Sunday 28 June 2009

Daddy had better start saving lol!!!!!!

Last night we went to Matthew's friends wedding reception, after a while the DJ announced that the bride was about to throw the bouquet and needed more females outside to catch it! I didn't bother but said the girls could go, I sat thinking to myself how funny would it be if they came in with the bouquet and guess what? They did!!!Don't they look pleased with themselves!?! We left the wedding and made it in time into town to watch the fab firework display which marks the start of the Festival weekend, wow they were good!
Today has been another hottie so we fished out the paddling pool (would like a bigger one but the water metre means too expensive) the girls had a blast especially with the dolphin which spurts a shower of water out of it's nose!!

I have got a couple of cards to show but will do that hopefully tomorrow. TTFN

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Karin said...

Fun photo's Joanne.
Looks like the girls are having a lot fun.

xoox karin