Monday 24 October 2011

40th Birthday

No not mine lol!!!!  Although it is my birthday today, the big one comes next year for me!!
I actually share my birthday with my brother-in-law, but he arrived one year earlier than me!
So here is the quick easel card that I made for him.  It's only very basic but gets the point accross!!!
Hubby and I went on our usual 'yearly' trip to Norwich, we normally go on my birthday but this year I got us tickets for the theatre and the show finished on Saturday.  We went to see 'All the Fun of the Fair' starring David Essex aka Eddie Moon in Eastenders!  I liked the show, but didn't get tingles like you do when a show is really fantastic.  Although I must admit to welling up at one point when Levi (David)'s son was accidently killed by his friend (in the show of course!) and then they sung 'Silver Dream Machine' which I remember from my childhood and had everyone cheering!  We were told that David would be signing programmes etc at the stage door afterwards, so yep you guessed it we had to wait.  I mean when the chance is there you'd be daft not to heh!?!  To me he didn't come accross particularly friendly, myself and another lady asked if we could have a quick piccie, but he wouldn't look at the camera's not even for a split second, saying he couldn't do all this multi tasking!  I know there were several people there and he wanted to get as many signings done as possible, and they did have another show less than 3 hours later, but still he could've looked up!!  But managed to get a few ok=ish piccies!
 attempt at a picture with him lol!!
So with birthday shopping done, some more christmas presents purchased, we rounded off our day with a meal at our favourite restaurant Pedro's a mexican I have loved for many years and introduced Matthew to exactly 10 years ago.  They never fail to deliver the most scrumptious food set in a fab atmosphere, such a shame it's not closer, but then maybe that's a good thing!!    
 a sneaky sangria!!!!!

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