Tuesday 23 June 2009

We had a wonderful holiday, didn't want to come home!!! (loads of piccies)

Last Monday morning we were up and in the car at 4am heading towards Southampton to catch our 10am ferry over to the Isle of Wight. It doesn't seem at all possible that it was over a week ago! We made it to the ferry just in time and literally drove straight on!
We had the most wonderful time, with fabulous weather, I had to laugh when my sister texted me on our 2nd day asking how our weather was as they were getting torrential rain with thunder and lightening, we were getting sunburnt lol!!!
We did so much, as the island isn't that big every where so in reach, we stayed in Bambridge far right and it only took us just over an hour to get to Alum Bay on the far left to visit the Needles! We played a cool game of crazy golf and went on the beach at Shanklin
Tuesday we went to see the Needles at Alum Bay, here is the view going down the cliff in the chairs (it was pretty steep and there was a chilly wind coming off the sea)the famous Needles!
The coloured sands of the cliffs. We had a private beach at our holiday camp, so on Tuesday evening after tea we went for a wander, you can imagine it was ok going down but coming up was a struggle!! This is the view from the edge of the lawn areaHere are Lillie and Hollie ready to hit the beach! (one of my fave piccies) I think this is my fave piccie out of the 276 that I took!!!We went to Black Gang Chine theme park on Wednesday, where the girls look quite happy that they have just hung Daddy!and saying their prayers with the priest!Thursday we went to Sandown zoo, which wasn't all that big but neither was it expensive to get in. Apparantly the lions/tigers have been on tv. Then on Friday our last day we went for a wander on Sandown Pier, where the girls had fun on the rides on the end of the pier.followed by fun at Flamingo land, here the girls are feeding the wallabies, can you see the baby in the pouch?Lillie had just fed the brown wallaby, the white one was just hoping he would drop it!!After leaving the ferry we headed straight for Winchester and found James Martin's deli (tv chef my fave) obviously it was shut but I had to take a couple of piccies!So first stop on Saturday morning was back to the deli, it is just as it is on the 'Delicious' series he filmed from there, which I caught an episode of yesterday! Very compact and packed to the rafters! We had a drink and Matthew had an eccles cake which he said was "delicious" I had a yummy chocolate brownie and the girls had fancy buns as shown below!We finished the day and the holiday with a visit to Marwell zoo, omg did we walk miles or what!? Here are a couple of piccies of Matthews all time favourite Meerkats.and that's it, our holiday done for another year. Both Matthew and myself were quite sad, especially leaving the Isle of Wight as we had had such a lovely time. He really didn't want to go back to work yesterday and I didn't really want to do the school run, but heh hoh we did and now it's back to the norm!!

Last piccies of this super long post are off a frog which Matthew found on the lawn on Sunday as he bent down to pick up the peg that he had dropped, froggy was sitting right beside it!

That really is it (for now!!).


Caryn said...

That looks like a FANTASTIC holiday - great photos too.

Caryn xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya hun!!
glad you had a great holiday!!!
looks like the kids really enjoyed it!
hugs carlz xx

Becky said...

Oh I love the Isle of Wight Joanne, only been once but the beach and sea was so beautiful (I suppose it is when you're used to going to Rhyl lol!)
Brilliant photos, we went to the Needles and the Zoo, spent a lot of time in the Arcades on Sandown pier, came home with loads of cuddlies (was only 24 and no kids at the time so had money to burn!!)Love your photos and you look like you had a fab time!
Love Becky xx

Vee said...

Wow Joanne fab pics. Glad you enjoyed your holiday it looks really lovely.
xx Vee

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Fantastic pictures Joanne and glad you all had a great holiday and the weather looked really great. I don't think you would have got me in the chair lift. Big Hugs, Nikki x