Friday, 18 April 2008

Nothing to show

I haven't been very productive these past couple of days, yesterday I did get one of my Sugar Nellie fat book pages made and another one today, for the swap on the CM&PC forum (hope to take a photo of several before I show you!). And have watercoloured an image for a card I am planning for a challenge. That's it!

I don't know what we are going to do in regards to Hollie and nursery, I know it is very early days she only started last Wednesday, but has cried every morning this week. Yesterday and again today we left her with Mrs Warren (nursery assistant) but she wouldn't leave her side, she referred to it as "having a tail, and a little shadow"!! Today they asked if I could "have a little talk with her over the weekend" about joining in with the other children! Yes I know she can't stay with the teacher all the time, and I do want her to mix and make friends but how do you explain that, the children there have been together since September/January and know each other? I've tried to explain this but she gets upset and says "she doesn't want to" it really is hard, I feel so sad for her, being all alone and the only people she knows ARE the TEACHERS!! They said they will see how it goes next week and if there is no change will to have a chat and see what they can sort out. Do we stop her going until September then she won't be the only new child, they will all be new, do we persivere and put up with the heartache in the hope that one day she will have friends and look forward to going. I just don't know. I wish I were more 'chatty' and easily make friends with the other mums, then could arrange a play day or something, but it's not me. I have 'my' friends whom I've had for a long time, and have made friends with a few mum's through Lillie being at school, but still not friendly enough for outings etc! aaaarrrggghhhhh.......... why can't things be easy?


LazyKay said...

PM's you on the forum.


Mel said...

that really must be so heartbreaking...I think I would take her out and start again in opinion...maybe she has got that from you if you are kinda shy with people you dont know