Sunday, 20 June 2010

A nice day had by all!

Father's day started yesterday for us when we had hubby's mum and dad and brother and sis-in-law round for tea, his mum and dad live about an hour and a half away and for us it is easier if they come here and when they do they can visit bro-in-law as they are only up the road! They arrived in the afternoon and we had a 'party' tea which was very nice.
Today we got up early and went car-booting, spent too much lol!! The girls were treated to a big Bratz dolls house and a 3 wheel bike (pictures at end of post). Then we got home and my mum and dad came round for a roast beef lunch with prawn cocktail for starters and rhubarb crumble or apple pie for desserts, poor dad he couldn't fit any dessert in!!
The girls made daddy Father's Day cards at school, this one was made by Hollie (5) it made me smile I thought the big person was her for starters but no it is daddy he has shorts on and the smaller person is her! this one is Lillie's, very neat lettering! At the moment hubby has put it on the mantlepiece upside down so it reads pap!!!
Here are the girls with daddy busy in the garden!
One of the Father's day pressie's!! We love meerkats especially daddy and I've had this on top of the cupboard waiting to give it to him for about 2 months! It's a solar light for the garden and no he didn't come with the shades they were a pressie too he's just trying them out for size lol!!
and finally a couple of piccies of the girls with their new bike which they have to share! I thought it was wicked, when we bought the dolls house this bike was there to when asked we were told £15 but just before we went back to the car we gave Lillie £10 and told her to go and ask if they would accept it and they said yes, result!!! They love it so it was money well spent!
no she's not made skid marks on the lawn with the bike ha ha, we had some grooves where the trailer had been parked and are trying to level the lawn!

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