Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Well the earth moved last night!!!! Not sure if I was awake or woken up by the 'earthquake' but it was the strangest feeling, what with the rumbling noise and the bed and house shaking. I thought the heating had gone potty but why was the bed shaking?? Matthew and I just looked at each other a bit puzzled and I said 'earthquake' but he was on another planet and just grunted. It was a bit nervy and my my heart beat a little faster, but luckily the girls slept through it, with Lillie being a pain sleeping anyway she would've been a nightmare.
Well no cards or anything made by me (only the tea!) but my youngest (3 & 2months) did make me a mothers day card at nursery, bless her she can't wait to get to the craft table and is totally engrossed when they have something to make, she must take after me!!! Here is my lovely card it's not a marvelous picture, there is a flower shape underneath the bun case with glitter in the middle!
Well my shopping spree wasn't as successful as I was hoping for, no tops I took 4 into the changing room and only fitted 1 on! But I did have a new pair of jeans, the only annoying thing is the lenth, you can hardly see my feet so this will be another pair I have to wear with turn-ups or just wear holes in the bottoms!! The girls both a jumper/dresses, they look sooo... cute in them!

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