Wednesday 25 December 2013

It's Christmas!

It's christmas morning here so I would just like to wish everyone a
Very Merry Christmas!!
Hope everyone has a lovely time, with treats galore,
loads to eat and time with loved ones.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Charisma Cardz - Anything Goes

The fab and oh so easy to take part in challenge over at Charisma Cardz is 'Anything Goes'.
So there you go, you can make 'anything'!!
Myself and my youngest daughter have a love for cutie owls, so when I saw these whilst perusing the web I just could resist making a few!
These cutie owls started out like as the inner tubes of toilet rolls, dp's and gems!!

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Thursday 5 December 2013

Charisma Cardz - Distressed

Good morning, well we're back after our 2 week Charisma Cardz challenge and wow we had loads of great entries!  Our challenge for this week is 'Distressed'.
I have been a bit 'crafty' and used the tag that I made a few weeks ago for a challenge, this is the main feature to this weeks card!!  All of the papers were from a freebie pad which came with one of my mags!
For all sponsor and prize details, please take a look at the main challenge blog.

Thursday 21 November 2013

Charisma Cardz - Christmas

Good morning one and all! 
It's time for a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz and although it's not my teams week I thought I would take part anyway, because the theme is 'Christmas'.  Oh my goodness can you believe it's almost here??!!  It's scarey how fast it's coming around!
Anyhow getting onto my christmas make!  My lovely friend very kindly got me some marshmallows from the base on her last visit, oh my goodness, american marshmallows are yummy!!  On my travels around the world of google images I came accross the sweetest marshmallow snow people, and tah dah I had to have a go!  Now I only very quickly put these together tonight (because my edible pens arrived in the post earlier!!!) had nothing really appropriate for their hats, so they are actually wearing eyeballs which we had left over from our halloween treat bowl lol!!!  If I had of been more prepared I would've gotten some shoelaces or something similar and given them a little scarf to keep their necks warm!  So you know what I'll be purchasing when we go shopping on Friday ;)
Cute don't you think??!
Sadly these 2 snow people are no longer alive :'(    As soon as the girls saw them they disappeared!!!

Friday 15 November 2013

Charisma Cardz - Vintage

The challenge this week at Charisma Cardz is Vintage.
I struggle big time with the vintage theme and leaving things late as usual I had very little time to make and upload my make. Lucky for me there was an article re this style in one of my mags which sits on the edge of my desk, heh presto, topper/tag made using freebie papers and scrap ribbon!
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Thursday 24 October 2013

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!!! (lol)!!

Yes I'm getting a bit nostalgic!  This birthday is never going to come close to the last one :(  Last years birthday was a 'big' one and such a happy one (although I had to work!).  We had a lovely family meal at our local restaurent on the evening of my birthday, but the BIG EXCITEMENT was that the next night we were staying at a Travelodge close to Ebbslfeet station, for the following morning, 2 days after my birthday we were off for a little trip on the eurostar destination Disneyland Paris!
This was our 2nd holiday here as a family and was a very different visit.  The last time we were in our summer clothes, infact our first 2 days the temperature topped 40degrees!!  This time we were in our thermal some days lol!!  But the halloween season is reallly fab (hubby and I went for 1 day during halloween at the beginning of our relationship, this was before the Studios were even open!!).  Well we had a second wonderful holiday, lots of characters, lots of good food, lots of walking lol, very lucky with the weather, even down to shirtsleeves on halloween, lots of fun and lots and lots of photos!!!
Here are just a few of my faves!
We had forewarned the girls that it was going to be very busy this time and that the chances of getting near many characters would be slim.  That was somewhat of a contradiction, we saw and met loads!!!!  We literally walked from the station into our hotel and bumped into Mickey and Goofy, we'd been there about 10 minutes!!
But this picture was taken after we went into the park about 2 hours after arrival.
That evening I'd booked us into Cafe Mickey for our tea and had pre-ordered a birthday cake, omg it was the funniest time ever!  When they brought the cake out with Mickey, they put it down in front of our youngest and started singing to and making a fuss of her!  Poor hubby was trying his hardest to make them aware that it was for me, we were wetting ourselves!
Here I am having a little dance with the big man/mouse!!! 
'Dreams' was absolutely flippin amazing!!  and when it got to the Tangled part with Flynn and Rapunzel yes I admit to crying!!  I just couldn't help myself, felt such a wally but that part in the film gets me every time, and emotions were hightened watching the show!!!
one of my many pictures of the beautiful castle! 
and one last piccie of my funky 'Glowtini' cocktail!  I don't drink very often, but thought as it was a special time I would have a treat and I'd heard quite a bit about these!  It was very nice and got a lot of glances from other diners!
I'll put some more pictures on as I remanice (sp?) some more over the next week, and just depress myself that we are not going back any time soon :(

Thursday 3 October 2013

Charisma Cardz - Bingo

New challenge time at Charisma Cardz and this week we are playing 'Bingo' (see the bingo card below!).
I chose the middle/down line i.e. square card, pearls & charms, although I only used the one tiny moon charm!
We were given images from our sponsor Time for Tea which are really fab!  The one I have used is called Frakencutie!
Here is the bingo card, choose any line! 
For the rest of the sponsor details and all prize info please nip on over to the blog.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Charisma Cardz - Favourite Colour Combo

Good morning, we've got a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is to use your 'Favourite Colour Combo'. 
I do like a bit of black & white, so mine is a shades of black and white combo!  I saw the layout that I used in my latest copy of Cardmaking and Papercraft, as soon as I saw it I loved it, and in fact have now made 5 cards using this layout, each one different!!  It's sooo.... versatile!!
For prize and sponsor details please hop on over to the blog.
Here is another of the cards that I made, black & white but this time with the addition of red and christmas themed!

