Thursday 21 November 2013

Charisma Cardz - Christmas

Good morning one and all! 
It's time for a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz and although it's not my teams week I thought I would take part anyway, because the theme is 'Christmas'.  Oh my goodness can you believe it's almost here??!!  It's scarey how fast it's coming around!
Anyhow getting onto my christmas make!  My lovely friend very kindly got me some marshmallows from the base on her last visit, oh my goodness, american marshmallows are yummy!!  On my travels around the world of google images I came accross the sweetest marshmallow snow people, and tah dah I had to have a go!  Now I only very quickly put these together tonight (because my edible pens arrived in the post earlier!!!) had nothing really appropriate for their hats, so they are actually wearing eyeballs which we had left over from our halloween treat bowl lol!!!  If I had of been more prepared I would've gotten some shoelaces or something similar and given them a little scarf to keep their necks warm!  So you know what I'll be purchasing when we go shopping on Friday ;)
Cute don't you think??!
Sadly these 2 snow people are no longer alive :'(    As soon as the girls saw them they disappeared!!!

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Fantastic idea!!

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