Saturday, 9 February 2008

I'm soooo..... excited!!!... I checked to see if there was anything new on the Sugar Nellie blog (link on the left) and there was, the design team are working on more new stamps (haven't played with my latest lot yet!) Best of all there was a list of the latest blog candy winners and I was on the list Wooo.. Hooo.... I will be receiving a nellie stamp yippeee......!! All for leaving a comment about sherbert dib dabs we used to get as kids!
Nothing else to report, nothing made. Friday Hollie and I went for a shopping trip that was about it.
Today I been baking, I did my order now reduced to 6 sponges as there are not so many drivers calling in now the sugar beet campaign has finished. Actually made 8, just merrily did 4 jam and cream so the spare has gone in the freezer, also made 2 2lb weetabix cake loaves these are similar to a tea/malt loaf and are scrummy with a little bit of butter spread on it!!! (I've had 4 slices!!) good job I used sweetener and not sugar and there is no fat in it only that which I spread on top. Matthew's mum and dad are here at the moment they came for tea, and brought us the details to their new home (if all goes through ok).
Well doubt I'll get anything made tomorrow either as we are scrounging lunch at my mum and dad's hehe...! Always get a lovely roast, and the girls haven't seen their cousin's for ages so no doubt it'll be like a mad house!

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