Friday, 4 April 2008

More baby cards

Quite liked making the baby cards today and quite pleased with the results

The one above I am going to enter as my late card for the 'Daring Card Makers' midweek challenge which is to make a card using pastel colours, I think the blue is quite a pretty pastel!

Sis and the boys paid us a visit this afternoon, they were itching to see the pigs as they hadn't seen any of the babies, they brought theirs over with them (our first 2 babies) so we could see how much they had grown!! Whilst they were here Jordan (8) saw the footballer card I made and asked if he could make a football card (he quite enjoys card making!) he ended up making the following 2 cards

Then Ethan (5) made a couple
And of course the girls wanted to make one to, this is Hollie's (3)

and finally Lillie (5)They all had a bit of help paper positioning and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Oh and I forgot a few days ago I got tagged again, thanks Carol (Peanutnut from the CM&PC forum) I struggled to come up with 6 facts about myself the last time so will pass this time but thanks anyway. Also been given another award from Mel but more on that one at a later date as I've haven't had chance to check it out on her blog yet.


Regina said...

your baby cards are cute!

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards and how nice that the girls are contributing.