Sunday, 16 September 2007

Hi, I've had a naughty day today bidding on and buying several bits on ebay. I managed to get a bottle of 300 'got flowers' like 'prima' and also 25 large fabric flowers for my cards and scrap pages. Also found out that Lillie's nintendo ds takes gameboy advance games so have got her a few of those to. We will give her one of them for being a good girl starting school with relatively little fuss (and that's only getting ready in the mornings), the rest we will hold back for christmas or her birthday.
Hollie was a poor little thing again today she tried to eat some breakfast but only managed a bite off the end of a sausage and half a piece of bread and butter, she then went into the room and slept all morning! She did eat a creme brulee pretty quickly later on and thankfully (touching wood) it stayed down, she also managed a bit of jacket potato at tea time, and has brightened up a bit to. Spoke to mum a while ago and she says my nephew has it and has spent all day in bed, can't blame Hollie as they've not seen one another since Yarmouth, wow that long!?
The wedding we went to yesterday was quite nice and no we knew no-one apart from the groom and other work collegue of Matthews, still they were a lovely couple, older than us but very much on the same wave length. We chatted all afternoon, so much so that we missed the food, it wasn't a sit down do just a buffet in the village hall, but you also used the pub literally accross the road for the bar and no one came to tell us the food was served. It was only when we thought we had better go and see what was happening in the hall that we passed someone with a plate of gateaux!! There wasn't much left and Matthew and Andy were starving so we waited for the first dance and speaches then made our excuses and left, for the pub!!! Where we had a lovely meal and good conversation. I may have also sort of lined up a stall at the garden centre christmas fair where Rona works, we were talking about my cards and they mentioned it, so I'll get Matthew to persue it, could be a good place to start!
Made a couple of quick cards today as I realised it is my cousins little boys birthday tomorrow and my friends the following day (ooppss... they're going to be late!).

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