Monday 24 October 2011

A good day doing nothing!

Well it's been a lovely birthday day, I've been thoroughly spoilt, love all of my pressies and have money to treat myself with to.  We haven't really done anything, except eat and watch a dvd, but it's been nice being all together!
Thought I would share a piccie or more!
Here is one of the 2 handbags that I received, this one is for fun days, the other is more grown up lol!!!!
My youngest and I spotted a lady in Morrisons with the exact same bag and we just loved it.  Not being one for going up to strangers and asking them where they got things I managed to track them down on the internet, they are part of a range called Crazy Gang Guinnea Pigs and they are so much fun,  may have to have a few more bits yet!!!
We just love our guinnea pigs, here are our 5 girlies!
Left to right : Denise, Tasha (Natasha), Boots, Fluffball and Baby Stripes!  ~We also have 2 boys and 2 bunnies!
My birthday cake here was made by me, but decorated by hubby, it has choccie icing, mini rolos, white choccie chips and marshmallow pieces, very calorific and very yummy!!!!
so with eating the cake I will definately be needing to use my new toy!  My vibration plate!  I used one of these at our local beauty place several times before we went to Disneyland, and after finding out they weren't that expensive decided to have one of my own.  Oooo... it shakes and wobbles every single part of you, fingers crossed it will reduce my wobblyness if only by a little bit!  It does say 10mins is the equivilant to 1hr at the gym but I'm not so sure!

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