Friday 27 June 2008

Birthday order

My friend Kay and loyal customer asked me to make some cards and a bag for her hubby's birthday which is at the end of the month. Instructions were : A Nascar card and matching gift bag, a footy trophy or champagne bottle and a Newcastle football card. Here's what I came up with :
Nascar card using last weeks Stamp Something sketch (which is to late to submit!)
matching gift bag, which started out as an A4 plain brown envelope!!!

one bottle, see how I incorperated the footy fan into the label.! This is another template from Sara, you can find it along with loads more here lastly the footy card using my Sugar Nellie stamp watercoloured in the team colours and I googled a picture of their flag/emblem thing cut it out and glued it to the inside panel. The front panel of the card has been folded back on itself so the image overhangs but the picture doesn't actually show this.

Well Matthew's new toy (Wii) that he had for his birthday made it's first outing last night. We had 2 games of 10pin bowling I won the first he won the 2nd. Then we both had a go at 1player boxing we both won, but my match went 3 rounds, Matthew knocked his oponent clean off his feet and won in the first round!! We only had a quick play as it was getting late, but I can see we are going to have great fun with it!

We are off out for a chinese with the above mentioned Kay and her hubby tonight, to celebrate Matthew and Max's birthdays. We were supposed to be going tomorrow night, but got a message whilst away asking if we could change it, that woman is a pain (she knows it to!). She phoned a while ago, asking which chinese we were going to when I told her she said with fright in her voice 'they serve cat and dog!' and have had enviromental health in, panic panic!! This was a long time ago, well over a year and was a load of bull, yes went in after a call and gave them the all clear, it was obviously someone with a grudge or the competition trying to put them out of business as they do so well. Matthew and I have been several times since and have had a thoroughly enjoyable meal every time, besides I told her, she wouldn't know if she was eating dog anyway!!! Told her she could cancel if she wanted but she said no they would still come, but it could be a great night!! Let you know!


My Time To Craft Challenge said...

A great set of cards! :-)

Camilla said...

Wow!! So many cool cards! Lots of insperation here:) Hope your dinner and celebration at the chineese goes well!;)
Lots of hugs, your friend Camilla.

Anonymous said...

Fantstic cards and have been very busy.......great work.
Carole ;o)

Anonymous said...

love the bottle shaped card.........unusual and very nice