Saturday, 5 April 2008

Birthday card and gift

Nothing much to report today, so will just show the following card and name plaque that I have made today for Matthew's brothers little girl whose party we are going to tomorrow, bet you can't guess how old she's going to be LOL...!?!

layered with foam pads, I think it's so cute and apart from the cutting out it was sooo.... easy to put together, I have these 3d sheets from '0 to 9' so will be making several for the shop!We have bought Rebecca a dress but I thought this plaque would be nice to hang in her new bedroom (they have recently moved), I will make one for Thomas (her brother) for his birthday next month. If you haven't guessed it started out as a cd, a rubbish freebie that came with the paper!!


Robyn said...

That card is sooo totally cute!! My nickname is Bubbles, too!

LazyKay said...

Lovely numbers card - so versatile you could make loads with these and as you so, most suitable for putting in a shop.

Great use for a rubbish CD -- now that's what I call recycling.


My Little Space said...

Lovely card Joanne, looks fab! The doorhanger is great, I made quite a few of those for our school farye, they were very popular with the kids!


Anonymous said...

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Anesha said...

What a lovely card,love the image.