Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I'm back!! I've been poorly boo...hooo.... I woke up on Monday morning feeling absolutely awful, every bone in my body ached, my head was thumping like there was someone trying to break out and my throat was sooo... sore. I still had to do the school run which was a struggle. I had a long hot bath in the evening and that did help take the aches away quite well.
Yesterday I was feeling quite a lot better aches had gone apart from the head, still had the sore throat and now I have a niggling pain in the top of my left leg every time I kneel of squat down it's there and it's really sharp, who knows what that is? We had to go to the school at 5.30pm for a parents meeting thing, they are really pleased with Lillie's progress which is great, she showed us how they read and Lillie demonstrated reading the words she knew and sounding out other words to. She said they rarely had to tell her off and when they do they think it is because she is tired and playing up, which is no surprise as for example Sunday night she was awake and shouting out from between 2-4am solid, so you can't wonder at her being tired.
I did make myself try out one of my new stamps 'Lola and Bunny' (thought she looked like either of my girls with any one of the guinnea pigs!) it's not a brilliant card guess that's how I was feeling! Here is a piccie of the other stamps I ordered from Funky Kits (link on the left)

Today I still have the sore throat and the silly annoying pain in my leg, but am slowly getting back to normal again. And I switched my pc on for the first time in 2 1/2 days can you believe that!?!?!?! Mum said to me on Monday when I told her that I hadn't turned it on "crikey you must be ill!" I've been catching up with things I've missed there had been 99 posts since I had last been on there!!! And it was nice to see I had been missed to by my friend Kerry, thanks Kerry I know you'll be popping by soon!
Here's another card, I made this one on Sunday, I don't think I really like it but someone might! and here is the fabulous valentine's blog candy I won over on Pootle's blog (link on the left)

That's me done, sorry it's such a long entry but it is 4 days worth!!!

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