Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Had quite a productive day today, I've made 11 atc's which are for organized swaps on the CM&PC forum (link on left), 1 card and a little gift for Matthew for our anniversary tomorrow.
These atc's are the last that I owe for the 'alphabet swap' I really can't get into atc's at the moment, but thought I'd better get my swaps done and in the post, so here are S,T,U and V and here are W,X,Y and Z This has been a really nice swap, as you will end up with 26 atc's of which each letter should be made by a different person!
The following 3 atc's are part of a 'mystery item swap' Claire sent out 3 items which had to be used each on a different atc, it will be very interesting to see what everyone comes up with
This card uses one of the Magnolia Tilda images that I received as part of a swap, this may well end up being the little girls whose party Lillie is going to at the weekends birthday card I will just put a 5 in the corner, now that I know how old she will be! It's a shame I couldn't have gotten hold of a Tilda mermaid or that I can't print a 3d sheet of Ariel (the mermaid) for her card, as her party theme is 'mermaids and pirates!'
We got Lillie's mermaid out-fit yesterday, it's quite sweet and will last her a good year and then Hollie will be able to have it!
Finally made this very quick (so far from neat, nothing measured!) cover for a bar of white chocolate for Matthew as a token gift for our anniversary, we don't bother with presents as such, think he may have got me some more flowers, we are going to the pub for a meal tomorrow evening without the girls, we would like to do this more often but time and funds don't always allow it!
Oh and how cold has it been these past couple of days??? Freeeezzziinnggg.....!!! We have had freezing fog for the past 2 days, I thought someone was having a bonfire yesterday as it looked just like smoke blowing past the window, but it was out of every window, then I worked out it was the fog! Everywhere was white this morning, every cobweb, the plants, the trampoline, car etc so it was scarf and gloves on each time we left the house today! Here's a piccie of a cobweb hanging from the girls playhouse

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Mel said...

that tote is so cute...love that stamp