Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Another day another couple of cards!!! I received some stamped images from Claire from the image swap on the forum, so got straight to work with the Magnolia image of the boy and the balloon (I think he is Edwin, not sure!), same layout as the purple Maggie card I made a couple of days ago, I will be using this layout a lot!!! The following card is using my Sugar Nelie -Duck in Boots stamp and painted using my new pearl watercolours so there is a slight sparkle which looks pretty, I also like this layout and intend to use it a lot more with various different images, I made a blue baby boy card the other day this is the pink baby girl version!!!
It's our 6th Wedding Anniversary today so we are off out to the pub for a meal this evening, the girls are having a couple of hours with Nannie and Grandad so they are pleased. Matthew liked his little gift and flashed his card off at the tea bar!! (Yep another 1 I hid in his dinner tin, along with 2 heart shaped choccie biccies in a bag tied with red ribbon LOL!! I got another very nice bunch of flowers, not really shown at their best here they are a bit squashed in the vase but it was the first one I could find,
the orchids at the front weren't part of the bunch they are still the ones from my QCME celebrity card bouquet (received 2nd week in Dec.), I can't believe how long they have lasted!
Right must start working out what to wear and get the girls their tea!!!


CraftyC said...

Both Fab cards and Happy Anniversary to you both!

Gabi said...

aw happy anniversary! Gorgeous cards I keep getting so tempted by these lovely stamps i think i am going to have to get me some haha!
Have added you to my blog links - hope this is ok xx gabi xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Mel said...

cute the bootie duck