Saturday 21 June 2008

Baby cards and a touch of sadness

I was catching up with phonecalls I needed to make yesterday, and next on my list was Kim at the shop to let her know we would be away for a few days so wouldn't be able to make cards until after we get back (obviously!) When before I rang her she rang me!! Could I make an anniversary card for a customer and 2 baby cards for her and our friend? So I had to find my still awol mojo and make them today.
I had been sent this lovely image from a swap with a forum friend which I thought was perfect, it's called a 'cup full of love' I thinkand here is what I did with it, it isn't actually what the lady had in mind, but I had to work with what I had got you know! Give me enough notice and I can get things!!so here are the 2 baby boy cards
I made this one in the style which I knew Kim really liked, and yep true to form it's the one she chose!! and just to finish the baby themed cards off, here is one I made a few days ago for one of Matthew's work mates.

As you may know by now that I leave most things until the last minute, and packing for a holiday/break is no exception!! I have only just sat down after running around most of the afternoon, delivering cards, deciding that Hollie hadn't got any cropped trousers to take on holiday and 'needed' some, so a trip to Peacocks! Then whilst delivering the cards saw a pair of skorts (ralph lauren) for £3.50 got those to!! Then had to iron almost everything we are taking, why? because it just gets creased in the case/bag? because at least I know it's been done! I feel miserable because almost all of my clothes don't fit as I have let myself get so blinking fat, I hate hate hate it, but I love my food, and cooking! I need to sew my mouth up!
All of this on top of one of our guinnea pigs passing away aaaaahhhhh....... I always look in the cages as I go past and have a little chat with them, and saw Candy lying motionless, called her but nothing, I panic when I see them lying down as they look odd and I usually think the worst but they are just having a nap. But sadly not this time, as I took a closer look I could see she wasn't breathing, luckily Matthew was here so I called him and he checked and confirmed she had died, bless her she was still warm so she hadn't been gone long. She was the piggie we took in after one of my sisters friends children didn't want her anymore, we honesly didn't think she would get through her last pregnancy because she got huge but bless her she had 5!
Here is a piccie of her posing in a little hat I bought just for a quick photo session bless her

Poor Lillie my eldest (5) was soooo... upset, she didn't want her to die, she was hers because she would just sit and cuddle, she says the others don't. She cried and cried on the phone to my mum! We explained that everyone and everything has to die at some time or other. Then she said if daddy died they wouldn't have a daddy anymore, so I told her we would have to find a new one a 'sexy' one!!! That'd be the day, me and sexy don't mix (well once in my younger, slimmer days!!! Lol)

Off now to check we have everything sorted as we are off to Woburn Safari Park in the morning, really looking forward to it. Ta ta for now....


Debbie said...

Gorgeous cards Joanne, Have a fun break.x

Crafting Diva said...

Hi Joanne again you have made some lovely card I love the peeny black one I love the mice stamps they are so cute have a nice time away and hope you talk when your back hugs from crafting diva

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards, as always. Love the cupful of love and baby in a blanket images especially.

Sorry about your wee pet - how upsetting for you all but as you say, death is a fact of life it's just that our pets have a shorter span than us.


Sam said...

Lovely cards. Its good to know I am not the only person who leaves things to the last minute.... Love the image of the baby in the towel, who makes that one please? Hope you have a fab holiday.
Sam x

Nikki Fairbairn said...

Gorgeous cards Joanne and I especially love your beautiful colouring on the cute PB image.

Sorry to hear your sad news about your pet. Hope you all have fun at Woburn. Hugs, Nikki x

Cardmaking Galore said...

Lovely cards. Sorry to hear about your pet!

Lim said...

Hi Joanne,
Your cards are beautiful. I hope you have fun in your break /vacation.
Sorry about your wee pet. :(
Big Hugs,