Friday, 14 September 2007

Have been adding loads of pictures onto the Just Bex forum for the challenges, boy are there some fabby cards and l/o's on there! I even made a scrapbook page and entered it in the 'pink' competition, doesn't have to be pink but must have the work pink on it somewhere, mine is titled Pretty in Pink!
Hollie's poor little face looks terrible bless her, the redness has gone from her cheek last night the whole side of her face was scarlet, now shw has a really red sore grace right down the side of her nose and accross her cheek and under her eye. She was a very lucky little girl not to have damaged her eye. She's got a cold to, she has coughed all day and her nose doesn't stop running, she didn't touch her tea and even struggled to eat an ice lolly which is most unlike her. The first thing Matthew said when her got home was she doesn't look at all well, and just as we were getting ready to go grocery shopping she sicked and sicked, bless her heart so me and her stayed home and had a bath, while Lillie helped Daddy with the shopping.
Me and Matthew are off to his work mates wedding tomorrow, no new outfit for me, I'll be wearing the same dress I wore for my mates wedding this time last year!! Not been worn since so it's sort of new!!

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