Sunday, 20 February 2011

Happy 9th Anniversary to us!

Today is mine and hubby's 9th wedding anniversary, yes 9 years ago we were at Gretna Green and got married at 2.02pm on the 20.02.2002.  It was funny seeing Richard Madeley (Richard and Judy) on Something for the Weekend this morning as 9years and 1 day ago I was speaking to him via the telephone for the Richard and Judy show on channel 4!!!
We didn't have anything too exciting planned just nipped into town to do a few bits and then on to the Pizza Hut for lunch.  How romantic lol!!!  We did have the children with us and children still eat for free, so that was a big factor in the decisions!!
We started off the day with a bacon sarnie and would you believe that lying on the table beside hubby's plate layed this heart shaped bread crumb!  I couldn't believe my eyes, and honestly this wasn't cut to shape!
We don't really do presents, but I did treat him to a mug and coaster set with the most awful moggie's (morris minors) on them, urghh he has one of these cars which he is itching to bring home from work and 'do up' but I've managed to keep it away for 10years lol!!!  He gave me a pack of rechargeable batteries for my camera!!!  I really did want them though, I've got holidays coming up!!!

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Anonymous said...

congrats to your wedding anniversary...and what a funny coincidence to have a heart shaped crumb <3