Tuesday 6 May 2008

Feeling sorry for myself

Yep I've caught my dear daughter's cold, we have lovely weather all weekend and I get a blinkin cold! To top it off, all day Sunday I felt as if my left eye wasn't opening properly and felt crusty although it looked fine? Then yesterday with left eye ok now, my right eye kept weeping! Hardly slept, the tissue never left my hand and I constantly wiped my eye, only to get up this morning to find my eye red, watery and half closed by an extremely swollen eyelid! I look like I've been punched!! My initial thoughts were conjunctivitis but I thought that was sticky yellow gloop. Couldn't get hold of the dr.s so nipped in the pharmicists near to the school, the chap in there is fab, yep he confirmed it as conjunctivis and has given me drops to put in my eye every 2 hours for 2 days then every 4 hours for the next 3!
I think I actually caught it from Hollie who woke a couple of mornings last week with crusty eyes but we just thought she had wiped her nose then her eye, she never complained and it just went, yep to me!!
Don't feel like doing anything so doubt I'll be back with any cards, maybe tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Get well soon.


My Paper World said...

Hope you're better soon! xx