Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A card, some pictures and lots of tears!

This morning was really tough, Hollie was ok at home and had breakfast ok but started saying her tummy hurt (did it or not?) so I knew we were going to have problems again at nursery. Matthew came with us and she walked to school ok, showed daddy her peg, did the self register, I stayed back a bit as it's me more so that she would cling to, he managed to get her to sit at the colouring table, and she started to colour a picture, then the tears came. Yep I started to well up to!! Then she came to me uuugghhh........ I tried to get her to sit and listen to the story with the teaching assistant, she knows Lillie from lunchtimes but no she wouldn't have it, then another assistant said she could feed the fish with her, but no. So Matthew went and spoke to Mrs Holmes who is in charge and asked if she could just take her so we could leave and as she came and sat with us and said to me "do you want me to just take her" I said "I think you are going to have to" with absolutely no control my face went and the flood gates opened, I just couldn't help it. We left her clinging on to Mrs Holmes and I had tears rolling down my cheeks, it was so hard to leave her but I can't keep bringing her home.
We headed off to town to look at bathroom suites and 10minutes later Mrs Holmes phoned to say Hollie was 'absolutely fine' it still didn't stop the odd tear though!!
When I picked her up she was all smiles, so hopefully a good morning tomorrow and the rest of the week (fingers crossed!).

Anyway, here is the quick card I made this afternoon, I've had the horse part of the image coloured for a while just never got round to finishing it! Lillie's ballet lessons started up this week after a 4 week break, so she wanted to colour a couple of my images to do picture's with for her dance teacher and her helper, so here are the finished articles
bless her I thought it was so sweet, she had given Nellie a nose and a smiley mouth!!

Looks like she likes tap more so than ballet, they are starting with 15minute tap sessions after their ballet lesson to see how they get on and if they like it. They have ballet exams next month so are working hard at their position etc!

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LazyKay said...

Oh, I think you should have a 'brave mummy' award - it is SO hard to leave them, you feel as if you're leaving your insides behind - so, well done and well done her too for being a brave girl.

Lovely cards - glad you had some crafting therapy.