I like the sketch but just couldn't come up with anything decent, so this is my rather feeble attempt
I've had more success with my card for the Magnolia challenge, you had to make a male themed creation, I only have a couple of male images from a swap I did a while back, I must buy some of these but most places are constantly sold out and there is such a big selection to choose from! I also made a couple of atc's, I owed one and the other will go into my envelope ready for my next swap! I really like these images from Pink Petticoat you get one set of images with an easter greeting and another without, I am going to make some more of these as I think they are quite sweet!

We started the day with great excitement, Treacle our very pregnant guinnea pig had had her babies, she has 5 of the little beauties, they are soooo....... sweet!!! We have black again ? It fascinates me as our piggies are brown and white, Treacle is a gingery brown with a white tuft on her head. 3 of the babies are like her although 2 of them have a white stripe aswell as the tuft, 1 is black and brown, and the little runt oh it's tiny (I so hope it survives it's beautiful!) it is 2 tone brown like a dalmation!! Here they are with mum

Yesterday with the in-laws went well, we over filled them with lunch LOL...! They wanted to nod off in the afternoon but the girls wouldn't let them! Adam, Joy and the children arrived late afternoon, Rebecca was fascinated with the guinnea pigs and kept going in and out of the hall to see them. The girls enjoyed having them here, and this morning Lillie told us that she enjoyed her day yesterday!!!

Saturday 8 March 2008

Been busy baking cakes for my order, and made an extra one for Matthew's dad as we are celebrating his birthday tomorrow (a day early!) I did 1 half in a round sponge tin the other half in a square 1 and Matthew cut them to read 70 and he has since iced and decorated it, yes he did it, I told him it would be nice for him to do it as it's for his dad!

Been having a catch up with the CM&PC forum news and various blogs and came accross Han ( offering some fab blog candy, she is celebrating 3 months of blogging, her cards are fab so do pop over and have a look.
Made 1 very quick card (just now in fact) this is for Julie a friend from the CM&PC forum, Kerry passed on the sad news that Julie's mum had passed away earlier this week, I wanted to send a card just to let her know that she is in our thoughts.

Not sure if I'll get on tomorrow or not as we are going to be busy entertaining, but I may be able to sneak a few minutes in the afternoon who knows!!

Friday 7 March 2008

Black, white and pink

I've been checking the Sweet Sugar blog (see link on the left) since Monday for this weeks challenge, and today it was there at last LOL there had been a mix up! I love the challenges on here, mainly because I love my Sugar Nellie stamps! The challenge was to make a card using the colours -black, white and 1 other colour. I had made a black, white and red card for Matthew as an extra valentine's and adored it to say the least, so I decided to use the same style again with the odd change here and there, mainly using pink this time instead of red! I made it bigger than c6 and it will probably be for mum and dad's wedding anniversary, that or I'll keep it for sis!

That's it just the one card for today, the time seems to have just flown by. Matthew phoned the doctors re the pain he is still getting with his back, so we had to pick up his prescription, so decided to get the shopping out of the way whilst we were out. Lillie is having one of her much loved and longed for sleep overs at nannie and grandads, so we took her over when she came out of school, ended up getting engrossed in Rosemary and Thyme on the tele so didn't get home too early, then tea and now catching up on here!!! Won't get much made again this weekend as I have my cake order to do tomorrow as the in-laws are coming for the day on Sunday, it's FIL's 70th birthday on Monday, as we won't see them on the day we thought we'd invite them for lunch and then have a little tea party for tea, Adam, Joy and the children are coming to (BIL and family) to.

Thursday 6 March 2008

Paper World Sketch

I have come accross yet another challenge type blog, they give you a sketch to work from so all you need to do is put the card together! It's sketch no.5 and it's great so I made the following 2 cards! The image on the 2nd card is from the new download from pink petticoat, it's the first download I have purchased from them, I thought with easter just around the corner it would be ideal for some of my cards, here is another card using another of the images!
Well today has been World Book Day (apparantly!) and the children had the chance to dress up as their favourite character from a book! So ok what to dress Lillie in who insisted she wanted to dress up!? She has 2 new dress up out-fits but both are a bit long and I didn't want them getting ruined at play times, so the only other thing that fitted was a witches out-fit from halloween!! So she went as good witch Glenda from the Wizard of Oz who knows if we have the book, but we have got the dvd LOL...!!!!!

