Friday, 28 September 2007

Another delightful rainy day. Nearly forgot to make Auntie Angie's coffee cake this morning, ooppss, still got it made before mum and dad arrived to take us shopping, then for lunch!
Amazingly enough I DIDN'T buy any card making goodies! Saying that I did buy a storage box to house my cards in! Also got Hollie a pair of trainers with hearts on the sides that light up as you walk and myself a very pointed pair of boots, sadly no flashing lights!
We went to Pizza Hut for their buffet lunch, it was very nice.
Lillie had her hair cut yesterday it looks so much neater now and looks thicker to, she must have had at least 4 inches off the back. Bless her she is so good, she loves being pampered and loved her new do! I now think I will have Hollie's cut the same, she will need about 5 inches off the back to level hers up, I love it long but Lillie's looks so much tidier now I think I'll get it done fairly soon.
I showed Auntie Wendy my latest cards yesterday and have I think decided which cards I am going to do and get the ladies to do (if they want to) at the Farmers wives demo in a couple of weeks time, OMG so soon aaarrrgghh...!!! Best start thinking about getting the packs made up!
I sent a picture of my 1st bookatrix card in to Sarah on the CM&PC forum she was asking for pictures of christmas cards for someone special. I received an email today saying it was going to be in the next issue out 11th Oct as I had sent it in a few weeks ago and they loved it and just had to put it in the letters page!! That'll mean I've been in the magazine 2 months running, it gives you a bit of a buzz to know they have chosen you!!
Well that's all for me tonight, better get Hollie to bed as she's fallen asleep, Lillie is having a sleep over at nannie and grandad's tonight, she'll be back some time tomorrow.


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