Thursday 5 September 2013

Charisma Cardz - Fancy Flourishes

Our new challenge over at Charisma Cardz is 'Fancy Flourishes'.
I kept my card very simple with a couple of layers and 1 sticker!  I have no idea of the name or make or even where I bought them as I've had them so long, but they were just perfect for the challenge!  I think anything else would've been too much, this way I think it's kind of simple elegance!!
 a closer view of the sticker, they are lovely in 'real life'!
For prize and sponsor info and also to see the girls examples please nip on over to the blog :)

Friday 9 August 2013

Charisma Cardz -Stitching

Hello, it's time for a new challenge at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is 'Stitching' real or fake!! 
To be honest I'd lost all track of weeks and didn't have time to make a card, but knew I had the perfect thing!  My owl!!  Hollie and I had a sewing session a while ago, we found a pattern online, got the felt, threads and needles out and got sewing.
Below is my hand sewn felt owl cushion!!
I tried to find some pictures of Hollie sewing hers but can't find them anywhere, she's yet to decide if she's putting a back on it and making a cushion like mine, or if we're sewing it onto a cusion cover!!
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Thursday 25 July 2013

Charisma Cardz - Make your own Embellishments

Woo...hoo... no school runs and no work as today is the first day of the summer holidays!!!!!!!!!!  No packs ups (well that's a lie, hubs still needs his bless him!), alarm clock only to be set on rare occassions, no uniforms to sort out, oh the list is endless lol!!!
Well onto the real reason for this post and that's to tell you about the new challenge we have over at Charisma Cardz and this week the theme is to 'Make your own Embellisments' these can be for any project!!
I used a card layout that I always resort to for a quick card (just love it!) I found the paper pad and matching chipboard embellies when looking through a pile of old mags, these are the freebies that came with the May issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft!  They are so lovely, can't believe I misplaced them!  My handmade embellishment is the rosette, made from various sized circles which I tore around the edges of, then screwed up to give it a bit more texture, the centre is one of the chipboard freebies!
close up of the embellie! 
Really hope you can join us for this challenge, for all sponsor and prize info please head on over to the blog HERE.
Enjoy the weather, however much longer it lasts!!!
(mind you I've scheduled this so it could be peeing down with rain with the addition of thunder and lightening for all I know lol, but enjoy it anyway!!)

Thursday 11 July 2013

Charisma Cardz - NO Designer Paper

Good morning, new challenge time at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is to make a creation with 'No Designer Paper'! Shock horror!!!!
I am extemely embarrassed to even show this card but had no time to make another one before the blog post went up :(
Looking through some of my mags in the hope for inspiration I came accross a far better version of the card I've made!
BUT it is my first (well second if you see the practise attempt!) at a freehand watercolour painting lol!!! Omg it looks so pants :/
close up still doesn't show the different shadings of the flowers!
this my practise attempt was slightly better!!!
For all sponsor and prize info head on over to the blog where you can see the gorgeous offerings from the other girls, they most certainly put me to shame!! (walks off with head hung in shame!!!)......

Friday 28 June 2013

Charisma Cardz - 3,2,1

Ooppss...major fail!!  I've just realized I haven't posted my card for the new Charisma Cardz challenge!  So the theme this week is 3,2,1 simple really, use 3 of something, 2 of something else and 1 of something else!!
I've used 3 papers, 2 flowers and 1 lace and if you count it 1 image!!
For all of the prize and sponsor info please nip on over to the blog for a look.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Happy Birthday Daddies!!!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!
My sister and I with our Dad!
my girls with their Daddy!!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Charisma Cardz - Just Digital Stamps

Good morning, new challenge time over at Charisma Cardz and our theme this week is 'Just digital stamps'! 
I've used an old freebie from SJ at Little Musings, altered the image a little by adding the goatie!!!!  All papers are scraps that I have saved up, you know what it's like, can't throw anything away lol!!!!
One of the girls will either give this to daddy this Sunday or next Sunday, as one is Fathers Day the other his birthday!!!
All sponsor and prize info can be found on the blog along with the fabulous team examples.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Charisma Cardz - Diva's

Good morning, new challenge time over at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is Diva's, young or old as long as the project has a diva on it we're happy!!!!!
My diva is one of SJ's Little Musings, an oldie but a goodie and pre-coloured which is great for a quick make, which my bookmark was (I've been a bit busy with the school half term that I forgot!).
All sponsor and prize details as always can be found on the blog, along with the fabby examples from the rest of the girls, which certainly don't disappoint!!!!
Have fun!

Thursday 16 May 2013

Charisma Cardz - No Digi's Allowed

New challenge at Charisma Cardz and this weeks theme is 'No digi's allowed'.
For my card I used a Tilda image that I've had for ages, teamed it up with some freebie papers which came with one of my magazines, again ages ago!  Kept the strawberry theme going tying in the basket Tilda is holding, the papers and the button I've added to the middle of the flower!!  I had thought about cutting out the image but left it, I stamped the edges of the card with a swirl image then accidentally marked a dot on the remaining white, hence the spots lol!!!!
As always we have great sponsors who have donated fab prizes for our lucky winners, so nip over to the blog and give the challenge a go!