Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day one and all! Matthew had left me a bunch of flowers, a pressie and 2 cards in the kitchen this morning, 1 card he bought and 1 he made last night (the bought card lights up!!) bless him!
my flowers and funky fairy stamp
We don't tend to push the boat out, as long as I get some flowers and I hide his little treats in his lunch box that's about it. We had toyed with going to the local pub (well local to mum and dad, about 10mins away) for a meal but changed our minds so now I am cooking, we'll go out next week for our anniversary! I've got the prawns thawing for the prawn cocktails served with heart shaped bread and butter (would've done creamy garlic mushrooms with prawn on a bread crouton, but it's too filling!) then we have gammon steaks which we bought from our local butchers, so it'sll be chips, mushrooms, tomato, egg, pineapple, the works!! Then not sure what to end on, may be butterscotch angel delight served in the heart shaped ramekin dishes I bought last week (not v exciting but one of our faves!) and I have made heart shaped mixed choc chip cookies to go with them!!!
Anyhow I'm feeling a bit pants again, I've got the sniffles and a really annoying tickly cough. Don't know why I keep getting ill, seems to be a regular occurance of late, yet normally I go months without catching anything even when the rest of the family have it. So no crafting done by me today, I've been blog surfing and still kind find the urge, so I'm going to slob out in the room with the kids for a while until it's time to start the tea!
I was really pleased to receive my sugar nellie candy this morning, and yippee it's one of the stamps I don't already have!
Oh we had a lovely trip yesterday afternoon, I met up with my friend and her 2 boys and we went to the local windmill, they had a 'make and bake' session for the children. They learnt how flour was made and were then given some dough which they made into a shape, of course I had to help LOL... Hollie made a cottage roll and Lillie with a lot of help made a plait. Whilst they proved (is that right? were rising) they had juice and a bun and a biscuit and got to colour windmill pictures. Then after that they played music and put a bubble machine on for them to dance and play with whilst the bread was cooking. Their rolls were quite big and they were really excited with them, we sliced them and had them with butter and jam as our dessert after tea!

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