Monday, 10 September 2007

Well it's Monday evening, and it's been an ok day.
Had an ok weekend, took Lillie to her friends birthday party on Saturday but we left early as she drove me mad, she wouldn't leave my side, wouldn't join in any games other than pass the parcel, should've just left her there. Sunday, while I baked 10 sponge cakes, 3 jam & cream, 3 chocolate and 4 coffee Matthew made a garden shed (possibly for my mum and dads neighbour whose shed is on their part of the garden since they divided it up). The children had fun playing in the garden in the play house and on their bikes. Nothing else really happen over the weekend apart from that!
This morning I had tears in my eyes when leaving Lillie at school, they had to line up and file in without us today bless them! Her face started to drop as she stood in the line and I kept telling her she was alright all her friends were lining up to, luckily they didn't keep them hanging around for too long. She kept looking back for reasurance, and we kept on smiling telling her she was going to be alright. My eyes were starting to gloss over so we left quite swiftly after they had fone in, as I looked back I noticed a couple of the other mums wiping away there tears, we had a laugh about it when we went back to pick the children up!!
I remember my first day at school I just did not want to go, I made such a fuss, I cried and cried, I didn't want to let go of my mum, in the end my teacher Miss Bailey took me off of my mum and if I remember correctly gave me a smack on the bum and led me away to class (that wouldn't be allowed now!). I was ok after that, she was a lovely lady.
I received my Quick cards made easy magazine this morning and had a quick flick nothing too exciting in it again this month, then I thought I would have a quick look at the names of the people who sent n letters on the 'letters page' and there was mine!!! It was a letter I had written in response to an article asking if anyone took their craft goodies on holiday with them and brought home craft stash instead of souveniers in issue 38, should have been a £10 prize but who knows if I'll receive anything as it's on the letters page?? We'll have to wait and see.
We went to mum and dads for the afternoon and stayed for a lovely lamb roast. Lillie was very happy because nannie had bought her a nintendo ds lite and game, she had promised her one when she bought one for my nephew, it's pink and she loves it. It's now on charge overnight, guess I'll have a little play on it whilst she's at school tomorrow !! Now watching a load of games for it on ebay along with some cutting dies for the old cuttlebug.
Well off to catch the rest of Hells Kitchen, so more later.

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