Friday, 22 February 2008

Can't believe I'm being dragged to an Ann Summers party tonight kick off isn't until 8.30pm so it's gonna be a late one!!
My friend Mandy asked me if I could make a bag charm for her friend, along the same style as the one I did for her, I can't get overly enthusiastic about jewellery making at the moment and I spent all that money before christmas!!! I'm just enjoying my card making too much at the moment! Anyhow here is the finished article I also get really paranoid whenever someone mentions bits they've had from me as I automatically think they have fallen to bits!!
I've also made 2 quickie cards, the first one is a very simple card with a die-cut girl holding a balloon for the little girls who's party Lillie is going to tomorrow afternoon, after she has been to one of her ballet friends party at lunchtime! The second card are I think quite pretty is for her!

Wish me luck for later, oh I'm sooo.... not looking forward to it!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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Deb said...

Joanne, email me and I will send you some Magnolia images so you can participate in the challenges!

Dont click on the link in the above comment - very dodgy! it is best to delete it!

Mel said...

love the second card a lot...great colours