Friday, 1 February 2008

Been waiting for the snow all day, and all we got was the tiniest little downfall just after we got home from shopping, they weren't even big flakes just really tiny ones! Someone said we are due to get some this evening, we'll see!
Nothing much done at all today really, the creative juices have not flowed!! I did however make this or should that be alter this notepad that I bought yesterday I very often see a layout of a card or scrapbook page that I like so I draw a quick sketch of it on a scrap of paper, which then normally gets lost under a pile of other stuff!! So I bought this little notebook to keep the sketches all in one place, now where to put the book?? I forgot to take a before picture so here is the back, you get the idea of how it was!? The image is a Tilda stamped by Kerry from when we had a stamp swap between ourselves.
I was quite pleased yesterday afternoon, I attempted my very first 'slide-up' card, after seeing lots of lovely examples on various blogs I thought it was time to have a go myself. I think it's quite pretty, but really need to practise a lot with my craft knife, I so wish I could cut straight lines with it, I use a ruler and still can't keep them straight!!!
Here it is lying flat (sort of!) and here standing up
I am sure I'll make some more at some point as they are that little bit different!

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My Little Space said...

lovely card and notebook Joanne, love the hedgehog image.