Friday, 15 February 2008

Only the one card to show and nothing to report.
The image that I have used for this card is from a swap I did on the CM&PC forum, I thought the little rag doll was cute
The second picture is not of a card or anything craft related (unless you call flower arranging a craft I suppose) these are some of the miniture daffodils that have popped up in the flower beds in our front garden, I just love the minitures they are sooooo...... cute, not sure if we planted any tulips or not, shame if we didn't because I think I like them more than the daffs!!!
No doubt next time I see mum and dad I will come away with a bunch of full size daffs as they have dozens of them and I think they brighten up the place even if they don't last that long!
I cannot believe that there is still life in the orchids that I received for having my 'celebrity card' printed in the Quick Cards mag, I've had them since the 2nd week in december and naughty naughty haven't changed the water once, but there are still beautiful flowers at the tips of the stalks even if the bottom flowers have died away, so impressed!!!
We had ffaaaarr.... too much food last night, and neither me or Matthew particularly enjoyed it as we both felt pants!! It's the thought that counts!!!!! I am feeling better again today, but for how long, who knows?!

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Angelswings_2 said...

I love the spring flowers, and agree I love having Daffodils in the house!