Wednesday 5 March 2008


The challenge over on the PTW blog is 'squares' I messed this card up by cutting my backing squares too small so I'm not really that happy with it, but the card, backing paper, image and matting layers are all square so guess it fits the criteria!! my mojo seems to have taken a bit of a holiday, whether it's because Matthew is home I don't know, I just can't seem to be bothered, it's a shame as there is a lovely prize up for grabs this time, mind you I can't compete with a lot of the fab cards being made!

Hollie was a pain at playgroup this morning, she started off well and dashed to the craft table to make todays creation, but as soon as that was done she came to me and wouldn't leave my side, and when I tried to get her to join in she wouldn't and got upset. They had a photographer there to take black and white un-posed pictures of the children (I have 2 from last year, they are so cute) I did manage to get her back over to the craft table to do a picture and she cheered up a bit, and the lady took a few pictures of her but I think they are going to be a bit 'grumpy' looking! Here are todays masterpieces, the first is a book the 2nd a picture for daddy!!!

I must admit to helping her a teeny tiny bit with the picture but the book was all her own work!! She is 3 bless her, I think she did great!

Tuesday 4 March 2008

Magnolia card

Only made 1 card today and that is for the PTW challenge but I haven't uploaded it yet so that will be tomorrow. I've not had any inspiration today, maybe it's the weather!!
Here is the Magnolia Tilda card I have made for their challenge it had to be 'spring' themedI have used papers from my new Dovecraft pack (retro florals) I found it in a shop on Sunday when we were out, so glad I did the papers are lovely! Thanks to Deb for the image, we had an image swap so I could take part in the challenges.
Nothing to report today, Matthew's back has been playing him up a lot today, the physio chap said he had done it bad this time, and I can tell by the way he is it hurts him more than it has before. Got to take him for another physio session tomorrow, hopefully that will help.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Finally I would like to pay my respects to a couple of youngsters who have passed away in this area recently. Although I did not know them, I knew of them. Charlotte Walker died a couple of weeks ago, the car she was travelling with her mum went off of the road and into a deep water drain, she didn't get out. She was a very talented 9 year old who was in the same ballet show as Lillie back in January (it's going to be sad watching the dvd of the show when we get it). Her mum and the ballet teacher had only days before discussed her application for the Royal Ballet, how very sad. Secondly, Jonathon Barber a 19 year old university student who had come home (here to our town) to be with his mum on Mothers Day, sadly she headed the search for him on that very day. He had gone missing whilst walking back from a party with friends along the river banks in strong winds the night before, sadly his body was found this morning.
Our thoughts are with both families.

Monday 3 March 2008

Wow another award x3

How lucky did I feel yesterday when I had a quick look at my blog comments, and saw that I had been awarded the same 'you make my day award' from 3 people!!! Thank you soooo.... much to Kerry, Cazzy and Mandy you are all so very kind! Here is my award!

You are supposed to link this and pass it on to 5 people whose blogs inspire you, but there are sooo.... many people with these awards that I don't know who hasn't got one! So if you are on my links list on the left consider yourself awarded the 'you make my day' award to, that's why you are on my list anyways!!
I had a very nice Mother's Day yesterday, I was pounced on by the girls with cards and pressies, I had a 'yummy mummy' ha mug, apron and scrapbook that I had spotted and dropped very non-subtle hints for during the week!! Then whilst getting ready to go to Park Farm, Matthew yawned and streched then went scuttling into the bedroom swearing like a good un, he had put his back out, he hasn't done this for about 3 years. I said we needn't go to the farm but he insisted on it as it was what I wanted to do and he was totally p'd off for messing up the day, we had planned to go to the coast for lunch and maybe waste some money on the slot machines. I was happy I we got to feed a lamb that was all I really wanted to do, I just love them they are so cute, I would love one in the garden as a pet but they don't stay small do they!?! We called in at Tesco on the way back to mum and dad's and bought everything we needed to make a 3 course roast meal and took it to mum and dad's and had it cooking when they got home as a surprise (mum had been at work and dad at my sisters babysitting the boys).
To finish todays post I thought I would show you a couple of cards I actually made on Friday, this Sugar Nellie bunny is sooo... cute, the 2nd card was for the little girl whose party Lillie and Hollie went to on Saturday, they had a lovely time, we left them to play whilst we went into the restaurant and had a very nice bit of lunch!

I have today made my first card for the Tilda Magnolia challenge blog but I will post that on here tomorrow.