Thursday, 10 April 2008

First day blues

My 'baby' (Hollie 3) had her first morning at nursery yesterday, she had been looking forward to it for ages, got dressed and headed of to school with her little bag with spare clothes (just incase!) with big smiles. No problems leaving her, one of the teachers who had come round the day before for a home visit took her hand and showed her where everything was, so off I came home. Boy was the house quiet, I didn't even have the builders here making any noise outside as they couldn't do any more until the scaffolders had been. The phone rang at 10.30 it was one of the nursery teachers telling me Hollie would like to come home she 'wants Mummy' and was very very upset; and when I picked her up she was sobbing, think it stemmed from her spilling her drink at snack time.

This morning she didn't 'want to go' and get dressed, after a lot of coaxing we managed to talk her round by telling her she could take a dolly with her, and take her own juice bottle that way she wouldn't spill her drink again, she was fine with this. Daddy said he would come with us to drop her off to, she went in with no problem, and sat with her dolly playing with the playdough when we left, and she stayed the whole session, when I picked her up she was really smiley which was a huge relief.

She even had a treat of having a ride in daddy's lorry (which the girls love!) he passed us as we were walking home, although he is on holiday to help with the building, he borrowed the lorry to pick up the roof trusses and plaster board, so we hitched a ride for the fun of it!!

I'll end with a card, I actually made this yesterday for the 'Daring Card Makers' midweek challenge, you had to add something folded onto your card, so I made this shirt card, I hadn't folded one of these shirts for ages so it was a bit of guess work!!


Beth said...

Great mens card, I love the shirt!

LazyKay said...

SO pleased Holly got settled in and got over her mishap - it's a big step but you all seem to have coped.

Lovely card.