Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I attempted the doodling after seeing Lythan's tutorial on Daring Card Makers, not sure this was the right project to try it on but heh you've gotta give these things a go!!
This is the just started look

Before I had started this I had coloured this Bella image, it is the first time I have tried colouring the background in to, doesn't look too bad!!

Then I put the 2 together, not sure if I like it, I think the 2 together might be a bit much?My friend Kay asked if I could make a Liverpool footy card for her sons friend, so this is what I came up with. It uses the sketch from My Paper World (again!!!, I just love the sketches on here!) and is my card for the Sweet Sugar Nellie challenge which is to make a Sugar Nellie card without using patterned paper!

We thought we were going to be ok with Hollie and nursery today, she came into our bedroom full of smiles and really happy. She had 2 bowls of sugar puffs (most she has eaten for days and days!) then big mush Lillie sat at the table saying "I don't want to go to school, I don't want to go anymore, I hate it", so then Hollie started didn't she. We dropped Lillie off, and headed round to take Hollie she wimpered all the way, and started to make more of a fuss the closer we got, so I took her in, did the usual bits and again left her with Mrs Holmes, but she wasn't crying tears just making noise, as I looked back through the door she was fine just having a cuddle! No tears from me today, got that out of my system yesterday!!! When I picked her up she was happy again, and merrily told the lady in Somerfields what she had been doing, she even bumped into one of her new friends whilst we were there (she was one of the youngest at nursery when Lillie was there!!). We will see what tomorrow brings!

Off out tonight we have a new Arbuckles restaurant in town , we are taking mum and dad with us. Matthew's boss (my old one!) gave us a letter with an offer that if we booked this week we could get 50% off of the food menu, so we would be daft not to try it out! I've heard good reviews already, from my friend who is quite fussy, so looking forward to it.


Lythan said...

I think both cards are sooooo cute. Enjoy your meal!

Anonymous said...

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Ella Bella said...

great cards, love them both, hope you had a nice meal and everything was ok at the nursery. :) x

LazyKay said...

Well done with nursery - hope you enjoyed your 50% meal and love those cards, especially the two ladies on the seat.


Beth said...

Fantastic boys card, the embossing looks great!

My Paper World said...

Joanne! I always love to see your creations!and these are both gorgeous!
Thanks so much for using the sketch!
Nicola xx