Monday, 21 April 2008

'Blue' Bella!

I liked my Magnolia Tilda card so much yesterday, that today I have made another blue card!! Yes it's blue Bella and I think she is looking quite pretty and different to my normal pink or purple!
That's it craft wise today!
Hollie had a better day today at nursery thankfully, although we did have tears again when we got there. I left her with an assistant teacher and went outside to have a word with the head nursery teacher, we decided that they will try and find her a 'special friend/friends' so she has someone to be with and to do things with. I had mentioned maybe switching to afternoon's if they were not so busy, but there are just as many children then, also condsider taking her out until September, she's only 3 afterall, but she said at least give her until half term which is a month or so away and then see how she is. There is NO way I will be taking her out after that length of time or else she will be terrible in September. Fingers crossed these little friends will stay with her and she will look forward to going. I know I say this after each nursery update, but one day it might just happen (hopefully!!!!!).

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Mel said...

the colours are the ribbon on it too...great card