Monday, 11 February 2008

After struggling to find the powers to make anything today I finally made 2 cards. The first is for a friend who wanted a Man.Utd card done for her hubby's son (previous marriage) I normally 3d a picture of the shirt but I still haven't done anything about sorting out or ordering any more ink for my printer!! I really only miss it when I want a backing sheet other than those I already have and with 1 colour refusing to work even though the cartridge is full doesn't make the printing pretty!! Anyhow luckily I had asked someone on the CM&PC forum for a couple of folltball stamped images so coloured this in the team colours, I think it turned out ok, not sure what she will think as it's different to the ones she normally has!
The following card is for Kimmie's final celebration challenge, you had to make a card just to tell someone you care for them, could be thanks/love anything. So I decided on the black/white/red/grey colour scheme and used a nellie image from the above mentioned stamped image swap, and made a 'Just because we love you' card for Matthew from me and the girls. We do love him very much and he works soooo.... blooming hard so that I don't have to work, and we can still have nice things and go on nice trips etc and he's sooooo.... understanding when he comes home and his tea's not ready or the house is a mess or the ironing pile is touching the ceiling because I haven't left my desk all day!!! (he says he knows I enjoy it, aaahhh.. bless him!)
That's about all, we r one child down at the moment, expecting her back shortly from her much loved 'sleep over' at nannie and grandad's. We went over yesterday for lunch and left her there, if she behave's she can go again for another night in the week, Hollie bless her she wants to stay to but nannie says they are too much hassle when they are together, aahhh... Hollie's the better of the two!!!!!


Kraftin' Kimmie said...

Very adorable Nellie card!!! Sounds like your hubby is a keeper!! Great job!

LazyKay said...

Oh great work throughout Bubbles.

Visiting blogland is lovely and inspiring.