Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well Valentine's Day is upon us, and although we'd bought cards (yes indeed I said bought lol!) I decided to make a card for my eldest daughter to give to her 'boyfriend' they're only 11 & 10!  I love these personalised prints and we chose the words that describe their friendship.
I then got a message from my sister asking if I could make one for my nephew to give to his 'girlfriend'! 
and one for her to give to her other half!
tonight I've also made an additional one for hubby which I've stowed away in his lunchbox along with various heart shaped bakes which I've also made today, and the traditional valentines choccies hidden in between sandwiches, cake etc!  and also made one for mum & dad!
So how ever you are spending the day, I hope it's happy!

1 comment:

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